A-Levels in One Year: Is It Possible? (Answered!)

A-levels are an important part of your university application and job application. Your A-levels reflect what type of subjects are you interested in and how many difficult courses can you take. When you are taking up your A-levels, you may have various doubts related to it. One such doubt that you may have is if you can take up A-levels in one year or not. Here we will help you to solve all your related doubts.

Quick Takeaways

  • There are many colleges in which you can do an A-level in a single year.
  • The coursework of doing an A-level in a single year is very tough and hard.
  • As you need to take three A-levels, you must be able to complete all three in a single year. If you want, you can go above it. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts regarding the A-levels in a single year.

A-Levels in One Year: Is It Possible? (Answered!)

Can you do A-levels in one year?

Yes, you may do your A-levels in one single year. You can get various colleges all over the UK. Although the coursework for A-levels is extremely hard and thus most of the students do not take them in a single day. Only those students who are allowed to take up different A-levels in a single year who have special reasons and are gifted students. This course will require a great number of effort and thus should be only taken if you are ready to take up the course work.

If you are taking your A-levels in a single year start preparing for them. Further, you must remember that revision is the key to getting higher grades in the exams and thus motivating yourself will help you to complete it in a single year. 

How many A-levels can you take on a single year?

When you are taking up A-levels or sixth form (further education), you will need to take 3 A-levels for yourself. You can take up all 3 A-levels in a single year. There is no bounding on it but taking up more than 3 A-levels will definitely make you get in trouble. This is because these courses are hard to study making it difficult for you to study these 3 A-levels in a single year and thus you must take them within two years. If you are thinking of taking up additional A-levels, then you may not be able to cope with your studies. 

How difficult is it to do the full A-Level qualification in a single year?

Your A-levels are the qualifications that you take after your GCSEs. This means that the course work of it is harder than the GCSEs. If you find your GCSEs to be tough, be prepared for some more hard courses. Though A-levels are the advanced version of your GCSEs, the difficulty level can be determined. And of course, if you think that you can complete your A-levels easily in one year then you may be wrong.

A-Levels in One Year: Is It Possible? (Answered!)

Many students find it hard to complete their A-levels even in two years. Thus completing your A-levels in a single year is much tough.  However, every student has different capabilities, and thus completing your A-levels in a year will depend upon you. However, you must not miss your A-levels or sixth form as it will help you to get into the university and higher education.

Reasons for taking up A-levels within a year

The following are the most common reason for taking up A-levels within a year-

  • Your priorities for the career path may be changed. Many times you are confused about the career path you want to get into. Due to it, you may not be able to choose the right A-levels for you.
  • If you are a gifted student who really wants to start fresh in your University life and may want to fast-track your A-levels. 
  • You may know your capabilities of coping up and thus want to take it in a single year.
  • Another reason for it may be that you do not want to retake the exams again in the second year and thus may want to take your A-levels in a single year.

What are the easiest A-levels to do in a single year?

Following are the top 5 easiest A-levels that you can take in a single year-

1. Film studies

This is one of the easiest subjects that you can take as A-levels within a single year. You will need to want different movies and need to develop critical thinking for different aspects of the film. From lighting to the technical aspects of filming all you need to study is this subject. This is one of the easiest subjects as you will need to see the movies for clearing this exam. 

A-Levels in One Year: Is It Possible? (Answered!)

2. Drama

If you are a student who does not hesitate to go on a stage, you can decide for doing an A-level in drama. This is the best subject for you as you can show your capabilities in drama. Unlike A-level biology or other tough subjects, you will have to do theatre in order to ace this subject.

3. Physical education

If you are a person who loves to do physical exercises, this subject is for you. This subject is of more practical knowledge and you will need to give a lot of practicals in it. It will test your physical ability and will also help you to understand different aspects related to physical education.

4. Food studies

This is another subject that involves less theoretical coursework and more practical knowledge. All you need to do is make some healthy and delicious food. You will learn the composition of various types of food. Usually, these A-levels will start after completing year 11 i.e. year 12.

5. Sociology

Sociology is a subject in which you will be studying topics related to society like poverty. You will be studying the basics of various concepts with which you are already familiar. Other topics related to society that you will be studying are the history of the economy, the living standards of people, etc. As you will be taking it after GCSEs, you must focus on GCSE content as well.

A-Levels in One Year: Is It Possible? (Answered!)

6. Religious studies

You will be studying two different subjects in it including philosophy and ethics. Various concepts related to philosophy and ethics will be covered in this subject. This is a tough subject than sociology as in this subject you will be learning two different subjects. Although with this subject, you may find it hard to get into the A-level you want.


Your A-levels are the important factors that your employers as well as the university admission head will look for. Thus you must do well in your A-levels. When you are taking up A-levels, you may get confused about when to take your A-levels. There are many students who take up A-levels within a single year. You can also take them in a single year if you think you will be able to complete them. Though, you must remember that the curriculum for A-levels is very tough and you will need to do a lot of hard work to complete it.

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