Common App Guide – Common Application

As a student, you are most tense about getting admission to the right college. You need to go through the websites of a lot of colleges to know the required details of getting admission to it. A common application is a platform where you can send your application to more than 950 colleges. Also, some students can not submit their college fees, for them, there is a lot of financial aid available on this platform. Excited to know more about it?

Quick Takeaways

  • Common Application is an online nonprofit organization that has members from more than 950 colleges. 
  • Several undergraduate students can apply for admission to the member colleges which are in Canada, Japan, and many European Countries. 
  • You can send applications to various public or private colleges through this application. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the common app.

Common App Guide - Common Application

What is a Common Application? – Common app guide

Common Application is an online nonprofit organization that has members from more than 950 colleges. On this application, several undergraduate students can apply for admission to the member colleges which are in Canada, Japan, and many European Countries. It includes public universities and institutions that do not take admission fees. There are also services for getting financial aid via various resources.

You can get help via federal and state governments, various scholarships, etc by applying through this application. Every year at least 1 million students apply to various colleges, and financial support services via the common app. It will help in understanding your basic needs and help you find the perfect college that fits you. In 2019-2020 there were 5.6 million applications sent during Common application.

How to fill out the common application?

Filling out the common application takes time for completing the application. You should follow these easy steps to fill out your application-

  • Visit its official website of it. Click on start my application. You will get to know how to make your account on it. Also, you should download the application on your mobile phone as it will help you to keep a track of your applications. 
  • Once you have started your application choose which type of student you are – First-year and Transfer students. After choosing the type of application, then you should add the relevant details like name, email address, residence address, date of birth, etc. 
Common App Guide - Common Application
  • Now gather the required material for your application. It may include your SAT or ACT score, your transcript of high school, legal guardian information, academic achievements, etc. 
  • When you are done creating your account you should then start adding up the colleges that you want. You can add them by clicking on the college and then clicking on add to my college option on the screen. Moreover, you can also add by using the add button on the search result list.
  • Your next step should be adding up the people collaborators. They may be your teachers, your professors, or anyone that offers you a letter of recommendation. This is important because almost every college requires a letter of recommendation. 
  • Now once you select the school you want to go to, check out the required details. Also, see what the regulations are and follow them.
  • Essays are also a very important part of your application submission. You should plan it properly before submitting it.
  • Once all these steps are done, submit your final application. Once you review it, pay your application fee if applicable. And now you are done. 

What is the common app due date for submitting the application?

The new application cycle starts on the 1st of August. They add all the latest universities that joined the platforms along with all the details. As far as you are concerned with submitting the application, you need to give it by the 1st of November for an early decision and the 1st of January for the regular decision.

Common App Guide - Common Application

However, you also need to keep one thing in mind: every college has a different deadline, and you also need to keep that in mind. You can find all the details related to them on their online college profiles. 

Does the common application work the same for transfer students? 

With few exceptions, the transfer section of the Common App functions largely in a manner similar to first-time applicants. Contrary to first-time applicants, transfer students must provide additional information from the colleges that they attended.
Transfer applicants need to name their attended colleges or universities, their enrollment dates, their college coursework credentials, and their GPA. Transfer students must additionally submit an essay. The question prompts for the transfer essay requirement are modified to match those for first-time applicants.


 Being a student you always have to look for the best college according to your comfort level. The common application is a platform that helps you to connect to more than 950 schools. It helps both transfers as well as first-time applications. All you need to do is to create your account, fill out the form, and send it to the universities/schools of your choice. Also, you can get various financial aid help services from the application. 

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