Can Duolingo Make You Fluent in 2024? (My Personal Experience)

The day I thought of learning a new language, I knew I had to use different platforms. I had my hands on Duolingo. When I started using it, I was impressed by how it works. But still ‘Can Duolingo make you fluent’ was the question I was looking for. The only way to know it was to use it and complete the course. So I took up the Spanish course and started completing the lessons. It helps me to get my answer. Let me share my personal opinion and decide if it can make you fluent or not.

Can Duolingo Make You Fluent? (My Personal Experience)

What is fluency?

Before we determine whether you can become fluent or not, it is important to know what fluency means. According to me, fluency is the ability to have a conversation with the other native person without making any mistakes in it. It is defined by the ability to write and speak a language easily and accurately. If you can discuss any topic without hesitation and with full confidence, you can consider yourself as fluent.

According to the CEFR, you can check your fluency at different levels from A1 to C2, A1 being the beginner and C2 being the advanced level. You can also take an English test to learn your fluency level in the English language.

Level GroupLevelsDescriptions

A1Understand and use familiar words
Can introduce yourself and others 
Answer questions about personal details 
Can interact simply with another person 
A2Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions 
Describe their background 
Can communicate in simple and routine tasks

Intermediate User
B1Can deal with situations likely to arise while traveling 
Describe experiences and events, dreams, and hopes 
Understand the familiar matters regularly words encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.
B2Understand the main ideas of complex text 
Interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneously make regular interaction
Can produce detailed text on a wide range of topics

C1Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously 
Use of language flexibly and effectively for different purposes
Understand a wide range of demandsProduce clear, well-structured, and detailed text 
C2Understand everything heard or read easily
Summarise information from different sources
Express themselves very fluently and precisely

Can Duolingo make you fluent in the language you have chosen?

Duolingo is a platform where I learn different languages through various activities. It has always made me engaged with the content of the lessons. The only drawback of this platform is that there is no content for advanced language learners. I could only achieve A1 and A2 levels in the targeted languages.

I believe the only way to become fluent is by practicing with native speakers. Unfortunately, there is no such option on the platform. Thus you will not be able to become fluent in the language you have taken alone with Duolingo. However, you can use some other platforms that are good resources to use along with Duolingo.

Can you actually learn a language on Duolingo?

Can Duolingo Make You Fluent? (My Personal Experience)

Duolingo is a platform that helps to learn various languages. Thus, there is no doubt about learning a new language. However, according to me, it will not make you fluent in it. As I was a beginner in all of the languages I learned on it, I can assure you that you will not regret it if you are also a newbie. But again we should not miss that you will only learn the language at the A2 level.

How much fluent can you become with Duolingo?

If you are applying to a university or a particular job, you must have at least a B1 or B2 level in a language. Although Duolingo will not help you to get to this level, we have discussed how far it will take you. To know it, there are different factors that we need to understand-

1. Research

Duolingo makes sure to do various research in its course. If we talk about Spanish and French (the most popular courses), the research helps to compare the course content with the university courses. They pick up the users studying Spanish and French and check their listening, speaking, and reading skills.

The research concluded that the 5 sections on the platform are compared to 5 University semesters. For speaking skills, it was seen that the users got 50% in speaking skills. It means you can be in a basic conversation with a native speaker.

Can Duolingo Make You Fluent? (My Personal Experience)
SOURCE: Duolingo

2. The language selected

There are a lot of languages and it will depend upon the courses you are studying. Again if you are choosing French and are taking all the lessons, stories, podcasts, etc too seriously you may be able to get B2 level. However, if you are taking an Italian or Japanese course, you can only attain an A2 level. That is because the content in the course is less updated and there are not many features like stories for the course. There are courses that have fewer units and thus have fewer legendary levels. However, with time you may get all the courses providing you with a B2 level.

How much XP do you need to become fluent in the language?

I really think it is a stupid question. Let me share one of my experiences with you. When I was in one of my leagues, I needed some amount of XP. So I started taking up the lessons which were too easy for me. It helped me to earn a lot of XP and my XP score was above 1500. But does it contribute to increasing my knowledge? No. I believe, there is no relation between being fluent and an XP score. Your XP score is the representation of how active you are on Duolingo. Even after having such a good score, I still hesitate to have normal conversations with others.

Will you get fluent in the language once you complete the tree?

If you are on the Duolingo tree, you may be doubtful whether you can become fluent in the language or not. There are ways to complete the tree and you will need to take time to complete it. However, as I mentioned above, you will not be getting the fluent level once you complete the course. You must use some resources along with Duolingo to get fluent.

Are the courses developed by real people?

Although you can not become fluent, I assure you that all the content on this platform is genuine. It is because the courses on Duolingo are developed by real people who are native speakers of particular languages. However, you must know that these courses were earlier developed as a part of the Duolingo incubator, which was a voluntary program.


When I started using Duolingo, I always looked for the answer ‘Can Duolingo make you fluent?’. After, Doing some research, I knew to get the answer, I had to use it myself. So I took up a course and found out that there is no content for advanced learners. It means that you can only achieve the intermediate level with this platform. Also, I believe to become fluent you need to practice with native speakers. Unfortunately, there is no such feature on the platform. Thus we can say, you can not become fluent with it.


Can Duolingo get you to B2?

Currently, the courses on the platform are developed at a level of A1 or A2 except for French courses. However, the team of Duolingo is regularly working on creating the course at a level of B2 which is further sharable with the employers.

How much streak score do you need to become fluent in the language?

Just like XP and fluency relation, there is no relation between streak score and fluency level. Many users have more than 1500 streak scores in a particular course but are still unable to speak it.

How fluent are you after Duolingo?

Every user has their own fluency level after using Duolingo. Some believe they have 60% fluency others believe having 75% fluency. It depends upon the course you are taking up.

Does Duolingo actually work?

Yes, Duolingo is a perfect place to learn a new language as a beginner. But if you want to use it to become fluent, then you may be disappointed. It may not make you fluent but is a step towards your fluency journey.

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