15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University

When you are applying to any university you need to give a personal statement along with other documents. Your personal statement is an essay that depicts who you are. It will cover all the important information related to you. Want to know what are the important things to Include in a Personal Statement?

Quick Takeaways

  • You must start by adding an introduction of yourself. 
  • You must add why you are interested in taking the course and the university you have applied. 
  • Try to add your future goals and hobbies which are related to the course you have taken. 
  • If you have taken joint honor degree then you must try to explain how both subjects are interrelated and useful to you.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of things to add to the personal statement.

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University

15 Things That You Must Add to the Personal Statement

In addition to applying to the college, you must take care of the factors involved in your personal statement. Following are the top 15 things that you must include in the personal statement-

1. Introduction

In a nutshell, your personal statement is an essay that describes you. As a result, you must introduce yourself personally at the beginning. You should write the information about yourself such that it is easy to understand the reader. Make sure you don’t sound like you’re writing an essay when you write. Include the items in a way that keeps the reader interested in what you have to say and tell them about yourself.

2. Showing your interest

Showing your interest in the course you are applying for will help the colleges realize that you are genuinely interested in studying there. Universities aim to make sure that all of their students like their courses because university learning is so independent. If you will enjoy the class, it will be easier for you to stay motivated to study and put in the effort necessary to pass. Therefore it is important to show that you are actually interested in their course.

3. Why do you want to get into this university?

This is another thing you must try to add to your statement. Obviously, there are many different universities and every university wants to know why you may have chosen them. You must not involve anything that may look rude or something that does not go off the track. Suppose you are only talking about the campus like that university you may lose the chance of getting rejected by the university. You must try to add the things in relation to the course you are taking. 

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University

4. Adding up the research done

This is an obvious thing that before applying to the university you must have done some research for it. After doing proper research you would have made your choice to get into the particular university. Therefore everything you have researched so far tries to add all that information to your personal statement. Suppose when you were doing your research you find that the university you are applying to offers you more extracurricular activities than the others, you can always mention them. When you add up the research you have done, it shows the university that you are truly interested in joining their particular institution. 

5. Future goals

Discussing your goals for the future will always help you catch the admissions committee’s attention. You’ll need to explain how this course relates to your long-term objectives. This makes it easier for them to understand that you took your future seriously. You must write something about your future even if you are unsure of what you should do. Showing them your future plans will give a good impact on the admission head.

6. Your achievements

Universities are interested in knowing your accomplishments, particularly if they are connected to the field. Make sure to mention it in your personal statement whether it was a professional or academic accomplishment. Being a prefect or head student, planning an event, winning an academic competition, etc are examples of academic accomplishments. Because universities don’t want arrogant pupils, you should watch that it doesn’t come across as boasting. 

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University

7. Experience

Consider all the experiences you have had in that area for a while. If you’re fortunate, this may be hands-on experience in relation to a particular subject that you have taken. If you’re submitting an application for one of the more vocational disciplines, it will be very applicable. Thus, you must be careful to include the experience you have so far when writing about yourself in your personal statement. You should make an effort to get experience in the fields you have selected.

Adding up volunteering experience may also benefit you in getting admission to the university as it shows how dedicated you are to your work. Even if you lack specific experience, you must begin gaining it. You can pick from a variety of part-time jobs to get related experience.

8. Hobbies and extracurricular activities

Only discuss interests that are related to the course you have taken. Otherwise, they won’t offer anything to your case. While universities are interested in your personality, they are much more concerned with how well you will fit into the course, even through your interests.

In addition to your A-level 3 credentials, you may also involve any groups or societies in which you are active. Try to connect your extracurricular activities and hobbies to your course. You must also include them if they show your talent in the subjects you have taken.

9. Use simple vocabulary

During the interview for your application, you can be questioned about your personal statement. You must therefore choose a vocabulary that is simple to understand. This is because you could simply respond to any queries they could have regarding it. Additionally, using straightforward language in your personal statement will make it simpler for both them and you to read and recall.

If you include words with a sophisticated vocabulary, the reader can be put off from reading them. You can also become confused about it when going for an interview. Therefore you must add up a vocabulary that is easy to understand and remember.

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University

10. Joint honor degree

Explain why you want to study the subjects together if you are applying for a joint honors program. You might also explain how the two complement one another. In your long-term plans, be sure to indicate how the mix of these topics fits. Due to the commonalities in the courses, the connection will be easily clearer for the subjects that you have taken.

It will be simpler for you to talk about both topics in your personal statement. However, if you are studying two distinct courses, you must concentrate on one before moving on to the other for providing an explanation of both subjects.

11. Qualifications

Obviously, you should involve in what qualifications you have done so far. You must add the grades that you have received. If you have low grades add up the reason why you were not able to score high. When you are giving your reasons, make sure that you are not adding any inappropriate reason or explaining it too long. You must explain your reason in a short and simple manner.

In addition to it, you must only add the qualifications that are related to the course you have taken at the university. Suppose you are getting into medicine, don’t forget to add your GCSE qualifications related to this subject. 

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University

12. Why you are a perfect choice

This is one of the questions that you will generally find in most of your interviews. Answering this question in advance may help them in making their decision easy. You must show them why you are the perfect choice for this course. Every university has its own method of choosing students. Some may choose their students based on their practical knowledge and skills others may choose them based on their grades.

Try to contact the students who are already studying at that university so that it becomes easy for you to understand what type of students they generally pick up.

13. Skills

Every university wants to have students who have both interpersonal and academic skills. If you have skills to communicate with people then it becomes easy for you to adjust to the university. These skills are also highly preferred when you sit for placements and thus universities look for students who have good communication, leadership, and teamwork, skills.

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University


Similarly, academic skills are also very well considered by universities. Thus if you have skills like time management, organizational skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving, it may increase your chances of getting selected for the university. 

14. Additional courses

You must add up additional courses that you have taken in relation to the course you have chosen. Adding up additional courses that you have taken will increase your chances of getting selected. This is because it will help them to know that you already have gained knowledge in the related subject. There is a high chance that other candidates may not have taken such courses.

Therefore it will increase your chances of getting selected over the other candidates. You can take up some higher education taster courses or other related courses that will help them to know that you are interested in doing well in the university.

15. Short Summary 

After you have mentioned all the important things in the personal statement, it is important to add up everything in a short. Add up a summary of everything that you have mentioned so far in your personal statement. Give brief information about every that you have added. Starting with your introduction and moving towards your future goals. You must try to include everything in short. 

15 IMP Things to Include in a Personal Statement for University


When you are applying to the university it is important for you to give a personal statement along with the application you are submitting to the university. Your personal statement is like an essay that depicts who you are. However, you must make sure that you are not writing it as an essay but in a way that is engaging to the admission head. You must start by introducing yourself and gradually adding your skills, experience, interest, etc. You must also add up the reason why you have selected the course and the university. In addition to it, you must add up the experience you have gained and the required skills and hobbies in relation to the course.

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