15 Things You Can Do If You’re Failing Your A-Levels

You are well aware of the fact that your A-levels are the most important educational qualification of your life. Thus to ace them you put in all your efforts and burn night owls to get good grades in them. However, at some point in your preparation, you may feel that you are failing your A-levels. Trust me it is normal as you may feel stressed about your A-levels. But the question is what to do if you think you are failing in your A-levels. 

Quick Takeaways

  • If you think you are failing you must try to stay determined and focused. 
  • List the concepts that you are struggling with and focus on those topics. 
  • You can even hire a private tutor or take help from your own teachers. 
  • Attending revision classes is another thing that you can do. 
  • You can also reconsider your own revision techniques which will benefit you a lot. 

However, do not miss to read till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial information regarding it.

15 Things You Can Do If You're Failing Your A-Levels

15 Points to Remember if You Feel You Are Failing Your A-Levels

Following are some of the best tips that you can do if you are failing your A-levels-

1. Stay determined

The first thing that you must do is to stay focused. Many students leave to study if they are stuck on a topic. You must avoid doing it. You can also make a timetable and work according to it. This technique will not only help you to stay determined but will also help you to complete all the syllabi of your A-levels. Try to stay away from distractions as they may cause hurdles during your studies. Keep your mobile phones, laptops, and other unnecessary things away from you. You can also look for free textbooks so that you can stay focused and study harder.

2. Identify the topics that you find hard

Identifying how much and which areas of your subjects you are having trouble with will help you determine whether or not you are failing your A-Levels. You can enhance your A-Level (like Geography) performance once you’ve identified these. Making a list of topics you are struggling with and your comfort zones will help you figure out where you are having trouble. Once you have made the list of the topics that you are struggling with, you can give more time to that topics and work on them.

15 Things You Can Do If You're Failing Your A-Levels

3. Finding a private tutor

Private tutors are subject matter experts in a particular subject. They will assist you with a variety of duties like studying material, sharpening exam techniques, etc. Because tutors are trained to spot your areas of weakness, you can concentrate on getting better at the parts of the topic that you find most challenging. You can find private tutors for almost every subject but the most common are science, maths, and English. 

4. Talk to your teachers

If you cannot find a perfect private tutor for you you can always go and talk to your teachers. You must remember that your tutors are there for you to help you when you are struggling. Therefore if you are stuck on any topic you can go to your teacher and ask for help from them. Tell them what problems you are facing and ask them to explain to you the topics that you find difficult. You can also request your teachers to give you some extra time or some easy notes to help you with your studies. Further, also discuss your GCSEs with the teachers as they will help you in knowing if the current A-levels are right for you or not.

5. Start studying

You may be at the point in time that is close to your A-levels and you still have not started. In such a situation the best case is to start studying as soon as you can. Start by creating a list of topics that are important at your A-level. First, try to cover all the important topics that you have mentioned in the list. After that use your time wisely to cover up the remaining syllabus. Remember it is better to start as soon as possible.

15 Things You Can Do If You're Failing Your A-Levels

6. Take help from the friends

Your friends are on the same page as you and therefore if you talk to them it can be easy for you to know what should you do. You can share the topics that you are struggling with and ask for their help. By taking their help, it will become easy for you to find out what should you do next. They may give you some tips that may also benefit you a lot. You both may get benefit from each other as you both can share tips with each other. 

7. Change the subject

Sometimes the problem is not with your study strategies but with the subject itself. You may have taken a subject that is not interesting to you. Therefore you may not be able to focus on the course content of the subject and you may not be able to understand the concepts properly. If this is the same case for you then you must think of changing the subject. You must choose the subject that you love to study or choose the subject in which you think you will be making your career.

8. Don’t get stressed

If you think you are getting failed you must not be stressed about it. You should remember that you can resit for your A-levels and therefore should not take much stress about it. If you actually fail your A-levels you can always retake them through your schools. Therefore you should try to relax your mind before studying or even going to exams. This is because you may not able to focus on your studies just because of stress.

15 Things You Can Do If You're Failing Your A-Levels

9. Try taking BTECs 

Your A-levels involve a lot of theoretical knowledge that is tested during your A-levels. If you are a person who loves more practical concepts then taking up BTECs may be the better option for you. BTECs are more practical qualifications than traditional A-levels. They involve a lot of coursework than traditional exams. Thus if you are not an exam person then choosing BTEC is your option.

10. It’s ok to struggle with A-levels

You should always remember that you are just a student and definitely you are in learning mode. This means that you will not have knowledge of everything that is covered in the concepts. Therefore if you are struggling with the concepts, it is totally ok.

You must remember that not only you but other students are also struggling with the A-levels. Therefore you must not be worried if you are struggling with A-levels. You can take help from your teachers, friends, and private tutors or look at some videos or textbooks to find the solutions for the topics you are facing the issues.

11. Try to be optimistic

You should have optimistic nature and mind when you are preparing and even when you are going for exams. You already have a negative view if you are concerned that you will fail your A-Levels. Even if you are struggling, maintaining a positive mindset will improve your results and make it easier for you to study. You may also suffer from anxiety during this time.

15 Things You Can Do If You're Failing Your A-Levels

Your capacity to focus and properly revise can both be negatively impacted by anxiety, which might raise your risk of failing. Take care of your food, exercise routine, and stress levels to improve your mental attitude.

12. Stay away from laziness

One thing that you may have is laziness. You must stop being lazy and start doing things as soon as possible. If you are postponing your plan to study you will lose the time that you can study for the A-level. Also being lazy will not only impact your studies but also your personal life. Therefore stop being lazy and start studying for your A-levels. 

13. Think about the future

You must think about what you should be doing after your A-levels. If your future plans are to get into a degree that does not require good grades in your A-levels. You may just require a pass in your A-levels. If you have decided to take a course that does not require high grades you must relax your mind. However, this does not mean that you should not be studying hard. You must give time to your studies and make sure that you are well prepared for them.

14. Take the revision classes

Every school has revision classes for their A-levels. Therefore if you are facing issues in any of the topics then you must attend the revision classes so that you can revise the concepts that you find tough and could grasp a solid understanding of them. Taking up revision classes will not only help you to understand the concepts that are tough for you but will also help you to revise all the other concepts that you have already learned about.

15 Things You Can Do If You're Failing Your A-Levels

15. Think about your revision techniques

Consider rechecking your revision techniques. Sometimes due to wrong revision techniques, you may also fail in your A-levels. The best technique for revision is creating flashcards as it will help you to revise the lengthy content in short forms. You can also try recording your own voice and hearing it whenever you want. It is not compulsory that you have to follow the above techniques, but you can always go for creating your own revision techniques. 


Your A-levels are very important and thus having the fear of failing is normal. However, you must try to relax your mind and stay focused on your studies. If you think you may fail in your A-levels you must try to make a list of the topics that you may feel are tough or you are struggling with. You can also hire a private tutor so that they help you with the topics you are struggling with. If you are not able to find a private tutor for yourself, you can always talk to your teacher to help you. You must take up revision classes and must make sure that you are following the right revision techniques for yourself.

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