10 Tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin

When you are writing content, thesis, dissertation, etc, one thing about which you are worried is plagiarism. Plagiarism means to get similarities between your and already published content. Giving already published content is unethical. To get saved from it there are a lot of plagiarism detector tools like Grammarly available online. One such tool is Turnitin. Turnitin is considered one of the best tools to detect plagiarism. However, it is important to reduce the similarity detected by Turnitin. Thus here we will help you to get some tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin.

Quick Takeaways

  • Some of the important tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin are –
1. Stop Copy Paste
2. Being Original
3. Citing the Sources
4. Use of Proper Quotations Marks
5. Avoid adding a lot of quotations
6. Hiring a professional content writer
7. Paraphrasing
8. Add up the images
9. Changing the file format
10. Use longer content

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of how can you reduce similarity on Turnitin.

10 Tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin

What is Turnitin?

It is one of the most common and oldest plagiarism detector tools that are available online and works similarly to Safeassign. It was founded back in 1998. Turnitin from that time is used by various high schools and universities to check for any kind of plagiarism in the assignments submitted by students. At present, it has a database of over 47000 Journals and 69 million articles. It checks the potential similar data from already published content in its journal.

How does Turnitin Work?

Turnitin works similarly to other plagiarism tools work. The user submits its content to Turnitin, and Turnitin analyzes the chances of similarity among the published work within the database of Turnitin. Once it analyzes the data, it will highlight the lines which are plagiarized. You may do advanced settings, this means that you can set a word limit and if the line has more similar words than the word limit, then it will show plagiarism. 

How can you reduce the similarity that comes through Turnitin? – Tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin

Plagiarism whether on Turnitin, Safeassign or any other plagiarism detector could be reduced from the content by following some easy steps-

1. Stop Copy Paste

Plagiarism means the similarity between your content and published content. You should not copy content from any website and paste it into your content. Try to write in your way. Do not copy the large paragraphs from already published content.  

2. Being Original

The best way to get away from plagiarism is to give original content. You should take ideas from other resources, do proper research, and then complete your work. 

10 Tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin

3. Citing the Sources

You must provide proper citations for your content. Sometimes you may forget to give proper citations due to lack of time. This will result in plagiarism in the content. Try to mention proper resources from where you got the content. It is very important especially when you are writing a dissertation or long thesis. Try to add quotation marks to the content. This will help Turnitin to know that this is not considered plagiarism.

4. Use of Proper Quotations Marks

As mentioned above using quotation marks may be a probable way of fooling Turnitin. When you are quoting text from your original content, add each copied word in quotation marks. Quotation marks represent that the information is already provided on the web. But don’t use long quotations.

5. Avoid adding a lot of quotations

Using quotations will help to find out the reliability of your content. However, if you forget to add a proper citation or quotation marks, it results in a great amount of plagiarism. To avoid the chances of plagiarism, you must not overuse the use of quotations. Also do not add long quotations. Try to add small quotations and add them only when they are required.

6. Hiring a professional content writer

Professional content writers are trained in writing plagiarism and giving error-free content. They will do deep research about the topic and will then write up the content. These writers do proofreading before submitting the content. 

10 Tips on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin

7. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing means using the content of other people and rewriting it in your words. Most of the plagiarism detectors like Safeassign or Turnitin are unable to detect paraphrasing and thus you must try to do it. This simply means keeping the meaning of the line the same, by changing the words used. It is the widely used method when you want to reduce the similarity in the content.

8. Add up the images

Adding up images may also result in less plagiarism. Turnitin is a plagiarism detector that only finds plagiarism in the text and not in the image. You can add up images to get less similarity in Turnitin. However, do not add a lot of images to it, as then Turnitin may reject it, resulting in it as a blank document.

9. Changing the file format

Try changing the file format from word file to PDF format. Turnitin algorithm can only detect doc or word files. It can not detect plagiarism in PDF format. Changing your file format to PDF format can result in reducing the similarity percentage. 

10. Use longer content

Try adding long content. If you are adding long sentences, the chances to get the same sentences online are very less. This also results in increasing your word limit and results in less similarity.



Turnitin is a tool that has been used since 1997. This tool is used mostly by educational institutions. It has a big database of over 47000 journals and 69 million articles, through which plagiarism is checked. It is one of the most authentic tools to check plagiarism. However, there are different methods via which you can reduce the similarity in Turnitin. You can use the methods in this article to reduce the similarity that may occur in Turnitin.

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