Comprehensive Guide to Student Finance, Study Habits, and Education Resources

A student is one who is enrolled in any of the educational institutions like a school or a university. You will first have to go to school and after that gradually get to the university level. As a student, you have to learn a lot of new things and gain new knowledge. But in student life, you will have to take care of many other things like student finance, homework, housing, etc. Therefore here we will help you to learn about the different factors of the student’s life.

Quick Takeaways

  • Student id is given to every student from the educational institution which includes their name along with personal information.
  • As a student, if you are thinking of going for higher education, you may need to take a student-finance loan. There are generally two types of student finance private and federal.
  • There are many students who take a gap year if they want to explore more. If you have some exciting ideas, you must go for taking a gap year.
  • As a student, you must stay motivated to study. Make sure to revise properly before going to the exams so that you get good grades in them.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to the students.

What is a Student ID?

When you are studying in a school, college or in any educational institution, they provide you with a student ID card. It includes all the personal detail of you like name, address, blood group, etc along with the name of the institution. The student ID card also includes an expiry date which reflects the end of your course. With the help of it, people get to know your current status as a student. When your course is completed you may need to give the id card back to the institution. 

However, as a student, the biggest problem that you face is high tuition fees. To help you get safe from it, there are a lot of student finance providers. Thus we have further discussed it in detail. 

What is a Student finance loan?

Student finance loan is a type of loan that is specifically designed for students to meet their tuition as well as maintenance fees. In most cases, you will be taking it when you are going to university as at that time you will have to face a lot of financial barriers. There are generally two types of loansPrivate and Federal. In private financial loans, there are terms and conditions for repaying the money taken. On the other hand, federal loans are the ones that you take from the government and have less liability than private lone. You must apply for the student finance loan before the deadline of it.

One such federal institution from which you can take a loan is a student loan company (SLC). If you are from the UK, you must take a loan from SLC. Though a student loan is one which is specifically designed for students, many students use it for personal use. However, you must not use it for your personal expenses, as it will cause you to increase the interest. If you still want to use it for personal expenses make sure that you are only using it for necessary things like food, clothes, etc. 

If you are unable to repay the loan taken the government may start deducting a small portion of your salary as a part of loan repayment. They will deduct it even before it will reach your account. Thus one thing you must know is that the amount deducted from your salary would be so small that it will not be a big difference to you. Also, there is a small possibility that there are people who anonymously repay other students’ loans as a part of social work. So if you are lucky enough your loan may be repaid by them. 

Many international students take it as the cost of living for international students is too high. They not only have to look for their high tuition fees but also for their regular expenses like rent, grocery, travel, etc. Due to this, they look for different part-time jobs. If you are thinking of taking a part-time as a student you must know how many hours you are legally allowed to work. The working hours are different for each age group of students. As a student, if you are 13-14, you are legally allowed to work for 2 hours on a weekday. If you are studying second degree there are very few chances that you will be getting the student finance.

What is student housing?

Student housing is the living area that is specifically designed for students. You can get student housing at universities or the areas around it. There are different types of student housing as university halls and halls of residence. University halls are the ones which are on the campus itself, whereas the halls of residence may be outside the campus. If you are on a tight budget you can always go to university halls or choose online schools which will help you to save on rent.

When should a kid start reading?

Student life starts when you start going the school as a kid. Every kid starts reading when they are of 4-5 years. This is the time when they have just started going to school, and thus it is important for making reading in more fun manner. There are several ways of making reading fun manner. Start reading loudly with them at an early stage. Try to use different sounds for different characters which will make entertaining for them. Do not stick to a particular type of reading as it will not help them to grow their reading skills. You can also think of involving them in 3k programs which are specifically designed for kids of 6 weeks to 5 years. 

Should you take a gap year?

When you are in school, you may be thinking of taking a gap year. There may be several different opinions coming into your mind as it is a big year. If you are thinking to take a gap year one thing that you must consider is why you want to take it. If you are taking it just for relaxing and chilling then you must not do it. However, if you are thinking of exploring yourself or learning different courses, then you must definitely choose it. 

How to Motivate Yourself to Study?

To study it is important for the students to stay focused on what they are studying and for it, the students need to stay motivated. There are several ways of motivating yourself for studying hard which we have discussed below-

  • When you are studying a topic or a subject, you must avoid multitasking as it will divert your mind from doing the original task. 
  • Make sure to have a well-planned study area. This is the best way of encouraging the children as they will love to study at a place which looks clean and tidy. 
  • Do not run from the topics and the subjects that you think are hard. Make sure to give more time to all the subjects that you feel are hard. If needed try to hire a professional who could help you in explaining it more easily.
  • As the use of technology is getting wider, it is the best way of studying as you get a lot of knowledge from different sources. You can also involve in a lot of engaging activities like shrinky drinks or join them with KiwiCo.
  • Prepare a proper timetable and keep regular breaks in it. Keep more time for the subjects that are hard. Also, follow it regularly as it will help you to keep motivated.
  • Try to read different books. It will help you to learn new things and thus look for different books. Suppose you love maths you can look for books for different maths like discrete mathematics books or calculus mathematics books. Try to learn about different mathematicians and find out what are the achievements of them. If you have a kid who is in 8th class, you can think of taking interesting books for them. 
  • You must do regular exercise or meditation as it will help you to stay active and refresh your mind. Further, you must take healthy food that will help you to boost your mind.
  • Summer break is a long break and you have a lot of free time to learn new things. Many students use this time for becoming smarter as they use it to study new books or learn new skills. You can also use the summer break to get motivated for studying. 
  • If you have old textbooks you can give them to charity shops and take new books instead of them. It will help you to explore some new books and get more knowledge.

Why is homework important?

One thing that you will get the most in your student life is homework. The amount of homework may depend upon the class in which you are studying. Your homework is the amount of work that your teachers or professors give you for doing at home. It is important to do homework as it not only helps you to memorize the content but also helps you in boosting up confidence and helps you to improve your time management skills. 

When you are doing homework, it is important that you keep yourself motivated. Start with finding a quiet place where you can focus on the homework. Set up your own goals by creating a timetable. If you find doing homework boring, you can think of completing it with your friends. 

How to prepare for exams?

As a student, the biggest stress that you may have is about the preparation for the exams. Your exams will have some effect on your final GPA. Thus you must try to score good marks in the exams. During the stress of the exams, many of us get panic or start getting distracted. You must avoid these things during the heat of the examination. While studying for the exams, you must make sure not to miss any of the important topics for the exam. 

When the exams are coming closer you must start revising at least 3 weeks before the exam. As revisions are very important to score high marks in exams, it is important to revise for 15-20 hours per week. You must follow different revision techniques like creating flashcards, timetables, etc. However, this does not mean that you will need to revise for only this much number of hours. How much revision you must do will depend upon your capabilities. Though make sure that you are not revising for long hours as it will not be worth it. You must also revise a day before the exam, but again try to avoid getting overburdened.

When you are going for the exam, you must make sure that you have a relaxed mind and are not taking any kind of tension. Eat a healthy breakfast and make sure to wear comfortable clothes while going for the exams. Check if you have taken all the necessary things for the exams so that you do not have to take tension for them at the last movement. If you are an international student and have taken vocational courses, you must practice as much as you can for your practical portion.


When you start going to a school, you are on the journey of becoming a student. You get a student id card that involves all your personal information along with the name of the institution. High tuition fees are the biggest problem that a student face in their life and to help them, and there are a lot of student finance loan providers who help them. Though most students take it when they are going to the university, you must think of the deadline and other details for applying to the university. 

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