AmazingTalker 2024: Mini Review (Worst Experience I had)

With the digital learning system, everything has changed. It has had a huge impact on the world of language learning. Many platforms connect students with language tutors through live video-call classes. Although you may have heard about many such platforms, I am here to share my latest experience with a live teaching platform called AmazingTalker.

AmazingTalker: Is it worth it?

AmazingTalker is the platform where teachers teach languages through live classes. If I was here for the students, I would recommend you to go for it. However, I am here for those who are planning to teach here. Sorry to disappoint you, but don’t choose this platform. I myself have tried it. That was such a bad experience. You must have seen some positive reviews for this platform. Never trust them, they are paid ones.

It is one of the reasons why I avoid it. Then the acceptance rate of tutors is only 3%. It makes no sense to apply there. Of course, it’s not the major reason why I am discouraging you to choose the one. It’s because of the commissions they took from me. I will share more about it later, let me share the pricing structure of AmazingTalker. 

Pricing on AmazingTalker

This is definitely the best part. I was allowed to set my own rates. They set no specific minimum rate. However, there were a lot of commissions that I had to take care of. It is the major reason why most of the tutors are leaving the company. Further is the commission rates policy of the company-

A commission rate of AmazingTalker

I have never seen a language teaching platform charging so high commissions. At present, there are three commissions they charge-

  • 30% commission on total earning
  • 10% on student fee
  • 8% on other related fees and taxes

These are the common commission rates they will charge. In addition to that, there is an additional charge for withdrawing the money. I was charged 2.5% of my earnings while withdrawing. It was really annoying. When I got in touch with a coworker, she told me she was charged 4.5% on withdrawing, almost double mine.

Summary: Now, you know how much commission is taken on this platform. Due to it and the acceptance rate, teachers usually charge double what they want to.

How to become a tutor on AmazingTalker?

If you still want to try the platform, I have shared the procedure below-

Go to its official website, Click on ‘Apply to Teach’, at the top right-hand corner.

Choose the language and time duration of your choice. When done click on apply now option.

After adding the details – name, email ID, and Password. Click on the Sign-up option.

Again the same window will open with a different message. Click on the Apply now option.

Now in the new toolbar, click ‘Get Started’.

Fill up the necessary details. There will be some questions you need to answer. After that, add your description.

Choose the way you want to apply the resume.

In the new tab, just click on OK.

Add the necessary details and resume in it.


There is no fun being a language tutor on it. Here are some great alternatives to look for

1. Preply

Preply is a popular platform in the world of language learning. If you love to help students improve their language skills, just choose it. I made my profile on it. There was no interview or demo session, only a short application process for Preply. With the quick withdrawal process, it has no minimum amount requirement. Although the commission rate is also high here, there is no hidden cost. Also, there is no payment for the trial class.

Remember: The commission rate is based on the number of hours you give. It starts from 33% for delivering 0 -20 hours. However, the commission rate is different. Following is the rate based on the hours of delivery-

  • 0-20 – 33%
  • 21-50 – 28%
  • 51-200 – 25%
  • 200-400 – 22%
  • 400+ – 18%

2. iTalki

iTalki is the most popular platform in the world of language learning. The service provided by this platform makes it an amazing platform. It is available for both the tutors who are experienced and non-experienced. I love the way it gives opportunity to everyone. If you are an experienced teacher, you can apply in the professional category. On the other hand, try in the community category if there is no experience. I also applied in this category. Although I had to keep the prices low, there was a good amount I earned. The commission rate is also low, at 15% of the total earnings for iTalki.

3. Lingo Live

Another language teaching platform where you get the opportunity to teach others. Although their pay rate is less, there are not many commissions on the platform. Also, there is no need for any requirements if you have experience of 5 years. 

4. Verbling

Looking to apply here? You can easily become a tutor on it. There is no interview on Verbling. As I was fluent in Italian, it allowed me to become a tutor on it. The commission rate is also very low. It means you get all your earnings on your own. However, as there is no interview, the platform has a lot of tutors already available. Thus, it becomes hard to get good students on Verbling.


The experience I had with AmazingTalker was really bad. The commission charges, paid reviews, and hidden costs are the reasons why most tutors prefer to leave it. Additionally, the acceptance period is too short—just three months—which makes it tough to even become a tutor on the platform. Instead of using it, try looking at alternatives.


Is AmazingTalker a Chinese company?

Yes, AmazingTalker is a Chinese Company that allows you to teach the students by setting up your own price. 

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