Do Secondary Schools Request Proof of Your Address When You Apply?

When a student is getting to secondary school from primary school they may feel scared. You may not just be worried about the environment but about the legal documents. When you are shifting to secondary school, you must know what requirements you need to take up with you. You must also know if secondary schools request proof of your address.

Quick Takeaways

  • You must remember that the secondary schools will ask for your address proof as a requirement.
  • Different schools will have different application processes. It means that whether you are going to a private, grammar, or community school, each school will have a different application process. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to secondary schools request proof or your address when you will apply at it.

Do Secondary Schools Request Proof of Your Address When You Apply?

Do Secondary Schools Request Proof of Your Address When You Apply?

During the admission of a student to secondary school, the administration requires the student’s proof of address. Proof of address is also required when the student transferred to the school during the academic year. If the student has not submitted the right details or wrong then the school can easily withdraw the student from the course and they will investigate it.

How Does the student Provide Proof of Address in the Application Form?

The student can submit the proof of address in different forms. The following are some methods that the student can use to provide the proof of address which is acceptable in the application.

  • You can submit the current year’s Council tax bill.
  • They can also provide proof of address by submitting the utility bill.
  • The student can give proof of address by sending the recent child a credit letter.
  • You can also submit the tenancy agreement from a registered agency.
  • They can give proof of address by submitting a letter from social services.
  • There are many students whose parents are being separated and they are living in both houses equally so in that case, the student needs to submit both addresses.
  • The student should not think of filling in the wrong address in the form. This is because the School makes sure to ensure that the student is giving the correct information about them or not.
Do Secondary Schools Request Proof of Your Address When You Apply?

When Should a student Make Secondary School Application?

Students should always be clear with the plan about which school they are interested in so that when the time comes for applying to secondary school they should not get confused or stressed. The approximate last date for applying to Secondary School is considered to be the 31st of October. So the student should try their best to complete all the requirements and modifications before the deadline of the last date arrives.

If the student gets confused about which school they should apply to they can look by checking the Ofsted report and County League table. The student can also check the better option by talking to the students and parents and by Getting their point of view. You will get clear on which school you can apply to and will be profitable. As every student wants a school which has a good place and also has sports and arts activities.

Are There Different Admissions Processes for Different Schools?

No, the process of taking admission to different schools does not have the same process. The different type of school to have a different process of admission full stop the following are different types of schools:

  • Grammar School.
  • private schools.
  • Community schools.
Do Secondary Schools Request Proof of Your Address When You Apply?

Grammar schools:

In this type of school, the student gets admission according to the entrance exam scores. As the schools have high place importance. The exam is taken so that the student’s academic ability and capability are checked.

Private schools:

Private schools are the schools that do have different processes of the application. They provide the student with a scholarship and have a separate entrance exam for it.

Community schools:

Community schools are a school that does not have any separate selective admission process. It is also known as a local authority-maintained School. There are many similarities between community schools and grammar schools as the students are required to give the academic ability test. The application form which is being filled up for commentary school or Grammar School does have the same pieces of information.

Do Secondary Schools Request Proof of Your Address When You Apply?

How Do Students Make an Application?

It is easy to send the application for secondary school through the local Council and it is an easy step that can be followed these days for the school or for the schools which are in a different area. You should apply for the school even if you have the lowest grade. As there will be some cases when the student refuses to go to the school after which you may have the chance to get accepted into the school.


During the process of getting applied to this Secondary School, they do ask for proof of the address of the student and the proof of the address can be delivered by the parents to the administration in many ways.

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