Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Gown Colours Meaning (Everything You Need to Know 2024)

Getting a bachelor’s degree is not easy and you will have to put a lot of effort into completing it. It is very hard to complete a bachelor’s degree and therefore the student who completes the degree is usually honoured. Every university has the same way of honouring their students and that is keeping a graduation day where students have to wear a gown. You may have seen the students wearing the graduation gowns in different colours. If you also do not know much about bachelor’s degree graduation gown colours, here we will help you to know about it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Below we have discussed different colours representing different subjects-
White – Arts and Letters Light
Drape – Business administration
Yellow – Science and Library science
Blue – Education and Philosophy
Pink – Music Dark
Sage Green – Physical education
Copper – Economics
Russet – Fine arts
Purple – Law
Scarlet – Theology

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to the Bachelor’s degree gown colour.

Bachelor's Degree Graduation Gown Colours Meaning (Everything You Need to Know 2023)

What are bachelor’s degree graduation gowns?

When you complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you will need to wear a specific gown. These gowns are usually of black colour with a scarf and cap in the full attire. This cap is as a graduation cap and the full attire t also uuAcademcregalia. Usually, the gown you wear for a master’s degree, will be longer and a closed sleeves. Whereas if we talk about a bachelor gown, there may be a university seal printed on the left chest. How about these two gowns that are different from the doctoral gowns? The fabric used for making the doctoral gowns is velvet. There are usually three sections on the gown-

  • Velvet colour: This colour is based on degree and the discipline you are in.
  • Lining Color: It represents the first school colour in the big area.
  • Chevron colour: It represents the second school colour in the centre.

How is a bachelor gown different from a master gown?

As discussed above the bachelor gown usually has the university or college seal on the left side of the chest. It also has an open sleeve and is usually loose to wear. Whereas if we talk about the master gown, there is no such seal on the gown. In addition to that the sleeves are usually long and has a tail shape sleeves. 

What do bachelor’s degree graduation gown colours mean?

Usually, there are different programs in different universities and colleges. Thus it will depend upon the institution on what calolour will depict different subjects. The following table shows which colour represents the other subjects-

DrabAccounting, Business administration, Business Education, Commerce, Commercial Science, Industrial and Labor Relations 
Blue VioletCity planning, Architecture, Regional planning, and Urban planning
RussetConservation, Forestry, 
LilacDentistry, Dental Surgery
OrangeEngineering, Civil Engineering, 
WhiteArts, English, Literature, History, Letters, and Sociology 
Light BlueArts in education, Counselling and Guiding, Education, Religious education, and Pedagogy
ScarletCanon law, Divinity, Sacred Theology, and Theology
Nile GreenCharopody, Podiatry, and Surgical Charopody
SilverChiropodiatric, Oratory, Naprapathy, and Speech
CrimsonCommunication, and Journalism
Science goldCriminology, Environmental science, Industrial arts, Mathematics, Mastary science, Philanthropy, Physics, Science, and Police Science
Midnight BlueCriminal Justice
Brown Dramatic arts, and Fine arts
Aquamarine Foreign Affairs, and Optomesry
Peacock BlueForeign services, Government, Public Administration, and Public Services
Sage GreenHealth and Rehabilitation, Hygiene, and Physical science
BilberryInterior designer
PurpleLaw, and Jurisprudence
Lemon Library science 
Kelly GreenMedicine
Dark BluePhilosophy, Political Science, and Social Ethics
Salmon PinkPublic Health
CitronSanitary science, Social science, Social service, and Social work
Bachelor's Degree Graduation Gown Colours Meaning (Everything You Need to Know 2023)

The above table shows how different colours represent the different subjects. It is important to have a look at what are the most common colours that you will see in the Bachelor’s gowns-

WhiteArts and Letters Light
DrapeBusiness administration
YellowScience and Library science
BlueEducation and Philosophy
PinkMusic Dark
Sage GreenPhysical education
RussetFine arts
Bachelor's Degree Graduation Gown Colours Meaning (Everything You Need to Know 2023)

Why do bachelor’s degrees wear Hoods?

When you complete your bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree you need to wear a gown or a hood on a special day known as the graduation ceremony. On that day you receive your degree wearing those black gowns and caps. It is a way to show honour and respect to the students and make them distinct from the other graduating classes. However as already discussed, the basic gown you are wearing is the same for all the students in your batch. It shows your excellence in the subject you are studying. The main difference will be the colour of the gown in it. It will depend upon the subject you are studying.

What is the cost of bachelor’s degree gowns?

The cost of bachelor’s degree gowns is around $22 – $25 per gown depending upon the school you are in. In addition to that it may also depend upon the subject you are studying and and the size of your gown. Another factor that may affect the cost is whether you want to get the cap or not.


When you complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you will need to wear a specific gown. There is usually a difference between the bachelor’s and master’s degrees which is the length of the gowns and the sleeves of the gown. There are different colours within the different gowns representing different subjects. The most common colours that you will be getting in the graduating gowns are white, yellow, pink, blue, etc. which depict Arts and Letters Light, Science and Library science, Music Dark, Education and Philosophy, etc.


Do graduates get to keep their gowns?

If you have bought the gown on your own, then you can keep it to yourself. Whereas, if you have taken it from the institution then you will have to return it. However, you must remember that most of the institutions allow you to keep your caps, tassel and stole with yourself.

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