Can Blackboard Detect Cheating? (How to Cheat on Blackboard?)

With changing patterns in the education system, the mode of taking exams also changed and became online. Due to this the rate of cheating in exams also increased. Blackboard Learn is an extremely flexible and customizable paid online learning application. It is a platform that prevents your students from cheating on the exam and helps you in monitoring your student’s activities.

Quick Takeaways

  • Blackboard can easily detect if the student is cheating in their exams or not. 
  • However, you can cheat the blackboard by using paraphrasing tools as it will not detect plagiarism in it. 
  • Many tools are built under the blackboard to detect any kind of cheating done by the students.
  • Blackboards have a special feature known as Blackboard learning. Blackboard Learn is an extremely flexible and customizable paid online learning application.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to Blackboard learning and if can detect cheating or not.

Can Blackboard Detect Cheating? (How to Cheat on Blackboard?)

What is Blackboard Learn?

Users can take or offer online courses using Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is an extremely flexible and customizable paid online learning application. It also has an enhanced version of it known as Ultra. You can connect to your students or teachers through discussions, video conferencing, quizzes, etc on this platform. If you are a student then you have to download Blackboard from the play store. And, if you are a teacher you need to download the blackboard instructor app from the play store.

Can blackboard detect cheating?

Yes, the blackboard can easily detect like examity You may also have to use it with Aleks or moodle to prevent cheating. Many tools are built under the blackboard to detect any kind of cheating done by the students. It can find out plagiarism or it may find if your student has opened any other tab on the browser. Blackboards include a working mechanism that determines the plagiarism in the assignments submitted by your students. 

Not only this, but it also prevents students from opening any other website by locking their browsers. It will also help you in restricting the unethical methods performed by the students during online examinations like copy-pasting, running other applications in the background, etc. This will make students work on their assignments and focus on their exams with more seriousness. However, you must not look for the answers online as it is considered cheating and you will develop a habit of it.

Can Blackboard Detect Cheating? (How to Cheat on Blackboard?)

How you can cheat the blackboard?

You can cheat on the blackboards by copying the answers from friends or by googling the answers. Another way by which you can cheat on the blackboard is by buying the answers from Chegg or by writing the answers on your hand.

Tools used in Blackboard

Tools that are used by the Blackboard to detect cheating are as follows-

1. Safeassign

Blackboard uses Safeassign to find plagiarism within all the tests where you have to write long essay answers. These tools can identify plagiarism in your assignment or research paper with ease. Safeassign works on a different algorithm.

The algorithm Its mod will assist you in determining accurate matches. It also aids in getting information from various sources without paraphrasing it just like Turnitin. It can verify plagiarism using a database of 4.5 million documents and more than 3000 publications. 

2. Respondus Lockdown Browser

This lockdown browser will restrict some of your activities while giving your exams. Your teachers will ask you to download the Respondus lockdown browser to give your test. Giving exams on using this browser will restrict you from opening up new tabs, copy-pasting, or using any kind of keyboard shortcut methods.

Can Blackboard Detect Cheating? (How to Cheat on Blackboard?)

When you will be using this type of browser, you will only be able to see the full screen and no other menu options will be visible like any other browser.

3. Respondus Monitor 

This tool is a complete proctoring solution. It uses your webcam and monitors any kind of activity done during the examination or the test. This tool needs the lockdown browser tool to limit the activities of the browser. It also helps in recording the video, audio, and screen of the user. If there is any kind of unethical activity done by the student, this tool also helps the instructor to capture the student’s id.

4. Instructor Live Proctoring

This tool enables the teachers to use video conferencing apps like Meet, teams, zoom, etc during the exams. This tool is developed especially for small class groups. You can easily see all the students of the small class on the screen at the same time. 

Can Blackboard detect the Switching Of Tabs?

If you are giving your exams in a normal browser, then the blackboard can not find out if you are switching the tab or not. But if you are using the Lockdown Browser, then blackboard can detect if you are switching up the tabs or not. Although it can not determine what you are searching for on the other tab. The reason behind it is that the Respondus Lockdown Browser is capable of monitoring specific things of the student like switching tabs. If you switch the tabs then the blackboard lockdown browser will notify your instructors about such activity.

Can Blackboard detect Cheating Without a Lockdown Browser?

Blackboards can detect cheating in terms of plagiarism without Lockdown Browser. This means that Blackboard does not need a lockdown browser to check the plagiarism in the answers submitted by you. However, to check other kinds of activities like the use of another tab, restricting the use of shortcuts, etc. 

Can Blackboard Detect Cheating? (How to Cheat on Blackboard?)

Can Blackboard detect IP addresses?

Yes, Blackboards can detect the IP address of the student but only when used with the lockdown browser. However, if you are not using the lockdown browser, then Blackboard cannot detect your IP address. This is important because, at the time of online examinations, some students may cheat. To prevent it the instructor may want to know the IP address of such students. 


Blackboard application plays an important role when taking online examinations. It helps you to detect plagiarism in the answers submitted by your students. It also allows you to manage their activities and prevent them from cheating. Here you get to know what type of tools are used by blackboards to detect cheating. 

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