30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese in 2024 (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

When you buy a laptop or any other thing, what is the first thing you do? You look for a review of it. It is the same scenario for selecting the right Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese. While learning Chinese, podcasts helped me a lot, but selecting from more than 100 podcasts was a tough choice. It irritated me a lot in making the right selection. Of course, it was hard, but I finally got some awesome podcasts for different levels. If you are on the same page where I was, let me help you by sharing the podcasts I used.

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

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Top Chinese Podcasts to Learn Chinese

There are several ways that I used to master Chinese. Pronunciation is the major factor in becoming proficient in a language. But can you get it without listening to native speakers? No. To help develop listening skills, the only thing needed is to listen to native speakers. The best way to listen to them is by listening to the podcast. Thus, I have created a list of podcasts that helped me in my journey-

1. Coffee Break Chinese (beginner level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

Coffee Break is basically an academy that provides podcasts for different languages. In my lists of various podcasts, I have mentioned the name of the Coffee Break series a lot. This course was launched in 2017, and since then they have been working on it. Although it is a paid platform, many free podcasts are offered here. 

What is a coffee break for you? For me, it’s chilling out with my friends with a cup of coffee. This is exactly how podcasts are designed. They are designed like a way you are meeting up with a friend and having a chit-chat over a cup of coffee. These episodes are 20 minutes each. But the best part is, it uses a lot of English language.

2. ChineseClass101 (beginner level)

(Available: Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean, Soundcloud)

If you have checked my Korean Podcasts, there is a similar name KoreanClass101. The team behind it and the pod101 series are the same. Chineseclass101 is also developed by it. This is a website that not only has good podcasts but there are assessments after each lesson. It is a paid platform but you can get some free content. The amount of English used in this podcast represents it is created for beginners. 

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

3. One Chinese word a day (beginner level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podcastaddict, Podbean)

When learning the Chinese language, it was tough for me to remember several words together. It started demotivating me. So, I thought of changing my mind and looking for something where I could only learn a single word in a day. This podcast really helped me. Learning a single word in a day may look boring and time-consuming, but can be a perfect choice to remember the word properly. As we get a single word, this podcast is developed for beginners. 

Remember: It is the best tool to learn vocabulary.

4. Chinese Mandarin Cafe (beginner level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website)

I have added this podcast to the list because of its fun part. The host, Amy, has a great sense of humor. She has been teaching Chinese since 2013. Her only dream is to teach beginners the Chinese language. Each episode is 10 minutes long. There are new words in each episode, making it a great way to learn it. Is that the only thing you get? No. The feature that makes this podcast different from others is the short review activities. 

5. Dimsum Mandarin (beginner level)

(Available: Apple, Offical Website, Podbean, Podbay)

Important: It is not an active Podcast.

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

Despite not being an active podcast, there are still so many podcasts designed for beginners to understand the language. There are a total of 30 free podcasts you can use. Along with that, there are many other features for which you have to pay a fee. Undoubtedly, I will not suggest you sign up for the paid material but recommend you, go through the free podcasts. 

6. Mandarin Monkey (beginner level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Patreon, Podcastaddict, Podbean, Soundcloud)

The name itself shows it’s going to be a fun podcast. Each episode entertained me a lot. It covers news, business trips, hacks, cartoon characters, etc., to keep me entertained. There are two characters, Tom and Ula; who teach Chinese with the help of English translations. However, the duration of the episodes is 1 hour long. But each of them is really useful. Just listen to podcasts at a slow pace and enjoy them. 

Fun Fact: When English and Chinese are used together to teach Chinese, it is known as Chinglish. 

7. Mini Mandarin (beginner level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podbean)

Again a podcast hosted by Amy. All the episodes of this podcast are short in duration. Each focuses on a particular aspect of the Chinese language like Punctuation, Vocabulary, Grammar, etc. This podcast is designed to build Chinese skills. If you think you can not give much time to listen to the podcasts, try this one. It is short and simple.

8. Everyday Chinese (beginner to intermediate level)

(Available: Youtube, Offical Website)

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

It is a platform that has multiple resources and podcasts are one of them. There is a YouTube channel where you can get all the podcasts freely. Each podcast teaches a different thing. It is the most authentic Chinese teaching podcast. Check out this podcast and understand how to go shopping, introduce yourself, order food, etc. in China. Some podcasts cover the daily life routines of native speakers living in China. In short, this podcast covers cultural aspects as well.

9. Everyday Easy Chinese Podcast (beginner to intermediate level)

(Available: Offical Website)

What is the most difficult part of learning Chinese? For me, it was learning its Character. It took more than a week to remember them. For a person like me who struggles with the characters, Everyday Easy Chinese Podcast is a great tool. This podcast only teaches three words in a day. But the best thing is those three words will have at least one character in common. The host, Lin, not only teaches the words but also gives you the meaning of the character, sentences you create, etc. It can be a perfect choice for a beginner or intermediate-level learner. 

10. ChillChat (intermediate level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podtail)

Feeling hard to understand Chinese and want something relaxing? Don’t worry. I have come up with the most relaxing Chinese podcast, ChillChat. From the name itself, it is understood that you must chill while learning the language. Most of the podcasts are in English. But still, they show how to use a single word before using it in a dialogue. Topics it covers are-

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Culture
  • Trends

This podcast helped me to improve my conversational skills with fun activities. If it is hard to understand, download the study material or the transcript through the official website. 

11. Maayot (beginner to advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbay)

The podcast has been designed for beginners to advanced-level learners. Each episode covers a short story. It can be about Chinese culture, personal development, etc. The best thing about this podcast is the speed of the episodes created whether for beginners or intermediate-level learners. However, the difficulty level of the starting episodes is much less than the recent ones. Thus, start from the beginning. If you subscribe to this platform, you also get daily listening and reading comprehension.

12. Talk Chinese easy (Intermediate level)

(Available: Offical Website)

This podcast is hosted by a popular Taiwanese entrepreneur ShaoLan. It provides Daily Chinese lessons that are useful for intermediate learners. In each episode, there is a special guest along with the cost. Both of them talk on a specific topic l, teaching you useful phrases to use in daily life. There may be some interesting stories or cultural insights in it. If you want to know more about Taiwan’s culture, check the podcasts. 

13. TeaTime Chinese (Intermediate level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Patreon, Podbean, Podtail)

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

This is the podcast that teaches the words in the context of the content. The episodes focused on different topics including-

  • Travel
  • Themes
  • Food
  • Shopping

There is a use of natural language to teach you vocabulary and phrases. However, it is not for beginners. Usually, intermediate-level learners fail to understand the way native speakers talk in the beginning. If this is happening to you, take advantage of the transcript. Additionally, there are vocabulary lists, exercises, etc to learn the language.

14. 嘻谈录 (Xītánlù) (Advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Offical Website)

It is a weekly podcast that is currently popular among Chinese advanced learners. Just think you are listening to something informative but not engaging. Will you enjoy it? No. This podcast will help you stay engaged with the content. There are general discussions of current trends in a fun manner. To make this podcast a fun podcast, the guests invited are usually the stand-up comedians. Make sure to check them to learn more about the Chinese entertainment industry. However, the episodes are long, each 60-90 minutes long. 

15. Inspire Mandarin (Intermediate level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

Another relaxing podcast designed for intermediate Chinese learners. The language used is mostly Mandarin. When I listened to the first podcast, I felt like I was talking to my friend. Honestly, there are random topics on which the host, Joyce, discusses. Each episode teaches only 10 new words. These words can be checked in the description of the podcasts. 

16. Talk Taiwanese Mandarin with Abby (Intermediate to advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Patreon)

It is another interesting podcast that is taught by a teacher herself. Abby, the host, helps to bring the language to you. The main feature of this podcast is the interview with the other Chinese teachers. There are small conversations for 15-20 minutes. Each episode is about a different topic. If you can’t understand what is going on in the podcast, you can also get help from the transcript available on the official platform. It also provides several additional tools like Books, newsletters, lessons, etc.

17. 大人的Small Talk (Dàrén de Small Talk) (Advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

It is an educational podcast created for Advanced learners and hosted by two management consultants – Bryan and Joe. The reason it is an advanced-level of podcasts is the level of Chinese used in it. They are hosted by management consultants. These podcasts are great for those who want to succeed in their lives. The topics also revolved around success. Some of the common goals are-

  • Obtaining financial success
  • Reaching out goals
  • Personal development
  • Overcoming Anxiety
30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

The pace is slow and easy to follow. Each episode is 20 minutes long, a perfect choice for someone like me who wants to get fully immersed in the language.

18. Learning Chinese through stories (Advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website)

Do you know why we love movies or shows? It is because there is a story behind it. This is the best way to teach something new. Keeping this technique in mind, Learning Chinese through stories was created. There is a use of 99% of the target language. Each podcast offers different topics and focuses on different levels.  In some stories, you may see the host sharing tales with the basic vocabulary. On the other hand, some stories may only be for advanced learners. 

19. Sisters TalkTalk Show  (Advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud)

Most of the women are much more emotional than men. Several things go around their lives. In such a scenario, they take a lot of stress and want to look for some help. This podcast deals with the problems that most women face. There are two hosts – Melody and Jenny, of this podcast. Each week then come up with a new topic like:

  • Marriage
  • Love
  • Personal development
  • Loneliness

I remember the time when my sister was feeling alone. As she lives in China, she is proficient in the language. She told me how this Podcast helped her become a better version of herself. Facing an issue? Just drop a fan email ID suggesting to make a podcast on it. As the podcasts are long (each 60 min),  there is a detailed discussion on every topic.

20. Chinese Learn Online (Intermediate to Advanced Level)

(Available: Youtube, Offical Website)

It is basically an online course where you get over 400 podcast-based lessons. Each lesson is interlinked. They use the words that you have already learned through the lessons previously. Although the course is not worth it, these free podcasts are very beneficial for learning Chinese. It is a 7-level series, in which you will learn to have basic conversations in Mandarin language. 

21. 睡前故事:一千零一夜 (Shuìqián Gùshì: Yīqiānlíngyī Yè) 

(Available: YouTube)

They are not podcasts but storytelling videos that relax your mind and finish the day with the Chinese language. This podcast is typically designed for children but as a learner, you will enjoy it too. Being an adult, I assure you that you will have a lot of fun listening to them.

22. Mandarin Click (Intermediate level)

(Available: Youtube, Offical Website)

If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese slowly, try this podcast. This podcast has helped me improve my listening and reading skills. It uses the basic method to teach you the language through context-rich stories. They not only relaxed me but helped me improve my language skills. The stories on this channel are built especially for beginners or pre-intermediate learners. However, I would recommend you to use it, once you know the basics. It is because the language used here is fully Chinese. When I was listening to this podcast, I noticed that many of the words were repeated frequently. The reason I have added it to my list is because of the availability of native speakers. 

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

23. Learn Chinese with Kaela (Intermediate to advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Patreon, Podbean)

In the present world, most of the people have become adventurous. This podcast is for those answers to people who love taking part in such activities. Kael is also one of them. Her only aim is to motivate people in such sports. She has also done stand-up comedy. This podcast is all about her experiences. Along with it, she also teaches us how feminism works in China and the important events and cities of it. 

24. 打個電話給你 | One Call Away (advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Patreon, Soundcloud, Podtail, Podbay)

Most of us have people in our life which we can trust blindly. Some have friends, others have siblings. When we sit with them, one common thing is that all of us say – “we are just one call away”. It means we are there for you whenever you call us. This podcast revolves around two such people who are one call away from each other. It is about two best friends who stay with each other. In this podcast, they talk to each other about their daily life conversations. There are different topics they talk about-

  • Relationships 
  • Personal development 
  • Self-esteem 

I enjoy how they put humor in their conversation. This is what friends do. Making fun of each other. But along with it, there was so much new vocabulary in each podcast. Hearing this podcast made me feel like I was talking to my best. 

25. MeloChinese (Advanced level)

(Available: Apple)

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

Do you struggle with balancing the time and learning goal? Don’t worry. Checking this podcast. It was earlier a long podcast but back in August 2022, the host changed the whole structure. YoYo Mo (the host) has made episodes just a minute long. With each episode, it has become easy to practice the Chinese language. The stories covered in this podcast revolve around daily life or the news. However, it is for the advanced learners. 

Being an advanced learner does not mean you will understand everything the native speakers say. I still remember it was difficult for me to understand some podcasts even after reaching this level. Whenever it happens, I check the free transcripts and translations available with this podcast. 

26. Learn Chinese with Ju (Intermediate level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify)

Do you know ear wax can lead to serious health issues? Well, I didn’t even think about it before listening to this podcast. This podcast is about things that we have never thought about. I really love the concept of this podcast. As all the topics were new to me, it helped me to stay engaged with the podcast. The host speaks slower than the natural pace making it easier for the intermediate learners. She often translates the sentences into English. 

27. Convo Chinese (Intermediate to advanced level)

(Available: Apple, Spotify, Podbean, Podtail, Podbay)

Politics is the only subject that has multiple opinions. I genuinely hate this topic. But for those who love it, I have bought one that will keep them engaged, which is Convo Chinese. It is a podcast that helps intermediate learners and advanced learners to immerse naturally in the language. I have listened to 2-3 episodes of it, and I noticed how deeply politics is covered. They will cover those points that you have never imagined. This is the only reason why you should listen to it. There are also show notes that include free transcripts and vocabulary lists. 

28. The history of China (advanced level)

(Available: Spotify, Offical Website, Soundcloud, Playerfm)

From the name itself, we can guess what will be the content of the podcast. Yes, all about Chinese History. The rich culture of China has an intensely great past. This podcast is all about it. It is the oldest running podcast since 2013. Do you know that an Umbrella is a gift from China? Many other interesting things come from China. This podcast is a great way to keep history alive. If you are fascinated with the rich culture of China, you must read this podcast.

29. ChinaTalk (advanced level)

(Available: Youtube, Spotify, Offical Website, Podbean)

China is considered to be the most diplomatic country. Almost every country has some issue with it. It is even said that China invented the coronavirus. Although it appears in the news now and then, the most common reason is its relations with the US. ChinaTalk is another political podcast that covers such topics. It always has a host for the episode which means there will be multiple opinions. The hosts they bring are usually the policymakers, analysts, academics, etc. 


Many platforms have audio-based lessons. These lessons are just like podcasts. However, two such platforms are commonly known for this approach. You can get help from them. 

30. Pimsleur

30+ Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese (Sharing My Personal Favourite)

(Available: Offical Website)

Listening is a crucial aspect of learning a language. Without listening, no one can get the right pronunciation. Pimsleur follows this approach. I have used this platform, and trust me, it improved my pronunciation a lot. The lessons are long but focused on teaching you oral language. Although it is a paid platform, there is less focus on grammatical explanations. Also, it does not focus on reading or writing skills, which makes it a bad choice for absolute beginners. With each lesson, there is an additional exercise. 

31. Rosetta Stone

(Available: Offical Website)

Rosetta Stone is again an important audio-based platform. During my lessons, I noticed they were too short which made it easy for me to understand the language. Additionally, there are live classes that helped me to practice with the tutors. There were only 6 students in the class. Due to this, the tutor was giving attention to all of us. 

Despite being podcast-style platforms, there are still exercises that you must pass first. 

How to use Chinese podcasts to learn Chinese?

How to involve a podcast in learning Chinese can be a tough thing to follow. Here is the way of using them to learn Chinese-

  • Decide what is the best podcast for you. There are so many podcasts to choose from. In the list above I have mentioned all the good podcasts you can look at.
  • Once I know which podcast I will listen to, I try to slow down the speed and slowly increase it. 
  • If you don’t understand it, try using podcasts with a transcript. It will teach you the concept of the whole podcast.
  • Stay on short videos or podcasts until you get the basics.


Chinese is a tough language to focus on. There are many aspects to mastering it. From writing to having the right pronunciation, everything is important. The best way to achieve correct pronunciation is by listening to good podcasts in Chinese. Here, I have provided a list of podcasts, that you can use to become proficient in the language. Each podcast has something unique to offer. Use them to your advantage.


Can you learn Chinese with Chinese podcasts?

Podcasts are a great way to teach you the right pronunciation. However, you must use other tools to understand the basics first. Thus, they can not teach you the whole language all alone. 

What are the reasons to add Podcasts to Chinese learning?

Here are the reasons why you should add podcasts to learning Chinese-
There are more than 100 options
Listen at your own pace
Improving the pronunciation
Flexibility in choosing the duration of the podcast

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