Dimensions of a dorm Refrigerator

Having a refrigerator in a dorm is a great idea. You can use the refrigerator for storing snacks, cool drinks, and leftovers on hot days when the food item easily expires. But there is a condition for keeping a refrigerator in a dorm room as the dorm is small in size so, you should bring the refrigerator according to the size of the dorm.

Quick Takeaways

  • If you have a small space, you can bring a refrigerator 17 inches wide 18 7/8 inches deep, and  20 1/2 inches tall. 
  • However, if your space is large then 19 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 43 inches tall. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of what are the dimensions of a dorm refrigerator.

Dimensions of a dorm Refrigerator

What are the Dimensions of a dorm refrigerator?

As we know that the dorm for the students is small in size that too is shared with the other children so a student should bring a refrigerator thinking about the dimension it which suits the dorm. The smallest dorm refrigerator that the student can bring is measured as 17 inches wide, 18 7/8 inches deep and  20 1/2 inches tall. and The refrigerator with the maximum size in a dorm can have dimensions of 19 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 43 inches tall. The larger one will have more height when compared to the smaller refrigerator.

Which Dorm Refrigerator is Right for You?

As you will be having a lot of different things like a futon, clothes etc, it is important to know which type of refrigerator will suit you. The following are some points that explain which dorm refrigerator is right for the student:

  • The Size and Orientation of the Dorm Room
  • College Restrictions
  • The Number of Refrigerators
  • Refrigerator Storage State
  1. The Size and Orientation of the Dorm Room:

 Not all dorm rooms are the same in size; it differs in dimension and interior structure. so the student should always bring the refrigerator after looking at the dorm room so that they have some reference of the size of a refrigerator that will fit in the dorm room easily.

  1. College Restrictions:

The college has its own rules and regulations for having a refrigerator in a dorm. They have already mentioned all the dimensions of the refrigerator which is being allowed into the dorm and if the student breaks the rule by bringing another size of the refrigerator they may have to talk to the dorm manager. 

  1. The Number of Refrigerators:

If there is a condition that your roommate also wants to buy a refrigerator but if there are two refrigerators then there will be no space left for other furniture. So, you should discuss with each other what size you can bring to the dorm so that there is space left for other furniture too.

Also if you want to get a futon in the dorm room, it will take up more space. If the college has a restriction on the number of refrigerators plugged into the dorm then the student first needs to confirm with the dorm manager about it.

  1. Refrigerator Storage State:

As the smaller refrigerator will have a small space as compared to the larger refrigerator, the student should keep things in a way that all the needed things fit in the small refrigerator. As you can’t bring a larger refrigerator if the college has certain rules for the dimensions of the refrigerator in a dorm that the student can have. 

How can the student select a refrigerator?

Dimensions of a dorm Refrigerator

The following are some tips that will help the student in selecting the refrigerator for the dorm room:

  • Select the Right Shape.
  • Consider Tall Dorm Refrigerators.
  • Pay Attention to Freezer Size.
  • Consider Internal Design.
  • Consider a Locking Feature.
  • Think About Energy Efficiency.
  1. Select the Right Shape:

As the refrigerator brought to the dorm room is small in size due to the small size of the dorm and because of this, the student can’t keep many items in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is available in different shapes so the student can choose the right shape that fits in the dorm room without occupying much space and more items could be stored in a refrigerator if the student brings the right shape of the refrigerator. 

  1. Consider Tall Dorm Refrigerators:

If there are no guidelines for dimensions for keeping a refrigerator in a dorm room then the student should bring a refrigerator that is large as the larger refrigerator will have more capacity to store edible items in it. The student should bring a refrigerator thinking about the dorm room that fits in the room easily and also can store food in large quantities. Don’t forget to take the food that is good for your brain as a student.

  1. Pay Attention to Freezer Size:

The student should bring the refrigerator which has a freezer that can be run with the full width of the refrigerator. This will have more space to store the item in the refrigerator and will also upgrade the cooling capability of the refrigerator.

Dimensions of a dorm Refrigerator

If the student gets to know that there are no limitations on the size of the refrigerator then they bring a refrigerator with a double door. But a refrigerator with a double door will have more cooling done on the freezer part of it and the bottom part of the refrigerator will not be able to store the item for a longer time. 

  1. Consider Internal Design:

 The refrigerator size is not just that to be looked at when buying a refrigerator in the dorm room but the Internal design of the refrigerator. It is looked into such as how many shelves are there in a refrigerator and whether we can adjust the shelves according to the food items. The refrigerator should have a bin so that you can store the vegetables and fruits in it easily.

Dimensions of a dorm Refrigerator
  1. Consider a Locking Feature:

There is some student in the college who eats the food items of other students from the refrigerator. So if the student wants that nobody eats the item from the refrigerator try to bring the refrigerator with a locking feature which will help the student to lock the refrigerator before leaving the dorm room. 

Dimensions of a dorm Refrigerator


The student first looks into the guidelines for the dorm administration regarding what dimension of the refrigerator can be brought into the dorm room. try to bring a refrigerator that fits according to the dorm room easily without occupying the space of the dorm room which will not make the other furniture to be fitted in the dorm room. 


Do the mini-fridges use a lot of electricity?

A mini fridge used in the dorm room on average uses 65 watts of power.

Is ventilation needed for a mini fridge?

The mini fridge should be provided with approx ventilation of at least 200cm2.

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