Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic in 2024 (Tried and Tested)

Traveling to Egypt made me learn Arabic. Of course, it was a tough journey, but I made it. Many resources helped me do that. One such resource was Arabic podcasts. Trust me, podcasts helped me a lot in learning the way it is spoken. I learned all the aspects of how to speak Arabic: the pronunciations, accents, when to take a pause, etc. Everything was learned through these podcasts. But choosing them was a difficult choice. It may be the same for you. Therefore, I have given a list of the podcasts that I used to learn it.

Choose one and improve your Arabic speaking skills.

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)

Top Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic

Learning a new language requires a lot of effort. We can not rely on a single resource. The same is the case for Arabic. Arabic is totally different from English. Choosing a single app can be a tough choice. Thus, try to include some podcasts in your journey. Here is the list of Arabic Podcast that I used to learn the language-

1. ArabicPod101

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

It is a platform that requires membership but has several small-size free podcasts created in dialogue style. The podcasts were divided into different sections. The best part of this platform is that it also allows me to practice the language with the help of flashcards, translations, etc. It may be confusing to get the lesson path. But once you get it there will be no trouble in between.

2. Salis – Learn Egyptian Arabic

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podtail)

It’s a perfect podcast for those who want to learn basic phrases and Arabic grammar. This podcast is hosted by an Egyptian host Sondas. There are over 50 short episodes in this podcast. If you want to quickly start the basic conversation, try this podcast. 

3. Languages Transfer

(Available: Offical Website, Soundcloud)

I will not say much about this podcast. The way it is created is enough to tell that this is the perfect podcast to learn Arabic. It is basically a multi-language podcast. Confused? The podcast is created in a style that I am interacting with a teacher. Honestly, I could choose Arabic out of so many other options. It’s quite useful for someone who wants to learn how to have a conversation with other people. 

4. Talk in Arabic

(Available: Youtube, Offical Website)

Talk in Arabic is a well-known platform for Arabic learners. This podcast is for subscribed members. Although it is not a podcast, many listening lessons are based on podcasts. Arabic is one such language which has multiple dialects. Usually, the most common direct that is used for teaching Arabic is Egyptian. However, this is not the case with this platform. I could learn different dialects like MSA, Egyptian, Iraqi, etc. If you want to learn any other dialect other than Egyptian, try this platform. 

5. LinguaBoost

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website)

Want to learn just basic phrases? Look nowhere than LinguaBoost. Although, it is a paid resource the episodes are a free sample of it. Thus, they are less than the paid lessons. But it is a great way to add to your Arabic knowledge. 

6. Simple and easy Arabic Podcast

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Patreon, Soundcloud)

From the name itself, it shows how easy and simple the podcast is. If you want to learn the Levantine dialect, just give it a try. Storytelling has become a great way to teach a new language. This podcast also follows the same style. The stories are short, simple, slow, and engaging in nature. With the help of this podcast, I learned a lot of vocabulary and understood how to use it in a context. 

7. The Arabic we speak

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)

People like me who can not take out much time to learn the language, try to look at this podcast. It is a short clip of conversations between two native hosts. I generally listen to them in the middle of the day. The hosts, Dalal and Amani, have helped me level up my Levantine Arabic skills. They are from Jordan, and cover, unique conversations of its culture and daily life. If you listen to them on Google podcasts, some worksheets will help you to understand the language better. 

8. Arabic in 60 steps

(Available: Offical Website)

Looking for a podcast that has classical dialect? It is produced by a British non-native speaker of this language. The host, Sam has average pronunciation which makes it a great way for beginners to use. There are a lot of cultural topics covered in the podcast like the Quran. However, the reason I like this podcast is the availability of the English language. I could easily understand what he was saying in the podcast. The podcast is very informative and can be a perfect choice for those who want to learn Arabic culture. 

9. Pimsleur

(Available: Offical Website)

An app that follows the Podcast style

As a language learner, you must be thinking about why this platform is on the list of podcasts. It’s because of the way it is created. The lessons on this platform are created based on podcast style. The platform helped me improve my conversational skills by listening to real native speakers. As this platform focuses on improving pronunciation, there are fewer grammatical explanations and reading and writing exercises.

10. El Bulbuli

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify Podbean)

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)

El Bulbuli limited series podcast for people who are at intermediate and advanced levels. There are only 30 podcasts, 10 minutes each. In this podcast, you will see two hosts, Ashraf and Engas. They will have some conversations in the natural speed of the Jordanian dialect. There are different topics covered on this podcast-

  • Traditional dress 
  • Education
  • Transportation 
  • Marriage

If you are unable to understand what is going on, get transcripts and translations. It will also give a lot of vocabulary guides and verb tables.

11. Sharjah Art Foundation 

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

It’s a challenging podcast. Thus, it is for advanced-level learners. There are 200 episodes with full English translations below each episode. They cover specific musical works. As I love hearing music, I make sure to listen to a single episode at least each week. This podcast will give you detailed information about classical traditions and the history of Arabic music. 

12. Learn Levantine with Livi

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podbean)

From its name, you can understand that this podcast is produced in the Levantine dialect. This podcast is an intermediate-level podcast. In this podcast, the host talks to her students in slower Arabic covering a wide range of topics. However, the main problem with this podcast is that it does not offer consistent episodes. 

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)

13. SBS Arabic 

(Available: Offical Website)

It is an intermediate-level podcast that covers multiple dialects. This is a podcast created by the government of Australia. The Australian government makes sure to add up a lot of resources for migrants. This show has a lot of episodes for Arabic speakers that come from different countries. As it is a source to help others, it is free. In addition to that, you will get multiple Dialects on it.

14. Launch on Fire podcast with Khalid Al-Zanki

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

Entrepreneurship is the major learning subject in all over the world. The young youth has a more business mindset. To help such people this podcast could be extremely beneficial. It covers topics related to entrepreneurship like business, management, marketing, and media. Everything is covered in Arabic which makes it a perfect choice for learning this language. The podcast mainly focuses on making a person successful with marketing efforts. 

15. Arab American Cafe

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website, Soundcloud)

This podcast is hosted by Arab Americans related to America and Arabs. It could be a perfect choice for an upper-intermediate person. The languages used in this podcast are mainly English and Arabic. Some government topics that you will see are healthcare, politics, culture, etc. The hosts are basically two doctors. Therefore you will see major episodes about the health care sector. However, in other podcasts, you may also see some other hosts, giving content on other related sectors.

16. Arabic with Sam

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Podbean, Soundcloud)

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)

It is a podcast having a lot of Arabic lessons of different durations. You can listen to them anytime you want. Listen to the episodes, either in the Gym or during the Lunch break. This podcast is hosted by Sam who has converted to Islam. He took an Arabic degree in London and then studied in Egypt and Palestine. The podcast I mentioned above – The Arabic in 60 Steps, was also created by him.

17. Bilmasri

(Available: Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podtail, Podbay)

Most of the podcasts are created in Egyptian Dialect. As I wanted to study modern standard Arabic, I was looking for a podcast to bridge the gap between the both. Bilmasri’s podcast was the one that worked for me. Each episode is created in such a manner that I could easily understand the content. In most of the podcasts, I got demotivated in starting. But this was really an awesome podcast. There are many free aspects like:

  • Transcript
  • Vocabulary notes
  • Questions

18. Yalla Ne7ki with Amal

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify)

The young generation always looks for a podcast that has topics that match their interests. The host, Amal, covers such topics. There are topics related to women, parents, and youth in the Arab world. There are Arab guests from across the world to share their experiences in the Arabic language. As they converse at normal speed, this podcast is a perfect choice for the upper intermediate level or advanced level. 

19. الكون بودكاست (The Universe) (Gulf)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, PlayerFM, Podbean, Soundcloud)

Space is the most fascinating subject to study. There is so much to explore. If you love it, try this podcast. There are 50 episodes, each covering a different topic. Some of them are-

  • Black hole
  • Space diplomacy
  • Preserving outer space
  • Navigation system

The host of the podcast is from Kuwait covering the Gulf Dialect. Even if you don’t want to travel to Kuwait, listen to it to learn some interesting facts related to facts. 

20. Arabic Learning Accelerator

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

Have you checked my previous podcast related to Korean and Italian? Some podcasts were created by the same company, and one of them was Language Learning Accelerator. Arabic Learning Accelerator is also part of that series. Just listen to a huge amount of it and get an idea of how the people talk about it. It has multiple Arabic Phrases with English translations. As there are English translations, do not confuse it with beginner level. It is because this podcast is divided into three sections – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Therefore, it can be a perfect choice for any level learner. It is a perfect resource to add to your language journey.

21. My Arab identity 

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

How is the credibility of a movie is judged? When it receives some awards. Similarly, I don’t need to explain a lot about this podcast. The reason is it is an award-winning series that explores what it feels like to be a part of two places. It’s about the lives of Arab-Australian migrants who deal with issues they face in intercultural identity. I am sure, have the idea of the war between Palestine and Israel. There are also episodes on it. It does not have any English references. Thus, the podcast is great for advanced learners. 

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)

22. Arabic with Rana

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website, Patreon, PlayerFM, Podbean, Soundcloud, Podtail, Podbay)

I genuinely think learning a new language needs some assistance. Therefore, I always try to find a resource created by the teachers of it. Rana Makhlouf, the host, is the teacher for non-native speakers. She has also written two books for teaching the Arabic language. She started with studying the physics subject and translating it into the Arabic language. There are also topics covered in the podcast that is important in the Arab world. She also creates podcasts on the topics suggested by her audience.

23. Deewan Arabic Podcast

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website, Patreon, PlayerFM, Podbean, Soundcloud, Podtail, Podbay)

The last episode of this podcast was aired in March 2023. Despite giving the last episode, it is for people at the intermediate level. It is because there are interviews of Arabic students and locals at the native speed. All the topics covered here match the interests of the Arabic learners. 

24. Lahthah

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

Arabic is a language that has multiple dialects. There is great confusion when choosing the right podcast. This is again a podcast covering multiple dialects. The three dialects in this podcast are:

Top 20+ Arabic Podcasts to Learn Arabic (Tried and Tested)
  • Modern Standard Arabic
  • Levantine
  • Khaliji Gulf

The producer of this podcast is AI Jazeera Network. It is a very big production house. There is a huge budget for it. The podcast is hosted by two main commentators. It has a good-quality of content. The podcast is all about the rich history of the Arab region. I love this podcast because of the way it is created. There are interviews of people who are experts in the field. 

Important: The sponsor of this podcast is Qatar, Thus, it is common to get the pro-editorial line. 

25. The new Arab Voice

(Available: Apple, Offical Website)

This podcast is hosted by a leasing English-language website based in London. It covers North Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Muslim affairs. The topics covered in this podcast are really different from each other. Some podcasts may include news, whereas others cover cultural knowledge. It combines storytelling with the analysis of the news around the world. 


Arabic is a difficult language to learn. The different writing and speaking styles require a lot of resources to learn. Although there are many courses to improve the writing style, podcasts are the best way to improve the speaking skills of the language. At present, there are more than 100 podcasts available online. Thus, I have made a list of the best Arabic podcasts that will improve your language pronunciation.


Can you learn Arabic by listening?

Arabic is a language that has a different writing and speaking style. Thus, listening to Arabic is definitely a great way to improve speaking skills. But to learn the writing style, try to use some patterns.

Where can I listen to Arabic podcasts?

There are many platforms where you can listen to the Arabic podcast. Some of them are-
Apple Podcast
Google Podcast

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