Do Professors Round up Grades? (Answered)

The grading system of the higher education system is different for each institution and thus is very confusing.  It is also different from the middle school and thus there are lot of confusion related to it. One such question that mostly confuses the students is whether the professors round up grades or not. If you are also confused about it,  here we will help you to know more about it and also try to find out how can you convince your professor to round up the grades.

Quick Takeaways

  • Professors do round up the grades, but it all depends upon the rules and regulations of the institutions.
  • There are some professors who will not round up the grade because they think that it is not right for the other students who have achieved it.
  • You can also ask your professors to round up the grades by asking them for an extra assignment or redoing the assignment.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to whether professors round up the grades or not. 

Do Professors Round up Grades? (Answered)

Do professors round up grades?

When you were in middle school you will have seen the teachers rounding up your grades. However, this is not a similar case in colleges or universities. In fact, it is one of the common questions just like whether the professor can change the final grade or not. Although some of the institutions may allow the professors to round up the grades, many don’t allow them to round up. It totally depends upon the rules and regulations of the college and the campus itself.

Surprisingly it will also depend upon the professor as there are high chances that the institution has given the rights to the professor if he/she wants to round up the grades. Further, the rules of rounding up also vary and may again depend upon the professor. Now suppose you are getting marks 89.5 out of 100, and you need to get 90 for getting an A grade. In such a scenario, some professors may make it 90 and give you an A grade and others may not round off the grade.

Another situation can be if you are scoring 89.95 then again some teachers may round up the grade and others may not. One thing you must remember is that, if you have scored 89.3 then it will not be considered as 90. It will only be considered as 89. According to a lot of college students, most of the professors round up the grades.

Do Professors Round up Grades? (Answered)

What are the reasons why professors do not round up the grades?

The main reason given by the professor for not rounding up the grades is that rounding upgrades is not the right approach for the students who have actually earned them. They believe that the students should work more hard and try to get good grades through their own efforts. However many professors believe that it is a better way to grade the students if done properly and in the right manner.

They believe that rounding up the grades will help the students by motivating them to do better. If you think that your performance is far better than the grades you get, you must try to talk to the professor to find out if there is an option of rounding up or requesting to recheck the exams.

Does college allow us to round up the grades?

Again as discussed above it depends upon the policies and rules of the college itself. There are colleges that will allow your professor to round up the grades whereas some may not allow them to round up the grades. However, further, it will also depend upon the professor itself. Again whether they will round off or not will depend upon their personal choice. They may think that it will be wrong for the students who have achieved the grade with their efforts. On the other hand, some professors may want to give the feeling of success to the students by rounding off the grades for them.

Do Professors Round up Grades? (Answered)

Do Universities allow to round up the grades?

The process for rounding up the grades in universities is similar to the one in the college. It will again depend upon the rules and regulations of the universities and will also vary with the professors of the university. Again how the professor will round off the grades will vary from professor to professor. However again just like college students most of the university students say that there are more professors who will round up the grade than those who will not round up the grade.

What is the grading scale in most of the colleges and universities?

The grading system in the college will mainly vary from college to college and university to university. Some institutions may use 10 scale pointers whereas others may use 12 or 15 point scale. The most common is the 10-point scale. Subjects that are hard may give you grades based on 15 15-point scale. Whereas subjects that are too easy may follow the 10-point scale. Further, we have given a table that will help you to understand the 10 points scale system-

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Do Professors Round up Grades? (Answered)

How can you ask the professor to round up the grades?

Following are the things that you can do to ask your professor to round up your grade-

1. Ask for an extra assignment

The first thing that you must consider is checking yourself if you have really put effort into your work or not. If you know you have yet to put much effort then there is no sense in asking them to round up the grades. Instead, you can ask them to get an extra assignment to get some different points. It will not only help you to get good grades but your professor will also get to know that you really care for your studies. 

2. Ask for redoing the assignments

Try to figure out which assignment makes you lose the points. Once you know it, you can ask the professor for a chance to redo it. It will help your professor to know that you are ready to put in more effort and also will leave a good impact on you. 

3. Collect the evidence

Do Professors Round up Grades? (Answered)

It may not look like a valid point but in actuality it is. There are a lot of students in a classroom and your professor has to keep a check on every student. Thus when you are doing anything in the classroom you must keep the evidence that will help you to show the professors what you have done in the whole semester. 

4. Emailing the professor

There are many different reasons for writing an email to the professor. You may write up a mail for final grades, bad tests, wrong grades, etc. Although all the emails are related to the grades, the purpose of each email will vary. Thus you must know what you should write in the email. Although you should focus on the context of mail, it is also important to end the mail properly.

5. Be punctual

When you get your score you will get some time to check them. After that, your professors will send them to your department which will further get registered according to the schedule of the school. Once they are sent you will not be able to change it. Thus you must make sure that you are sending the request on time. 


The roundup system for middle schools is usually different from colleges and universities. Depending upon the institution, your professors will round up your grades. However, it also depends upon your professor if they want or do not want to round up the grades. On the roundup system, most of the teachers round up to the closest number. Suppose if you have got 89.3 it will become 89 and if you have scored 89.9 it will become 90.

Many teachers do not round off because they think it will be wrong with the other students. If you are ready to put in more effort and really want to round off the grades you can ask your professor by mailing them about it.  Try to ask for some extra assignments or redo the tasks so that they know that you are ready to add in the efforts.


How can you convince the professor to change the grade?

The first thing that you can do is to write an email or make an appointment with the professor. You must give them the reason why were you not able to do well this time. Make sure to apologize and ask for another chance. Try asking them for some extra assignments as it will show your efforts. Professors usually appreciate the students who want to put in the effort and don’t want any free marks.

Can your professor change the final grade?

One of the most common questions that generally comes to the mind of students is whether the professor can change the final grade or not. Although it is not possible that the professors will change the final grade, still there are some chances that they might do so. It is only possible if you have a genuine reason like you were ill or someone has died in your family. 

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