Cheating Gadgets for Exams (Affordable)

Cheating means one who breaks the rule intentionally and dishonestly or does something unfair when compared to other persons who are doing their work fairly. And nowadays due to advanced technology people are using some physical device, any sort of machine, or a piece of equipment to cheat. Though cheating is what should you avoid, you may want to know about cheating devices or about some of the exam cheating gadgets.

Quick Takeaways

  • Some gadgets used to cheat in the exam are:
1. Magic calculator v2
2. Live stream wifi glasses
3. Bluetooth pen
4. Smartwatch
5. Smartphone controller
6. Invisible watch
7. Spy Bluetooth earpiece

Further, we have discussed these devices in detail.

Cheating device – Exam cheating gadgets:

As per the update in technology, gadgets can defeat the security system in popular and high universities, colleges, and schools also and use them to cheat in the exam without being caught. Although Googling the answers is a big way of cheating in online exams there are a lot of cheating devices that you can take up during offline exams. A few of the gadgets and their feature including their drawbacks are explained below:

1. Magic calculator V2:

The name makes it clear the common feature is that it looks like an ordinary calculator that can be easily hidden and is allowed in the exam.

Characteristics of magic calculator V2 are as:

  1. This calculator can be used to record the voice, and hide photos, notes, and video. 
  2. It has a large touchscreen display that makes the calculator use easily.
  3. It has the feature of auto-scrolling the text which can be automatically used to move the text and make it easy for the student to copy and write.
  4. No need to worry about the storage as it has the feature to extend the storage. 
  5. It has an emergency button that is used to exit from the screen and get back to the basic calculator.


  1. The only cons of the magic calculator V2 are that it is restricted in the exam. Then it cannot be used easily; it will be detected as cheating if any suspicious activity is noticed by the teacher just like Aleks.

2. Live stream wifi glasses: 

The appearance of the live stream wifi glasses is the same as normal glasses look:

Characteristics of Live stream wifi glasses:

  1. Live stream wifi glasses enable live streaming.
  2. It has a hidden HD camera that helps to see the question clearly and has a power lens used for live streaming.
  3. The glasses have a feature a wifi module that helps to share the text that is being seen by you to the other friend.
  4. The person can easily send the question and the friend sends back the answer while searching making the answer be written.
  5. It has the feature of being connected to smartphones and being operated by phone.
  6. It contains recording features that make the person record the question which can be used by the other person as an exam reference.
  7. It contains a simple touchless button for enabling wifi on and off.
  8. It has a 1.0-megapixel lens,128 GB micro sd, and a 75-minute battery.


If the teacher is known to you and knows to not have any sort of eye problem then it can create a problem.

3. Bluetooth pen:

There is an easy and high chance of being caught in the exam as it looks like a normal pen. Just like this Bluetooth pen, there are many other homework-cheating websites that you can use if you are unable to complete your homework.

Characteristics of Bluetooth pen:

1. The Bluetooth pen can be used to record lectures or exam questions.

2. To start the recording there is a button at the top and if it is held down it will stop recording.

3. It has a built-in microphone.

4. The Bluetooth wireless features and built-in microphone make it connect to the phone and computer easily.

5. By using the smartphone controller devices they send photos and videos to their phone to get answers.

6. It can be used as pre-recording of the lectures or the exam question and can be listened to by a small earpiece during the exam.

7. The use of the Bluetooth feature makes it easy to send videos or photos to a friend that can be used to answer questions.

8. The pen has a long-lasting battery.


While giving the exam there will be less chance of refilling the ink when the ink is over.

4. Smartwatches:

It looks like a normal watch and can be easily taken by the student during the exam. It is one of the devices that is a common cheating devices and is very commonly used to cheat in online exams also.

Characteristics of smartwatches:

  1. It has all the features that are common to phones like a display screen, alarm, stopwatch, a browser, etc.
  2. It can take photos of the question and record voices, take videos, and even browse the internet for getting answers.
  3. Due to the features of a wireless connection to the earpiece the recorded data can be used to listen and write the answer.
  4. It has a long-lasting battery.
  5. It has large storage and can share the data remotely with the friend that will write the answer.


  1. As it has a display screen the lighting in the smartwatch can cause issues.

5. Spy  Bluetooth piece:

The Bluetooth piece is almost invisible to get tracked in a cheating case. Further, if you are using the Respondus software, it will also be detected by your professors.

Characteristic of Bluetooth piece:

  1. As the Bluetooth piece is used to listen to the audio that is connected to the phones.
  2. As it allows you to listen to the audio and get the exact information about the paper.
  3. If the student knows the question already it can be used to listen to the pre-recorded audio and write the answer.
  4. We can leave the phone in remote locations and carry the connected earpiece to the exam hall to write the exam.


1. the distance of the phone to the connected earpiece varies. A maximum distance of 9 meters can be there to allow the audio to be listened to.


As the advanced technology has made it easy to take the gadgets in the exam and help to write the answer. but to avoid it the security system has also been updated for tracking the small gadgets used by the candidates that are appearing in the exams.

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