Can You Retake A-Levels? (Cost, Max Age and Full process)

A-levels are an important level in the student’s academic life. They should make sure that they achieve high grades in the exam as they are going to decide the next step of their life. Thus it is important for you to study hard for your A-levels and get good grades. But sometimes due to several reasons, you may fail to achieve good grades. This may lead you to think if you can retake A-levels or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • If you have failed your A-level, you can retake it at any time you want.
  • You can either take it from any sixth-form college, old college, or online method.
  • The cost of retaking the exam will depend upon where are you taking it from.
  • Generally, there are two types of costs that you will have to pay for retaking the exam – Tuition fee and registration fee.

Further, we have discussed retaking the A-levels in detail.

Can You Retake A-Levels? (Cost, Max Age and Full process)

Can You Retake A-Levels?

Just like you can resit for your GCSEs, you can retake the A-levels at any sixth-form college or from an old college only. You can also retake them at A-levels just like GCSEs. Additionally, you can retake the exam in the college which is different from the old college in your area, and can also retake A-levels by online method.

The student does not have limitations on the subjects they can retake, nor on the number of times, they want to give the exam. Not even the age of the student matters in retaking the A-levels. You can also resit for your A-levels if you have missed them.

Should the student Retake the A-Levels? 

Retaking the exams of A-levels depends on the student only. Firstly the student should think that what they lack before and should work on it. If the second time you get the same score then you should change the course in which you are confident to get a high grade.

If the student wants to retake it a second time as they have the confidence that they will score high grades then they should choose to retake the exam as they have more time to prepare for it and try their best to get a high score.

Can You Retake A-Levels? (Cost, Max Age and Full process)

Where Can the Student Retake A-Levels? 

The student has many options for deciding the location for retaking the A-levels. the following are the main options for the students:

Retaking the A-levels in school.

If the student chooses to retake the exam in school they will have to pay the tuition fee for retaking the exam. It is less as compared to everywhere else and going to the school will be easy for you as you already know the environment of the school and will be less intimidating. However, if you do not want to resit in the A-levels, you may try to get them in a single year.

Retaking the A-levels at colleges/sixth form.

The students who want to give the exam in the sixth form colleges have the benefit as the government has allotted many colleges for resisting the exam and the classes of the college are small. You will not be disturbed by any sound and will be more focused.

Retaking of the A-levels by online method.

If you have a problem traveling from school or college to give the exam, you may decide to retake the exam by online method. You first do the depth research for the online exam then only you should sign up so that they should not get defrauded.

Can You Retake A-Levels? (Cost, Max Age and Full process)

How Much Does It Cost to Retake A-Levels? 

The two main costs involved during the retaking of A-levels are as follows:

  • Tutoring fee.
  • Exam fee.

Tutoring fee

The price of the tutoring fee varies. If the student is getting to tour the school then the fees will be less for them. And the fee for tutoring in school is different in every school. If you want to retake A-levels in school, you should send an email to the school and ask about the cost of retaking the exam.

And when we talk about the sixth form colleges, retaking is approximately 6000 Euro. If the student wants an environment that has more private personal and specialized systems for them this option is the best. The online tutoring price also varies but the approx range of the tutoring is between 20-100 euros which depends on the subject and tutor also. 

Can You Retake A-Levels? (Cost, Max Age and Full process)

Exam fee

Here this student is retaking a level as a private candidate which means that the cost given to take the exam which depends upon the course this will have taken and which exam board they belong to but the approx examination fee is about 85 Euro. 


If the student is confident that after he takes a level they will gain a high score it would be helpful for the student to get admission to the famous university the Desire so they should retake the exam. Retaking a level has no limitation on the student and the age is also non-restricted. 


Do universities accept A-level retakes? 

Yes, University accepts the students who have to retake A-level to have a high grade. 

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