Do Community Colleges accept everyone? (Benefits of attending Community Colleges)

Choosing which type of college you want to go to after your higher studies is very difficult. It becomes even tougher if you have other family responsibilities as well. But in recent times this problem has been solved by various community colleges. Community colleges have gained a lot of popularity at the current time. If you are new to this term then here you will learn everything about it including its benefits and how many applications are accepted in the community college. Further, we have discussed that do community colleges accept everyone or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • Community colleges are publicly financed and thus fairly priced institutions of higher learning.
  • Every community college has an open acceptable policy. 
  • The acceptance rate of it is 85%. Thus, there are exceptions for those who do not accept the applications. 
  • Any student including the international student can apply at the community college as there is open accessibility.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any of the important facts related to community colleges.

Do Community Colleges accept everyone? (Benefits of attending Community Colleges)

What are community colleges?

Community colleges are also known as junior colleges. Community colleges are publicly financed and thus fairly priced institutions of higher learning. It is a higher education facility that primarily benefits you to learn your desired subject. Traditional academic subjects are offered in community colleges and are forwarded to a four-year institution.

Community colleges are servicing people on a local and international level. They provide a unique learning environment by providing Smaller class sizes, more individualized attention, and a welcoming environment. You may have a dress code like other colleges.

Do Community Colleges accept everyone?

All community colleges, with a few notable exceptions, have an open-access policy. This means that most applicants are accepted. Only a few fundamental prerequisites, you will need to enter such as a high school diploma and documentation of residency.  However, you might need to submit your SAT or ACT scores for some particular courses. If you are waiting for your SAT score you must keep a check as you may be on awaiting fulfillment list. Public community colleges have an average admission rate of 85%. It indicates that 15% of applicants still get rejected.

Do Community Colleges accept everyone? (Benefits of attending Community Colleges)

Why should you prefer to go to community college?

Here are some of the important reasons why you should choose the community college – 

1. Flexibility 

The biggest advantage that you get by going to community college is time flexibility. Most of the students who come to college need to work or have some adult duties. If you also have the same problems, community college is for you. You will not only get the time to work and fulfill your responsibilities but will also give you flexible timing to study. You can study whenever you want. There is no restriction on it.

Another advantage that you will get is the option to study online. So if you have some responsibility in which you need to stay at home, you can take up the online education option.

2. Affordable costs

Another benefit that you get is fewer tuition fees at the college. You can even study at zero tuition fees and several other financial aids can be given to you. Students pay double the amount for the same two-year degree program like Ph.D. programs in English at another university. Community colleges are best suited for those who have financial problems. You can save yourself from going into big debt. 

Do Community Colleges accept everyone? (Benefits of attending Community Colleges)

3. Quality education

You will get the best education at a low-cost education. Community colleges are known to give students the quality education that they get in other high-tuition fee colleges. If you are getting the best education at a low tuition fee then why go to the colleges that have such high tuition fees? However, make sure that the community college you are applying at have happy students.

4. Helps to get prepare for the workplace

A lot of community colleges have programs like special master’s programs that are specially created for you to be ready for entering the workforce. These colleges design educational programs that help students in entering the local workforce when they pass out of college.

Many of these programs will also incorporate feedback from professional businesses in the community. If you intend to find employment locally and remain in the same state, this type of training program can be a benefit for you.

5. Networking

As already mentioned, community colleges have a link with local professionals. This means that you have a great chance to increase your network. When you make connections with such people, you get a lot of benefits from it. You also have an opportunity to get the perfect internship. This will also help to get to learn more professional skills along with big networks. Further, there may be parties in the colleges that will again help you to expand your connections. However, make sure that you are having the right number of clothes.

Do Community Colleges accept everyone? (Benefits of attending Community Colleges)

6. Small class size

The class size of such schools is generally small. This means that you can get more attention as compared to the other colleges. Also, if you are very shy then you can even communicate with the teachers very easily.

7. Transfer credits

If you want to complete your graduation from some other college, you can easily transfer your credits to the college of your choice. You can enjoy the benefit of attending the first two years of your graduation at this university and then completing the degree at the bigger universities. 

8. Medical facilities

Your health is the priority of the college. Community colleges will always prioritize your health; if you have any health issues, you will be treated as soon as possible. This also means your safety is one of the priorities of community colleges. 


A community school is the best choice you can make when selecting colleges for a graduate degree. The acceptance rate of most community schools is quite high i.e 85%. This shows that 15% of the applications that come get rejected. If you have some extra responsibilities then you must choose community college over other colleges. There are many benefits to choosing them like flexibility, low tuition fees, quality education, etc. 


Are all community colleges the same?

This is one of the biggest myths that most students have in their minds. No two community colleges are similar to each other. Every college has its own staff, students, and its own way of teaching. You also get different facilities in different community colleges. This is because there are more than 1200 community colleges in the overall U.S.

It will be very difficult for all the colleges to give similar curricula, subjects, activities, etc. However you can find some of the same subjects but definitely, the way of designing the curriculum for those subjects will differ. An important thing that you must remember is that the community tutors are not always referred to as Professors.

What are the advantages of community college?

There are several advantages of community college. You can choose to study online and if you have any adult responsibilities, then you can take care of them as well. There are many networking opportunities that you get when you are enrolled in these colleges. This is because such colleges are in link with local professionals. The programs of such colleges are designed in such a manner that you are prepared to enter the local workforce.

Can international students attend community colleges?

Yes, if you are an international student, you must think of joining community colleges. They offer open-access admission to everyone who wants to apply. In fact, around 1,00,000 international students join community colleges each year. Being an international student you need to take care of many other expenses than your tuition fees.
But if you join the community college, you will have to pay fewer tuition fees, for quality education. This will save a lot of money that you will have to spend on high tuition fees for other colleges.

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