8 Best Online Course Websites

The student doesn’t need to worry about attending colleges or schools to learn something. They can easily access the online courses that are available on the websites. The learner gets the knowledge by watching videos, notes, resources, discussion forums, practice exercises, teaching assistance help, and many features that will make the learner’s learning better. But where to get these courses?

Quick Takeaways

  • The following are the best online course website-
Linkedin learning.
Nas academy.
Future learning.

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand online course websites.

8 Best Online Course Websites

8 Best Online Courses Websites

Online learning has given you the benefit of studying various courses sitting at home. But to find the platform is hard. Thus we are here to help you to find out the best websites for online courses for content writing, social media marketing, data entry, makeup courses, etc. There are many platforms that will provide you with online courses along with getting one on one mentorship like Edukita. However, the following are some best online course websites that are being reviewed and ranked according to various factors such as the quality of their classes, value, instructor credentials, ease of use, etc.

  • Masterclass.
  • Skillshare.
  • Linkedin learning.
  • Nas academy.
  • Coursera.
  • Udemy.
  • edX.
  • Future learning.

1. Masterclass

The masterclass is a platform that covers various topics such as cooking, gardening, and meditation to science & well-being. The courses are being featured on more than 100 topics that do teach from photography to business to acting. The price of the course is charged by the student at $19 per month or $180 per year.


  • The classes can be easily Streamed on mobile devices, computers, and TVs
  • Masterclass has Celebrity as instructors
  • They provide One-to-One instructor-student interaction.
  • The masterclass provides the student with Toll-free phone support.
  • Masterclass has Cross-platform support.
8 Best Online Course Websites

Famous classes:

  • Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography
  • Robin Roberts Teaches Effective and Authentic Communication
  • Massimo Bottura Teaches Modern Italian Cooking
  • Ron Finley Teaches Gardening
  • Alicia Keys Teaches Songwriting and Producing

2. Skillshare

Skillshare offers students 35000 plus learning videos that have made the course the most popular website for providing online learning. They provide the student with many skills such as illustration, education, proofreading, photography, digital marketing, voice-over training, instructional design, and voice-over training. It offers the student 1 month of a free trial. It charges the student $40 per month. You may also get 6-month associate degree for specific courses.


  • It does provide the learner who is having a busy schedule with Bite-sized classes.
  • It does provide the learner with Thousands of classes.
  • It offers the learner with Free trial
  • The course provides the students with a Large catalogue of videos
  • It does provide the student to get the classes in iOS/Android smartphone apps.
8 Best Online Course Websites

Popular classes:

  • Digital Illustration for All
  • Productivity Masterclass which Creates a Custom System. 
  • Character Animation Basics
  • Discovering Success where the student is taught about 7 Exercises to Uncover Your Purpose, Passion & Path
  • Style Your Space In this class the student gets the Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design.

3. Linkedin learning

It is one of the top corporate professional learners and it provides the students with 16000 course examples From business development, marketing, finance, and coding to time management tutorials. The courses help the student to enhance their skills so that they are successful in their careers. The student is offered bite-sized short videos, quizzes,& assignments that make the student learn in an easy way. It charges the student $29.99 per month. However, if you are bored with the online learning courses, you can think of taking a break between it.


  • Linkedin is Professionally designed, constructed, and conducted by expert teachers.
  • The student is able to get the class on the smartphone, audio-only option, offline learning option, and bite-sized videos.
  • The learner provides the student with a one-month free trial.
  • It provides the student with an Annual savings option.
  • It also provides the student with a detailed preview of the content
  • After the Completion, the student is provided with the certificates
8 Best Online Course Websites

Popular classes:

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Courses on building Strategic Thinking
  • How to Communicate with Confidence
  • Improving Interpersonal Communication
  • Building Self-Confidence

4. Nas academy

You will be provided with the courses that build the skills that you need to thrive. The course does have a wide range of online classes by the expert trainer. The course does provide you with various classes such as content creation including photography, editing, publishing, scriptwriting, etc and in business includes entrepreneurship, branding, storytelling, etc.

There are many classes that are being completed in a few weeks or less by which the student gets to learn about the skills so that the student becomes a pro from a beginner. You will have many free workshops. It also provides the student with live classes that make the interaction between the student and the teacher possible and give them feedback on the work.

5. Coursera

Coursera offers students thousands of courses that are taught by top instructors at top-notch universities. Coursera allows a student with a bachelor’s and master’s degree that is totally virtual. The course provides the student with a wide range of topics such as public health, science, tech, languages, social sciences, art, fiction, and personal development. The price that is charged by Coursera is $29-$99 per month.

8 Best Online Course Websites


Popular classes:

  • Data science certificate
  • Google IT support certificate
  • On the science of well-being
  • Deep learning certificate & specialization

6. Udemy

Udemy offers the student more than 100000 courses. The course provides a wide range of online courses. It is one of the largest platforms that are at the cheapest price. Its students are provided with 30 million courses and it consists of more than 50 languages.


  • The course provides the student with an extensive course.
  • The course and the topic are having well-organized content.
  • The classes are being conducted on smartphones.
  • It consists of more than 50 languages.
  • The price of the course is $10.99 which is the lowest price.
8 Best Online Course Websites

Popular classes:

  • Complete Python Bootcamp
  • Complete Character Drawing Course
  • MBA in 1 Course
  • Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch
  • Beginner to Pro in Excel in this class the student gets knowledge about Financial Modeling and Valuation.

7. edX

edX is founded by Harvard. The classes are bedding offered by the top universities and non-profit educational institutes. The courses included in the program have 10000 courses and covers a wide range of topics arts, economics, finance, law, coding, computer science, and architecture. edX conducts many degree-based programs such as  MicroMasters, master’s, etc. the course is charged between $50-$300 and varies depending on the course chosen by the learner.


  • The courses have content that is from Leading universities.
  • The edX contains many Free, open-source courses.
  • It offers the student with a Micro degree.
  • The edX online course website also has Master’s Programs.
  • It does provide the student with Certificate Courses.
8 Best Online Course Websites

Popular classes:

  • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science
  • The Foundations of Happiness at Work
  • Leading High-Performing Teams
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

8. Future Learn

Future learn also consists of more than a thousand courses that are free to access. The courses offer students with paid certificate programs that are sponsored by top universities and institutions. The student can have access to the courses for up to 5 weeks for free. the student needs to give the price of $189.9 per year.


  • Futures learn to have partnerships with the university.
  • The course provides the student with in-depth learning.
  • Future learning is available with the free track.

Popular courses:

  • Teaching English Online
  • Computer Programming for Everyone
  • COVID-19 Critical Care: Understanding and Application
  • A History of Royal Fashion
  • Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance


The online course can easily be learned by the student in the home environment and at the cheapest price. and the student is free to decide their own learning schedule. Online learning is being conducted with much interactive learning and fun.

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