Do exams affect your final GPA?

Today, if someone asked me what was my biggest fear when I was a student, the only reply I have is “my GPA”. Undoubtedly, every student still has that fear. And why shouldn’t they have? I mean from starting we have always heard get a good GPA or else no one will give you a job. But have you ever thought, if your exams affect your final GPA? If yes, let me help you to understand it and provide you with some of the tips to get good grades.

Do exams affect your final GPA?

Do exams affect your final GPA?

Let us know how can exams affect your both weighted and unweighted GPA:

Do semester exams affect your grade?

Your grades are influenced by semester examinations as assignments, academic tasks, tests, and the final exam make up the majority of your mark in a class. Each category often contributes a certain percentage to your final grade.

In contrast to other coursework assessments, final exams typically have the highest weight. The final course grade may be determined by the end-of-semester exams. The course’s final grade can depend on up to 15-20% of the final examination varying on your institution. Therefore, you must know what is the weightage of your final exams in your curriculum. However, you must remember that when you will be having the right grades your professor will talk positively about you behind your back. Thus always try to work hard and get higher grades for it.

Does midterm affect your final grade?

Midterm Grades are the grades that help you to know how you are performing in your academics. Getting low midterm grades means that you need to do a lot of hard work to get on the right track and you may start hating the college.. However, your midterm affects your final grades.

The rate at which midterm grades could affect your final grades depends upon the rules and regulations of your university . Your midterm examination does not determine your overall percentage. But, you should use your grades as feedback to improve yourself for the upcoming final examination.

How much does your semester exam affect your GPA?

When you graduate, most of your credits will have been earned through pass-fail exams or courses. Exams nearly always have an impact on your GPA in this scenario. While they won’t affect your grade point average, if you take too many credits, there are fewer chances of getting graduated with a grade point average. This situation is very rare. It is because the very limited number of universities will let you transfer to several courses.
You can go to a college with such transfer policies because it is not similar to getting a poor GPA. You should not worry about it if you are taking most of the classes via pass or fail tests. Your GPA will remain the same.

How to get good grades on your examination?

Every student wants good grades for themselves.  Here are some easy tricks by which you could maintain your good scores-

1. Getting motivated

The best way to get higher grades is to get motivated. Motivation is the biggest key to your success. Without having motivation you can not do anything. Encourage yourself to get focused on your studies. You are not doing things that you should avoid during exam time.

2. Setting up goals

The next step is to set up targets for every day. You can divide your syllabus into various sections and set targets to complete sections on various days. Stick to the planned schedule. Set up goals based on your comfort levels. Start with easy targets and slowly move towards harder ones.

3. Time Management

As a student, you should manage your time wisely. You should keep time gaps for every aspect of your life. Keep balance in your studies and your playtime. Try to create a timetable and follow it. Do the things which are harder first. This will aid you to get more time for finishing it.

4. Take frequent breaks

Remember to take breaks within your study time. You should take breaks of at least 10-15 minutes between your study time. Try to break your long work into small sections. This also helps you to achieve your targets easily. 

5. Try to participate

Being a shy person the biggest mistake that I made as a student was not taking part in class discussions. When it comes to grading a student there are many other factors except for their exam marks. Getting involved in classroom discussions is one of them.

Do exams affect your final GPA?

Ask questions to your teachers and try to give answers to your teachers even if you don’t know. Remember you are in the classroom because you are still in the process of learning. This will not only help you to gain knowledge but will also make your teacher know that you care about your academics.

6. Taking up notes

One of the things that students often do not do is take notes in the classroom. As a student, you have to study a lot of subjects. Due to it, you may get confused and end up resulting in low grades. Your teachers also ask you to make notes while they are teaching.

This is because when teachers are teaching you, things are fresh in your mind. But as you move to the next topic, you may forget the previous one. Having notes with you will help you to recall the topics that you have already done.

7. Communication with your professors

Every student and professor is different from each other. The style of teaching of your professor varies and you may not be able to understand it. You should try to communicate about the problems that you are facing in your course. Keep one thing in your mind: your professors are always willing to help you. If you go to them they would make things easy for you.

Do exams affect your final GPA?

8. Use textbooks

Free textbooks are a great source of information. In the current scenario, various online books are available in the form of PDFs. You should make great use of them. Also, your teachers will give you a lot of assignments to do. Make sure to go through a lot of related books before starting with your assignments. This will help you to get a deep understanding of the assignment and along with it, you would develop a habit of reading books. 

9. Taking care of your health

If you want to study hard, then health is a vital factor. You should take proper sleep as it helps to give rest to your mind and feel refreshed. Also having proper sleep helps you to get ready for fresh tasks. Not only sleep is important but having a proper diet is important too. 

10. Study with your friends

Friends are someone from whom you will never hesitate to take help for your studies. Plan group studies with your friends. As they are on the same page they can help you better to understand difficult topics. 


Being a student is not an easy job. You have to maintain a lot of things and maintaining high grades is one of them. Also, you have a lot of questions related to your final exams and midterms. In this article, you get an idea of your semester exams to affect your final grade or GPA. Also, you will learn about various ways to get good grades.

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