Do Jobs Care About GPA? (What You Need to Know in 2024)

The main aim of studying is to get a good job and have a better life. When you are going for a job, the major thing that you need is to have a good GPA. Of course, most people suggest you have a high GPA to get a good job. But have you ever wondered what if there is a low GPA? With it there is always a doubt that comes in your mind, if jobs care about GPA or not. Thus, here we will help you to understand if your GPA really matters for the job or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • Whether the job cares about GPA or not depends upon the employer. 
  • If you are going for a more competitive field your employer will definitely check your final GPA
  • You should only include your GPA when you have high grades, are a recent graduate, and have an honor subject.
  • If your final GPA is low and you are thinking about lying about it, then you must not do that. It is because there are high chance that they may check it from your transcript.
  • Following are some of the tips to include your GPA when going for a job-

However, you must read till the end so that you get a proper understanding of whether jobs care about GPA or not.

Do Jobs Care About GPA?

Do jobs care about GPA?

Earlier the main criteria for getting selected for a job was to have a good GPA.  But today the pattern has changed in in getting the job. Today most employers look for the skills in the candidate. However, few employers check for the final GPA and not for the skills of the person. Thus whether the jobs are for GPA or not depends upon the job you are applying for. 

Tips for adding GPA when going for a Job

Following are the tips that you must remember when you are going for a job-

1. Highlight GPA only if it is higher

If you think your GPA is an asset for you then only you should highlight it. It means that if you think you have earned an excellent GPA, then only you should highlight it. It is because if there is a low GPA there are high chances that you may lose the job. Further, you must remember that there are employers who are really interested in looking at your GPA. If they have mentioned that it is compulsory, then only you must add it. 

2. GPA is not important if you have experience

If you are just a graduate pass-out, you need to show your GPA as it is one of the major factors in getting hired. However, if you are a person who has a lot of experience then you will not need a GPA much. Further, when you already have a one-year experience, no one will literally see your GPA. It is because when you have good experience the hiring manager will look at your experience and not the GPA you have earned.

Also, if you are applying for a job that is different from your degree, your GPA may not be an important factor in the selection. Therefore you must remember that as much as experience you have less will be the importance of your GPA.

3. Sell your skills

Always remember that your employer is not here to hire you on the basis of your family background. It means that your employer wants to know what skills you have. Therefore make sure that you have described all the skills to them properly. Suppose you are going for a technical job, you must make sure you are describing all your technical skills. You must describe how much knowledge you have about computers.

Further, you must also describe what kind of soft skills you have. Always remember your soft skills describe what kind of personality you have. If you are good at communication or in leading you must let them know about it. However, an important fact that you must remember is that how you describe your skills will either increase or decrease your chances of getting selected.

Can you get a job with a low GPA?

Yes, you can get a job with a low GPA but if you have high skills and knowledge. GPA does not show your capabilities and the knowledge you have. Most employees do not care about low GPAs. It is because there are candidates who have good skills but do not have a great GPA. If you also have a low GPA make sure you have good skill sets. Further, your employers are also impressed when you have a good knowledge of the company.

You must make sure that you also know the history of the company and have perfect knowledge about the role you are applying for. It is very important to show a perfect image of your personality because it is what matters. There are many candidates who have earned a high GPA but do not get selected for the job.

But on the other hand, there are candidates who have a low GPA but received the job. However, it doesn’t mean that the employer will completely neglect it. Of course, they will ask you about why your GPA is too low. Thus, you must prepare yourself for GPA-related questions. 

Can you lie about your GPA?

If you think your GPA is lower than the required one, you should not lie about them. It is because your transcript is the one that can be used to check your final GPA. If you have lied to the employer, there are high chance that they may recheck from it. If they get to know that you have lied to them, you will lose the job.

What are the things in which you will include the GPA?

Following are the documents where you can add the GPA-

1. Resume

A resume is like a document that includes all professional information related to you. Usually, when you create a resume you need to discuss what is your educational background and what are your achievements. When you are including GPA in the resume you must make sure to mention the name of the institution and the degree you have done. Suppose you have completed a degree in XYZ institution, then you would include it in the following way-

  • XYZ University
  • Degree Name
  • Major GPA / Overall GPA

Note: If you think your major GPA is better than the overall GPA then you must include your major GPA.

2. Cover letter

If you graduated with a high GPA you may want to add it in your cover letter also. Try to include a paragraph that describes your educational background and achievements. In that paragraph only you must mention the GPA you scored. You can include things like I had recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in ABC subject with a 3.4 or other GPA. Further, you may also include the college or any University you have graduated from.

3. Application

When you are applying for a job there are high chance that they may have a space to include it in the application. If they have mandatory it and you do not add it, then your application may directly get rejected. Further, you must include two types of GPA: overall GPA and Major GPA. All you need to do is to mention both GPAs or if needed only one GPA.

4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A Curriculum Vitae or a CV is a document similar to a resume but is generally longer. It involves a details document that is focused on your academic coursework. It also focuses on research and other experiences like publications. So when you add the educational degree you will need to add the degree, GPA, and thesis titles.

When should you include your GPA?

When you are applying for a job, you just want to know when should you include your GPA. Thus following are the times when you need to include your GPA-

1. Higher GPA

Do Jobs Care About GPA?

If you have a GPA which is above 3.5, then you must include it. It is because when you have having high GPA, it shows your skills of working hard. Further, it also helps to show how much knowledge you have in your related field. Putting a lower GPA may lose the interest of your employer in your application. 

2. When you are a recent graduate

Of course, when you don’t have any experience the major factor that will help to decide your selection will be based on your final GPA. Therefore it becomes important to add your GPA when you are a recent graduate. if you think your GPA is low try to add the major GPA if it is higher. 

3. When you have honored subjects

An honor subject is a harder subject than a simple one. When you get an honor subject, it shows your capabilities of challenging yourself and your competitive skills. It is the best way to compensate for your low GPA. Suppose your GPA is low but you have honored subjects. On the other side, there is another candidate who has a higher GPA but does not have any honors subjects. In such a situation there are high chances of you getting selected.

Do employers care about a 4.0 GPA?

Well, it is not hidden that your GPA is an important factor when it comes to applying for the job. Obviously, when you have a 4.0 GPA, it will add a benefit to it. Further, when you will be having a good GPA your employer will definitely give you a preference. It doesn’t mean that you will be guaranteed a job. Thus even if you have a high GPA, you will still need to have a good skill set. However, if you are applying to a more competitive sector like engineering, you may need to get a high GPA. 


A GPA is the grade point that you get when you are studying. When you are going for a job your employer may or may not look at your GPA. If your job is more competitive then the employer may look at your GPA. There are different places where you need to add your final GPA – resume, CV, and Cover letter.

Further, there are instances when you must only at the final GPA like having a higher GPA, if you have just graduated, etc. Also if your final GPA is low, you must not lie about it. This is because there are high chance that your employer may look at your transcript. If they find out that you have lied to them, you will surely lose the job role. 

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