Can Schoology detect cheating? – Schoology eClass reviews

With the impactful Covid-19 pandemic, education has been driven toward technologies, with online education being the only option for students. The same lies for the teachers, teachers had to adopt many changes in the teaching field, a few of them being online classroom sessions or e-sessions, online classroom management, managing the collection of assignments, test papers, parent interactions, and everything through a virtual platform. Online education needed to cater to all those in a simplified online platform efficiently which can also detect even if a student was cheating on tests and assignments. The Schoology app is one such platform that was a boon for teachers in managing all the online classroom activities. But “can Schoology detect cheating” is a big question.

Quick Takeaways

  • Schoology can not alone detect cheating done by students in online examinations. 
  • This means that the school or the institution needs to have some other software like plagiarism detectors or procuring software.
  • One of the ways is by shuffling the options for multiple-choice questions and even the question sequence. 

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better understanding of if Schoology can detect cheating.

What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online learning management system (just like WileyPlus) that is like a network for teachers, students’ parents, and other staff members. In the world of virtual learning, this platform has helped multiple teachers to manage and access the performance of a class of students of a particular grade. Teachers can easily assign assignments, grade them, maintain attendance records, and much more.

Schoology is such an efficient virtual platform for efficient classroom management. Schoology is a learning management difficulty-solving solution that can be accessed by teachers and students from K 12 grades. Even parents can access this platform to assess their child’s performance.

This digital platform provides all the primary functions of online classroom management tracking a student’s academic performance, providing in-app grade books for grading their assignments, detecting cheating and copying in tests and assignments, and a lot more. Some students always tend to steer and find shortcuts and even sometimes cheat during difficult tests. Can Schoology detect cheating? or does it provide any solutions for this issue? Let us know further.

Can Schoology detect cheating?

With innovative systems like Schoology, students try to know and manipulate systems either to cheat on tests, find shortcuts to submitting assignments, and much more. But the plagiarism checker or detector of this system helps in detecting and keeping a check on the answers provided by the students for the test.

“Can Schoology detect cheating?”. The prominent answer to this question is affirmative! Schoology can detect cheating.

The more accurate and probable answer to the question”Can Schoology detect cheating?”, also depends upon the instructor rather he/she accesses a plagiarism checker like a plag scan for detecting cheating. However, you may also need to have procured software like ProctorU.

How does Schoology prevent cheating?

Schoology helps by providing different questions to each student just like the canvas. The instructor is supposed to add more than the required questions in the question bank from which Schoology provides different questions to different students. That is one way of preventing cheating.

The other way is by shuffling the options for multiple-choice questions and even the question sequence. In this way, students’ answer pattern does not remain the same for each student thus preventing cheating. Above all that, if a student leaves or logs out in between the test then a re-access is denied by the app unless the instructor grants the permission again, as this activity may seem doubtful and apprehensive.

For accessing the Schoology app in its full form or complete access to all its functions an instructor can purchase an in-app subscription for the app. All instructors will have to sign up for the app and have a prior registration to access the app. If you are not active on a video conferencing platform just because you were bored, Schoology may also inform your professor.

Can students still cheat on Schoology after the steps of prevention?

One of the drawbacks of online platforms is that, while writing tests, students can easily open another tab of the same topic or find a similar document to copy from while the Schoology tab runs in the background where they can easily switch to the tab where they are appearing for the test. Therefore you should always take the help of procured software.

What is eClass?

eClass is a similar app to Schoology which helps students, teachers, and the complete classroom in contact with each other. Students can easily manage their class work and maintain study plans as they can use study planners as well and teachers can also assess their assignments.

Can eClass detect cheating?

eClass has taken many measures to ensure no cheating. There are many methods by which eClass detects cheating. The best feature of this app is this app can detect the apps that run along with the exam tab in the background and notifies the instructor. Also, teachers use safeassign along with it so that they can prevent students from copying the content. This app has some strict policies regarding plagiarism and unfair dishonest behaviour of students. There are many more features that can detect cheating on the eClass app.

Schoology eClass reviews

Both of these Learning Management Systems have been efficiently designed to manage online education procedures well. There are many reviews regarding these online education management platforms. Many users who are related to this profession have been satisfied with the services provided by these apps. Many users have been using these apps and are easily able to assess the assignments, prevent cheating up to some extent and manage the online classrooms well. Schoology and eClass both the apps have good user reviews.


Technology and problems may seem unrelated or might sound cliche, but they are two sides of the same coin. As much as we get involved with technology we get great privileges and obstructions too. Thus it completely depends on the user how technology is being used.

Cheating or honesty completely depends upon students so why not write the exams honestly which can be fair to fellow students too? Learning Management Systems like moodle have been efficiently designed to manage online education procedures well and can also detect cheating with their integrated software designs. That being said, students should always honestly write their exams that is the true way of gaining knowledge and proving self-worth.


Can Learning Management Systems detect cheating?

Learning Management Systems have been efficiently designed to manage online education procedures well and can also detect cheating with their integrated software designs.

Can Schoology detect a split-screen?

The answer to this question is surely a yes! Schoology and eClass both Learning Management Systems can detect a split-screen.

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