Can You Get Into University With Only Two A-Levels?

Your A-levels are the most important qualifications that are needed to get into the universities and also will help you to get into a good job. Therefore you will be studying hard to get good grades in them. However, you may not be able to pass the three A-levels and therefore only have two A-levels. So can you go to the university with just two A-levels?

Quick Takeaways

  • In short, you may able to get into the university with only two levels if you meet the requirement of UCAS points which are important to get into the university. 
  • Some of the universities that accept two A-levels are-
1. De Montfort University
2. Leeds Beckett University
3. Teesside University
4. University of Wolverhampton
5. Bangor University

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of whether you can go to the university with 2 A-levels or not.

Can You Get Into University With Only Two A-Levels?

Can you go to the university with just 2 A-levels?

Getting into a university with just two A-levels is tough just like with EPQs. This is because to get into the university, you will need to have 112 UCAS points which is not possible with two A-levels. UCAS points are used to convert the qualification grade into a numerical value. These values are mainly used by universities as entry requirements. Therefore you need to have at least 3 A-levels to get into the university.

However, if you are not able to complete your 3 A-levels then you will have to take either 2 A-levels + BTEC or 1 A-level and 3 BTECS. If you have scored 9 grades or A* in both of the A-levels then you may stand a chance of getting selected for the university. However, you must remember that is very rare. 

How many A-Levels are needed for university?

As discussed earlier, you will have to take three A-levels which is equal to a T-level (which is why people are confused between both of the qualifications) to get into the university. This is because you need to get at least 112 UCAS points which are compulsory to get into it. Also having three A-levels is a general requirement of every university. And therefore you must make sure that you are having 3 A-levels. However before you are applying to the university, you must make sure if you should apply to the one or not.

Can you apply to the university with a combination of A-levels and other vocational courses?

Yes, you can definitely apply to the university with a combination of A-levels and other vocational degrees. Although you need to have 3 A-levels to apply to the university, you can also apply by taking other courses and getting 112 UCAS points. The following tables will help you to know how the grades in different qualifications are equal to the UCAS points-

Can You Get Into University With Only Two A-Levels?
AS – Levels
BTEC Extended Diploma
Can You Get Into University With Only Two A-Levels?

With all the tables above, you can easily calculate your UCAS points according to the grades in these qualifications.

Which universities accept only two qualifications?

As discussed you have very few chances two get into the university with two A-levels. However, here will help you to find out some of the universities that will allow you to enter with two A-levels-

1. De Montfort University

They have the outstanding DMU Works program, which won best university/careers service in 2021. As a result, once you graduate, you will receive excellent job-search assistance. The majority of DMU programs require two or more A-Levels with a certain amount of UCAS points.

2. Leeds Beckett University

UCAS tariff is used to determine most of their course entries. Additionally, they demand that students have earned passing grades in particular GCSE areas like English and math. Typically, you will need to have a grade of 4 or higher or a C under the previous system. While point tariffs for various degree programs vary, around the 100-point.

3. Teesside University

The Teesside Launchpad program, which assists you to start your own firms with facilities, and financing, and helps to develop the skills needed to run the businesses, is one of the university’s major attractions. Applicants are chosen based on tariff points generally from two A-Levels. They also want GCSEs in the subject area, just like the above institution. The main motive of this university is to demonstrate that you can study a variety of disciplines at university even if you only have two A-levels.

4. University of Wolverhampton

It is a fantastic option for you because it is a big and diversified university with a wide selection of scholarships. Additionally, it offers a huge amount of support for career decisions, such as practice interviews. The usual entry requirements for courses are higher than the other universities mentioned here. However, they are greatly reduced by foundation years.

Can You Get Into University With Only Two A-Levels?

5. Bangor University

Offers are generally determined at Bangor on basis of the UCAS Tariff of various minimum points obtained from A-Levels or other qualifications. As long as you receive a minimum grade, you can earn this by taking two A-Levels or other qualifications. Therefore you must check for which is the UCAS requirements for the course you want to take at the university through the official website of the university. 


In most cases, you will not be able to go to the university without three A-levels. However, this does not mean that you can not get into the university with two A-levels. Though the possibility is too low. There are some universities that may allow you, however, you will have to see their UCAS entry requirements first in order to know if you are eligible to get into that university or not.

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