5+ A-Level Geography Investigation NEA Ideas 2024 (Updated)

When a student is going for A-levels, their biggest tension is about the Non-Exam Assessment. The main content can be learned with the help of the professors, but what about the independent critical study? Independent projects play a crucial role, especially in Geography. As you have to choose the idea yourself, it becomes tougher. Most of my students are not sure what topic they can choose. Although it is tough, I have come up with a few best A-level Geography Investigation NEA Ideas that will make your life easier.

The NEA project can be a turning point in your final grade. Thus, I have mentioned the trending topics going across the globe. Trust me, making a project on the current scenarios helps to attract the teachers the most.

A-Level Geography Investigation NEA Ideas

What is an A-level Geography NEA investigation?

Your NEA is a topic related to the subject you choose. You will need to do a lot of research on that particular topic and cover all the aspects of that topic. It is done similarly to a dissertation. You must choose a topic for you and do the related research. To get the best topic for yourself, you should follow the given steps below-

  • Start by making a list of the topics on which you want to write. 
  • See for the possible sites which can be involved with this topic. 
  • Rank the topics based on your preference. You need to select which topic will be the best choice for you. 
  • Remember to see all the factors including the study area, before deciding on the topic you will finally choose. 

If you are also worried about the exam, you must try a few things like looking for a private tutor or changing the subject.

6 A-level A-Level Geography Investigation NEA Ideas

While studying for your A-levels, it is also important for you to take up NEA projects for different subjects like computer science or Geography. As I am here to help you with A-level Geography, here are some of the ideas you can use on-

1. How has the population growth affected the water distribution within the country?

This is one of the most interesting topics that you can work on. The effect of the population on various geographical aspects is one of the most important topics you can take for your investigation. You can study this relationship by taking the data for each state and limiting it to specific states. You can take a mix of states including less and more population.

2. To what extent more energy-efficient homes have been built by homeowners in Victoria Road Salford?

Your investigation will revolve around how many homeowners have used energy-efficient technology. You can limit it to the whole country, a particular state, or a local area. Try to add what techniques and resources the house owners employed to make it an energy-efficient home. Study the problems they are facing with it and then according to your understanding try to conclude your topic. If you think you are losing the A-level, try to use this NIA idea.

3. To what extent does the Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Province cause environmental damage to the surrounding area?

This is one of the topics which is related to water security. In it, you can study the problems faced by the locals where it was constructed. You can also study how wildlife was affected due to its creation. During your independent investigation, you will need to study the history of the Gorges Dams and cover whether it is important or not for the country.

A-Level Geography Investigation NEA Ideas

4. How has the retailing in town centers been affected by the town shopping development?

You can cover different aspects related to it in this investigation. You can study how the shopping system has changed from the traditional retail stores. If you are limited to a particular state, you can add up the downfalls of traditional retailing. In addition to that, you can also study what type of retail shops are there in the locality. You can also search for which type of shops have been affected by the change in shopping style.

5. How has the development of micro-HEP stations in Lake District National Park created an impact on the rivers and the community?

With this investigation, you will need to discuss the process of development of the micro-HEP stations. Discuss how it has affected the community and the river. You can also discuss, whether they are potential alternatives for renewable energy. This investigation will help whether micro-HEP has a positive or negative impact on the rivers and the community.

6. How is the quality of life different for the people living in London when compared to other states?

This is one of the most interesting topics which you can investigate about. The reason is London is also known as the economic powerhouse of the UK. Discuss the difference in the quality of life between London and other states to know how life is determined. This may be an interesting investigation as you may find out some interesting facts that may surprise you as many times the places with high GDP have lower living standards.

If you think the above is not related to the subject, here are some other ideas that are always a savior-

  • Compare two places: The students most commonly do their projects by comparing two places. Although this is the oldest technique, it is still worth it. One example of such a question can be: How does place A differ from place B in terms of soft engineering or deprivation?
  • Coastal management strategies: If you want to do a project on it, the best thing you can do is check what effect hard engineering has on the local ecosystems. On the other hand, you can also compare how soft engineering is and at last, compare it with hard engineering.
  • Human Geography: Most professors do not allow NEA on Human Geography. But if you are allowed to, you can choose some of the best topics to make your NEA on. Some of the topics that you can focus on are – deprivation, regeneration, or gentrification.

Still not able to get a perfect idea for your project? Here I mentioned some ideas for your NEA project-

  • Analyzing the socioeconomic effects of a new housing development.
  • Studying the effects of a new waste management facility on local air quality.
  • Exploring the influence of globalization on indigenous cultures and traditions.
  • Evaluating the contribution of green energy technologies to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Examining the origins and consequences of desertification in a specific area.
  • Examining the social and economic impacts of a new shopping center on a particular place.
  • Understanding the ratio of ethnic enclaves.
  • Exploring the consequences of deforestation on local ecosystems and biodiversity.
  • Investigating how changes in land use affect water quality in a nearby catchment.
  • Investigating how urbanization affects local soil quality and fertility.

I hope with this guide and the ideas, you can easily work on your NEA project.


A-level geography is a subject that involves conducting an investigative study. You will study a specific topic of your choice. Having a perfect NEA idea for your A-level is extremely important. Thus, I have discussed recent situations on which you can make your NEA projects. If you find them challenging, I have also listed some easy ideas. Hopefully, you get the right idea. If you still need help, feel free to write it down in the comment section below.

What percentage of geography A level is NEA?

The total marks that you get for it are around 60 and 20% of the total A-level assessment.

How long is an A-Level Geography NEA?

Usually, the word limit for NEA is 3000 to 4000. However, some students exceed this limit but if they exceed more than 600, it is considered too much.

What should be included in geography NEA methodology?

The following are the things to include in the geography NEA methodology-
Name of method
Detailed description and justification of the method
Choice and justification of strategy of sampling
What risks did you face and what did you do to reduce these risks
What questions did you ask?

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