Do Colleges Look at Senior Year Grades?

During admission, the student’s high school GPA is counted. In high school, the degree is completed after 3 years of education. Most students think that colleges or universities check out their GPA while they are applying to them. So on reading this guide, the student will understand the topic “do the college looks at senior year grades?”

Quick Takeaways

  • Obviously, every college looks at your senior year. This helps them to select the right candidate for their institution. 
  • The college will look at GPA, class rank, disciplinary actions and level of courses in the transcript of the student.
  • There are two types of Transcripts – Official and Unofficial transcripts.

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand if colleges look at the senior year grade or not.

Do Colleges Look at Senior Year Grades?

Do Colleges look at Senior Year grades?

Yes, colleges do look at the senior-year grades of the students. However, it may depend upon which school you are applying to. If you are going to the community college, it may have much importance. During admission, if the final grade of high school is not available the administrator does look at the junior year grades or they can also look at the first semester year grades. The student should do hard work so that they may get high grades in high school.

While sending the application they also see the tests, homework, and extracurricular activity of you. They will also look for the time in which the student has to wait for the college to accept their application do creates a lot of anxiety in the students. Not only this they will also look at your weighted GPA. Thus you must apply to the university as soon as possible.

What does the college look for in the transcript of the student?

A high school transcript shows your academic performance during the 3 years of education. It shows your skills of learning. When you are applying to a university or college you first need to submit your transcript of the applying college or university.

It helps the administration can see the entire background of the student in the academic zone. However, it may make it difficult for you to enter the college which will result in hating the college. Further we have discussed the points in the transcript, that the admission officer will looks at of the students:

  • GPA.
  • Class rank.
  • Disciplinary actions. 
  • Level of courses.
Do Colleges Look at Senior Year Grades?

What are the types of student transcripts?

 The two types of high school transcripts are as follows

  1. Official transcripts.
  2. Unofficial transcripts.

Official transcripts are those that the high schools directly send to the college of the student to whom they are applying. Unofficial transcripts are available to the student by request at the registrar’s office. It depends on the college’s requirements of whether they need, an official transcript or an unofficial transcript.

But when the college allows the student to submit the unofficial transcript the student also wants to submit the official transcript as soon as it is available to them. The following are some points that make a difference between the official transcript and the unofficial transcript.

Official transcript Unofficial transcript
The official transcript used to be printed on a special kind of paper.The unofficial transcript is used to print on regular paper.
To prevent it from copying or any unofficial use, a watermark is used.Watermark is not used in the unofficial transcript.
Official transcripts are used to be mailed to the high school directly.An unofficial transcript is available to the student in the registrar’s office. 
Official transcripts are packed in a stamped envelope.Unofficial transcripts exist as an online portal.
Do Colleges Look at Senior Year Grades?

Do Colleges Look at Freshman Year Grades?

Yes, colleges do look at freshman-year grades, and low grades do not present a good impression on the admission officer. But when compared to senior grades and freshman year grades, the senior year grades are taken more seriously and the high school grades are checked by the student applying to university or college.

The high school transcript is being looked at during the admission but not only the senior year grade being checked they will also look at the individual semester grades. However, make sure you are having the right number of clothes as you will have to connect with a lot of people in the college.

What happens if a student gets an F in senior year?

If you get an F in a senior year then you may have to face many consequences that may lead to having problems in getting admission for graduation or not being able to graduate on time. But some colleges do allow you to attend the graduation ceremony and the student can also attend the summer class so that the student can finish all the requirements before the student gets the diploma. So, the student should try their best not to get an F in their senior year. Also, you must not try to change the grade by yourself as there are cameras in the classroom that may catch you.


It depends on the requirements of different colleges during the admission process. Some colleges just look at the senior year grades and decide whom to give admission in college but some colleges do look at the high school transcript, the skill learned, and extracurricular activities performed during high school.


Do colleges look at middle school grades? 

No, the colleges do not look at the middle school grades during the admission process as instead of focusing on the middle school grade they see the skills learned by the student during middle school education. 

What grades do colleges look at the most? 

The student’s overall high school GPA and transcript are being looked at the most together to compare them to see if the student has made progress in the academic zone. 

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