Creative Ways To Use Flashcards

Flashcards are an interesting method for making the student revise the topic. They should make the flashcards like the question written on the front side of the flashcards and the facts about the question being written on the back side of the flashcard so that there is no confusion while revising it. Whenever the student goes through the flashcards they memorize the answer and should be made creatively.

Quick Takeaways

  • The following ways can be used to make the flashcard more creative-
1. Flashcard snap. 
2. Flashcard bingo. 
3. Match the flashcard. 
4. Flashcard charades.
5. Flashcard Pictionary.
6. Use your flashcard online. 
7. Use other people’s flashcards. 
8. Use flashcards silently, alone. 
9. The Pomodoro technique.

Further, we have discussed these creative ways in detail.

Creative Ways To Use Flashcards

Creative Ways To Use Flashcards

Though you must make flashcards effectively, the following are some points showing the most creative ways to use the flashcards:

1. Flashcard snap

An interesting and creative way to use flashcards is to use them as playing snap. In this game, one person has the cards with terms and another person has the cards written with definitions. When the card matches which other card you have to say snap. Using the flashcard in this way will make the student remember it for a long time and revise the topic. 

2. Flashcard bingo

Using the flashcard as flashcard bingo with a group of friends makes the student revise the topic in an effective and unique way. In this game, first of all, it needs to choose a set number of terms or definitions then the person who is reading the card will read the opposite player’s cards. For example, if the player has written the definition then the caller needs to read the term and they need to match. 

Creative Ways To Use Flashcards

3. Match the flashcard

You need to match the flashcard with the cards which are gridded out in random order and need to find the pairs. As it will make the person remember the facts or definitions in a fun way and they will enjoy the time. 

4. Flashcard charades

In this, there are 6 numbers of charades where the person gets to involve themselves physically. It is being played in a group of friends in which one player has to act on the definition and you have to guess the matching terms. If flashcard charades are played in groups of 3 to 4 only it will be more beneficial otherwise there is a high chance of going off track. 

5. Flashcard Pictionary

In this picture, the definition is being made. The flashcard Pictionary consists of 2 teams then a person from one team will draw a picture and their team needs to guess what it is. The team needs to find the matching term regarding that picture. This makes the student Or anyone revise the topic. 

6. Use your flashcard online

Using the flashcard online does not need any paper to cut and make the flashcard and it also doesn’t require much effort or resources for flashcards online. As the virtual flashcard can be accessed anywhere just needs to have an internet connection on the Mobile for using the application. The best application for revision virtually online is Quizlet. 

Creative Ways To Use Flashcards

7. Use other people’s flashcards

Here the person needs the flashcard which is made by another person and recognizes the definition and terms which make the person eliminate the mistake they have made while learning and where they do lacks.

As it is more effective while using other flashcards the person will be not aware of what is coming next but in the case of using their own flashcard sometimes they will learn the sequence of the flashcard. You must remember that these flashcards are the best tip for virtual learning.

8. Use flashcards silently, alone

When the student studies the flashcard silently it makes them get less distracted from the surroundings, making the person stay focused and revise the topic by reading and memorizing the flashcards questions and facts or definitions about it. It makes the person revise the topic for a longer time and very efficiently. To revise the topic effectively the person should keep the phone away at that time so that they don’t get distracted by it. 

9. The Pomodoro technique

In this technique, you need to go through the flashcard for at least 25 minutes and after that, they can take a break for 5-10 minutes which will make the person not feel bored. During this, the person needs to make or use the flashcard for 25-30 minutes. After that, they can take a break for a few minutes which will result in better knowledge. 


Using the flashcard in creative and different ways will make people, especially the student, revise the topic effectively and that will make them memorize it for a longer time. 


How to use the flashcard in the classroom? 

The teacher can use the flashcard by showing the student the front side that is showing a term and by keeping the backside hidden from the student and making them say the definition of the term. 

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