Can the Proctor Detect Screen Sharing? (What Else Does ProctorU detect?)

Proctor software program works with instructional establishments and helps preserve examination integrity. the software program makes use of AI(synthetic intelligence) to detect dishonesty in online exams. It verifies all of the phrases and situations earlier than giving the examination and takes the identities of the scholar additionally locks down the net browser and monitors all of the actions of the scholar through the online examination. It’s primarily useful to the scholar who’s giving the examination and in addition, dealing with the programs in distant places. But it is important for you to know if Proctor can detect screen sharing or not and also what things it can detect.

Quick Takeaways

  • Any Proctor platform can detect screen sharing easily. 
  • There are a lot of things that ProctorU can detect like like screen sharing, video and voice authentication, etc. 

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better understanding of if Proctor can detect screen sharing or not.

Can the Proctor Detect Screen Sharing? (What Else Does ProctorU detect?)

Can the Proctor detect screen sharing?

The proctoring software program with the assistance of  AI can see if there may be any change occurring on the display and provides prompt suggestions to the teacher. The software program screens actions and prevents the person from accessing one other tab until the web examination is over. Proctor software programs like Proctorio, Blackboards, or Respondus detect the open tabs and can concentrate on the variety of software programs opened at the time of giving the examination. So the proctor software program can detect the display sharing of the monitor through the examination.

What does ProctorU detect?

The next is the step that was accomplished earlier than the examination and tells what ProctorU detects:

  1. After accepting the period and situations and the rules of the ProctorU software program.
  2. For checking that every one of the required methods works correctly ProctorU will present checks.
  3. The person must obtain the chat field in case of any question is requested from the teacher and chat on the chatbox.
  4. After the success of the mini requirement, ProctorU takes a photograph for the authentication course and provides the person a line to kind for checking the typing pace for sustaining the examination integrity.
  5. ProctorU will inform you about all of the examination guidelines through the online examination and all of the prohibited issues that should not be accessible in a room through the examination.
  6. The software program has a distant system verifying know-how that can take the cost of the mouse and keyboard solely earlier than the examination.
  7. The webcam will rotate 360 levels to verify the room and in addition guarantee, that different digital devices will not be within the room.
Can the Proctor Detect Screen Sharing? (What Else Does ProctorU detect?)
  1. After all of the systems check the ProctorU shows the examination system that will likely be accessible after coming into the password that’s mentioned by the teacher.
  2. The webcam that’s related to proctoring the examination can view the display of your monitor and document it through the examination.
  3. The ProctorU software program won’t have entry to laptop information through the examination. Permission is required to take action against the person.
  4. The ProctorU can solely view the display after beginning the examination however does not have management over the keyboard and the mouse. 

Issues don’t do throughout ProctorU examination monitor:

  1. Speaking unnecessarily by the person through the examination just isn’t allowed.
  2. The issues talked about within the tips shouldn’t be there within the room or the realm of the examination.
  3. In the course of the examination, the person or the scholar mustn’t attempt to use digital machines to keep up the integrity of the examination surroundings.
  4. The candidate mustn’t use or have a secondary monitor within the space of the examination.
  5. The scholar mustn’t take a picture, display the document, or take a screenshot of the paper.
  6. Copying the textual content and pasting should not be accomplished through the examination on the proctor monitor like examity.
  7. Coming into somebody different within the space of the examination just isn’t allowed.
  8. The scholar mustn’t speak to somebody.
  9. The scholar ought to be seen by the digital camera regularly throughout the examination. Staying out of the digital camera view will likely be detected as dishonest.

How does it work?

The proctoring software program will likely be accessible to watch the scholar when login in and never accessible when the scholar logout. It will help to record the video and the audio when you are live on any of the video conferencing apps like Webex. In the course of the examination, the software program is ready to seize all of the actions and ship the recorded video to the teacher that may be reviewed in case of any flag detected by the proctoring software program and the scholar will likely be answerable for the exercise that’s detected as dishonest.

Can the Proctor Detect Screen Sharing? (What Else Does ProctorU detect?)

Can the proctor detect display mirroring?

The proctor makes use of AI as a backhand to find the display actions. Whereas with display mirroring the scholar shares the display with the usage of a mirror and lets the opposite one who is sitting on the adjoining facet of the room have entry and provide the reply. That’s the reason earlier than the examination the webcam pans the digital camera 360 levels so that college students could not conceal any mirror within the room and cheat with the assistance of display mirroring. 

Proctor chrome extension is secure?

For giving proctoring exams the scholar must obtain the chrome extension which is a secure platform to make use of by the teacher and the scholar. The software program earlier than the beginning will information on the phrases and situations of the software program after acceptance by all the scholars, the proctoring software like honorlock program is allowed to document the display. The proctoring will likely be no entry to your laptop information until permission is granted by the person or the scholars.

Additionally, the small print used to fill earlier than the paper is accessible to the teacher solely and the instructor can solely see the rating generated after the examination. So the chrome extension of the proctor is secure to make use of.


Proctor is used for taking the examination online and in addition for the scholar in distant places which helps to keep up the integrity of the study. Proctor can detect screen sharing of the monitor whereas proctoring lockdown internet browser can also be put in which makes it positive that the display sharing just isn’t accomplished by the scholar when giving the examination.

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