Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose in 2024?

In the present time, there are so many language learning platforms that people get confused about which one to choose. The confusion is not just for the right platform but also if they are associated with each other. Two such platforms that are usually confused with each other are Dinolingo and Duolingo. Thus to clear the differences and to show which platform is for you, here we will have a comparison between Dinolingo vs Duolingo.

Quiz Takeaway

  • Here is a quick Comparison table between both the languages-
Targeted audienceThe kids who are between 3-14 yearsFor adults that are 13+
Number of languagesMore than 50Around 40
Lesson Duration5 minutes10-15 minutes
Free TrialYes (almost all the features are free to access)Yes (but just for 7 days and that too for only the first language)
Pricing$12.99 per month (depending upon the type of plan you have chosen)$14.95 per month (depending upon the duration of the plan)

However, you must read till the end so that you get all better understanding of the difference between both platforms.

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose?

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a perfect place to learn a language if you do not get much time to learn it from a tutor. The platform follows the gamified approach where you get the exercises that are created in a fun manner. The platform is popular for its engaging content and is usually for people above 13 years old. There are a lot of courses on the platform that you can choose from.

What is Dinolingo?

Dinolingo is a platform that also helps in learning the language for kids from 3 to 14 years. The platform also helps in boosting up your skills including Writing, reading, speaking, etc. There are around 10-15 minutes long duration lessons and only 40 languages are available on the platform.

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: What are the key differences?

Following are the different aspects to make a difference between both platforms-

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose?

1. Targeted audience

Both platforms offer courses for different targeted audiences. Duolingo mainly focuses on people who are over 13 years old, on the other hand, Dinolingo is the platform that mainly focuses on children. If you are looking for a platform to teach your kids a new language then Dinolingo is the perfect choice for you. How is it an important point that you must remember is that dealing with also offers a special platform which is mainly for the kids. The biggest confusion among the people is that both platforms are interlinked which is not true. However, there is a special version of Duolingo which is known as DuolingoABC, that is specially designed for the kids.

2. Location

Another common difference between both of them is the location of the headquarters of the platform. Duolingo is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Whereas, if we talked about Dinolingo it is mainly located in New York City. As both the platforms are located in different locations, it makes one of the biggest differences between both of them. However, what makes it similar is the year of the launch. Bought the platforms for launch in 2010.

3. Number of languages 

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose?

The first main thing that you need to check before choosing a language learning platform, is the number of languages available on it. At present the number of languages on Duolingo is around 41 whereas on Dinolingo you can get around 50 languages. However, on Duolingo, you can choose from 100 different courses that you can learn. The most common languages on both of the platforms are Spanish, French, Korean, Hindi, etc. 

4. Number of employees and users

Another major difference between them is the number of employers and users. If we talk about Duolingo you will be getting more than 500 employees. This is 5000% of the number of employees for the Dinolingo platform which is 10. Also, the number of users has vast differences. If we talk about Dinolingo, there are only 50000 users. On the other hand, for Duolingo, the number of users is 300,000,000+.

5. Pricing 

Duolingo is the platform that provides you with the free as well as paid version. The paid version involves two different subscription plans which are known as the Individual as well as Duolingo family plans. The price you will pay for this subscription plan will depend upon the duration of the plan you are taking up. If you take a family plan you can divide the cost between 5 different users which will lower your cost even more.

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose?

An important point that you must remember is that the subscription plan that you take up is known as Super Duolingo. The pricing for individual plans starts from $12.99 per month. On the other hand, if we talk about Dinolingo the cost you will pay will depend upon the duration of the plan. Unlike Duolingo, it does not offer plans for a single child.

The plan available on the platform includes the cost of the course for more than 2 children. If you take the monthly subscription you will have to pay $14.95 which 1-6 users can use.  However, remember that you can only get access to a single language. Whereas, if you are taking up the yearly subscription for a single language then you will have to pay $149 and for all the languages you will have to pay $449.

6. Course content

After knowing all the main common differences it is important to understand how the course structure is created. Starting with Dinolingo, you must remember that all the lessons are 10 to 15 minutes long and not all the courses are similar to each other. There are exercises that will help the kids to boost their skills like writing, listening, speaking, etc. There are around 30,000 exercises that you can take to increase your knowledge of the language.

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose?

All the exercises focus on different skills. There are exercises like drawing shapes that help in boosting up writing skills. In addition to that you will also get flash cards which will also include the recording of the native speaker. Please recordings will help your child to understand how these native speakers talk and also help in improving pronunciation skills. In short, it is an effective way to teach your children a new language. On the other hand, if we talk about Duolingo, the lessons are only 5 minutes long. On this platform, you will be getting a lot of exercises that will help you in boosting up your language knowledge.

There are also exercises like matching details where you will need to match the words with their meaning. Along with it, there are stories that will help you to improve your listening as well as reading skills. There are also Duolingo podcasts available for some courses that will help you understand how native speakers talk. Just like Dinolingo, all the exercises are created in a gamified manner. Thus, we can say that exercises on both platforms are engaging as well as useful in learning the language.

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one is better?

The main difference between both platforms is the audience targeted. If you are looking for a platform to make your kids learn the language then Dinolingo is the perfect place for you. Both platforms have engaging content and follow a gamified approach to make you understand the concepts. However, the price of both platforms differs from each other. If you want to learn a language only for a single child then taking up the subscription plan of Dinolingo may be costly for you.

Dinolingo vs Duolingo: Which one to Choose?


Which platform you must choose will depend upon the person who wants to learn the language. Suppose you are looking for a platform to make your kids learn the language then Dinolingo is a perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a platform that is for adults or teens then you must choose Duolingo. However, remember that if you are only taking Dinolingo for a single child the subscription you pay may be costly for you. Also, the team of Dinolingo is way less than Duolingo. 


What age is appropriate for Dinolingo?

If you are having kids between 4-14 years then this is a perfect place for you.

What age is appropriate for Duolingo?

If you are above 13 years then you can use the platform.

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