Can you download masterclass videos to watch at any time?

The masterclass is an online learning platform that provides you to take lectures in video form which are being taught by educators who are top talents in your field. The courses that you will be getting on this platform are designed by professionals from a particular industry. The videos and the courses are very useful to you if you want to increase your skills in a particular industry. However, the main question here is if you can download the masterclass or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • You can save the videos and watch them later only if you have a subscription or the premium version of the platform. 
  • There are 11 different categories inside the masterclass.
  • There are three different subscription plans that you can take up – $180 per year, $240 per year, and $276 per year.

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand if you can download the masterclass or not.

Can you download masterclass videos to watch at any time?

Can you download masterclass videos to watch at any time?

The student is not able to download the masterclass videos to watch at any time. You need to have a subscription to the masterclass plus or premium version to save the video to watch the video later on the computer, mobile, iPad, etc. You can also buy a single master class in order to watch it.

Name of the instructors on Masterclass

The following are some instructor courses that can be saved on the device and watched later.

  • Aaron Franklin
  • Armin Van Buuren
  • Alice Waters
  • Billy Collins
  • Simone Biles
  • Stephen Curry
  • Timbaland
  • Tom Morello
  • Will Wright
  • Wolfgang Puck and many more.
Can you download masterclass videos to watch at any time?

Why does the learner need to download the masterclass video? 

There are many reasons for downloading the masterclass video such as:

  • When the person does have a limited internet plan to view the class online. 
  • If the person is traveling then they could download the class so that they can view it while traveling. 
  • You may not want to use up the data allowance of your device. 
  • There are some learners who download the video so that if they want to have a later reference they can easily go through the video when they don’t have any membership. 

How to download the masterclass video for offline viewing? 

You may not be sure about how to watch the Masterclass on TV. The following is a method for downloading the video for offline viewing the video on the devices of the person:

  • After getting the subscription to the masterclass, open the masterclass app. 
  • Select the lecture video that you want to download. 
  • Confirm if the video has the option of downloading or not. 
  • If there is no option then the video cannot be downloaded as the instructor hasn’t given the option for the learner to download the class. 
  • If there is the option of downloading then the learner can download it. By clicking the download button.
  • After that download, the video gets saved into the device of the learner making the learner watch the masterclass video by remaining offline also.

What is the material of the masterclass that you can download? 

If you have not bought the plan plus or premium of the masterclass, you cannot download the video of the lecture but you can download the material of the class such as the transcripts, cheat sheets, and worksheets if the instructors have kept the option for the downloading of the material. 

There are many websites that suggest workarounds to how to download the masterclass video which is totally illegal and the person will face trouble for downloading it by illegal methods.

Can you download masterclass videos to watch at any time?

What are the different categories inside the masterclass? 

The following are the 11 categories inside the masterclass:

  1. Arts and Entertainment
  2. Home and lifestyle
  3. Music
  4. Business
  5. Writing
  6. Food
  7. Design and style
  8. Sports and gaming
  9. Community and government
  10. Wellness
  11. Science and technology. 

What are the different plans offered by the masterclass?

Masterclass consists of three plans for the learner-

  • Firstly they offer the standard plan which is an all-access pass that costs the learner $180 per year.
  • Second is the plus version they offer the plan for $240 per year.
  • The third is the premium which offers the student $276 per year.

Getting started with a masterclass

Before starting the course the person can overview what the course contains which includes the number of videos and the material of the course. The maximum number of videos for a lesson is 6 to 20 minutes long and for course completion, there are a maximum of 18 lessons.

The run time of the lesson videos appears in the thumbnail of the video but it doesn’t show in what year the course was filmed by the masterclass team. 


The learner who has got a subscription to the masterclass of the plus or premium version can easily download the video of the lessons by clicking the download options that are visible there only. The student cannot watch the video unless they buy a subscription to the masterclass. 


Can I rewatch the masterclass? 

There are some classes that are learned by executing the class for 5-25 minute lessons that can be rewatched at any time. 

Can you use masterclass on multiple devices? 

After the person purchases, the masterclass subscription can use the same credentials so that they can watch it on other devices. 

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