At what age do you start and finish University?

Thinking about the university only makes the student get excited as it will be the time are moving out of their family and do have their independence of living. In year 13 the student will think about school life is going to get end and what a new chapter of life is going to bring. One thing that you may think of is getting into a university. Life at the university is very much different from the 12 years of education done in primary and secondary school. But the main thing that you should consider is at what age you start and end at the university.

Quick Takeaways

  • The average age at which you will start your university is the age of 18. 
  • Whereas, the age at which you will be finishing your university is the age of 21.

However, you must read till the end to understand at which age you will start and finish your university.

At what age do you start and finish University?

At what age do you start and finish University?

The date of starting and finishing the university varies from student to student and on the course they have chosen to be studied in the university. but the average age of the student for starting the university is considered at 18 age and the age of finishing the university is considered to be 21.

There are some students who decide for getting into university courses when they are at age of 21. This could be because when the person retakes a year at school or they are interested to have another degree instead of applying to university. If we talk about medical school, most students start at the age of 28. Thus it all depends upon the student and the course you are doing.

At what age do you start and finish University?

What Age Do Students Finish University? 

The finishing age of the university depends on the type of courses the student has taken as the finishing year of degrees are different.

For example, if the student is studying for a foundation degree or a Higher national diploma is used to complete in 2 years and for a bachelor’s degree, the student needs two extra full-time studies so for them, the average age of the student to graduate is considered to be around 21 to 23.

But if the student is going to study medicine to become a successful doctor and it is being completed within 5 years and again it is being followed by 2 years of foundation training, after which 2-3 years of core medical training is included in the course and then there is also 4-7 years of specialist training. Your life will also get good life after completing the college and university.

At what age do you start and finish University?

What is the Youngest Age the student Can Go to University? 

The youngest age considered for a student to go to university is considered to be at least 17 years. If there is a student who is going to the university at the age of 16 or less the 16 needs to have a written agreement signed by their parents or guardians. In order to have additional safeguards and meet all the requirements which are specified in the rule and regulations of the university. It may also depend upon the university degree.

So we can say that they will be some student who is in the university at the age of less than 18. before getting into the university the student should go through the age policy of the university which is different in different universities. You must also remember that there are no mid-terms and thus you will be spending most of the time in college. However, you must decide if you really want to go to the university before applying to it.


When the student is in the thirteenth year of school then the student has to pursue their life in college and university begins at that time the student’s age is considered to be 17 or 18 which is the starting age of the student entering the university. After that, depending on the course applied in the university the student does not have the same age of finishing the university but the approx age is considered 21 years old.

As there may be some students to take the gap in the years of education and there will be some students who do go of additional work and qualifications the age do varied for them. we cannot predict the age of the student for starting and finishing the university.


How many years does the student study at the university?

When the student is attending the full-time school for them it will take four and five years to complete their study at the university.

How long is a day at the university?

The class hours attended by the student studying at the university is 15 hours per week which means that the student has to attend the daily class for 3 hours and the student is available to have some break between them.

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