Do Universities check GCSE and A-Level Certificates?

Students spend their whole life achieving good grades in GCSE and a level to achieve their career and to get academic progress. Many students have a lot of confusion about whether the GCSE certificate and A-level certificate are important for the university application.

Quick Takeaways

  • Every university will look at your GCSE and A-level certification before accepting your application. 
  • The results are directly sent by the board in which you have taken your exams. 

However, you must read till the end to understand if universities check GCSEs and A-level certificates.

Do Universities check GCSE and A-Level Certificates?

Do Universities check GCSE and A-Level Certificates?

The university does check the GCSE and a level certificate only. The university admission department must know that you have provided accurate GCSE results on the UCAS application. The A-level grade result is used to be sent directly to the university from the exam board. Universities only check the certificate of the student for extra proof, if they have doubts about the student’s grades which are being written on the application. You must stay motivated in revising the content of both subjects which will help you to get good grades in the exams.

Do Universities Check Your GCSE Certificates?

The student does a lot of hard work to get a high grade in GCSE or IGCSE and checking the GCC certificate by the University depends upon the course. Applying for different Universities has different requirements which are to be filled during the application of the student. The course requirement is easily available on the university website. Many of the universities may also be lenient about it.

As GCSE and applying for the university have a gap of 2 years so most of the course courses applied to the university will not check the GCSE certificate. During the application for UCAS, the GCSE grades needed to be fulfilled and they will check the certificate to see if the student has filled it correctly or not. But most universities require at least five grades in English and in maths according to the course requirement. Thus you must try to get at least an average grade in GCSEs or a good grade in the GCSEs.

Do Universities check GCSE and A-Level Certificates?

Do Universities Check Your A-Level Certificates?

A level exams result have more effect on the career of the student. And the A-level result is being seen by the universities deeply as this will be the contributing factor that will decide whether the student is capable of doing the course in the university or not. During the UCAS application, the student needs to fill in the A-level grade and for checking the student they have to see the A-level certificate.

And if you have not done it correctly, then they will be caught you up. As checking A-level grades also depends upon the course of the student is applying for. If the student has a good grade in the subject which will be continued in the course which is required by the University they will select the student by looking at the A-level certificate of the student to see if they have said it correctly or not. You must also know if A-levels are harder than the university or not.

Do Universities check GCSE and A-Level Certificates?

What Do You Need Your GCSE Certificates For?

The only proof of the grades achieved in GCSE is the student GCSE certificate. But it is not important that the student need the GCSE certificate for applying to the university. The GCSE certificate is also used for showing proof of the grade when you are applying for a job as it will show the student’s qualifications. Further, you must remember that you have to take 9 GCSEs and thus the result of all the GCSEs is on one certificate.

The GCSE certificate will also show the achievement they have obtained during their entire academic career to the interview for the job. This is when will not have to go through the long process of finding grades and then providing the evidence it is easy to just show the GCC certificate for the evidence.

Why Do You Need Your A-Level Certificates For?

It is important that the student keep the certificate with them and be safe so that they have proof of their grade when it is being checked by the University. The A-level certificates show your achievement of you more than the GCSEs certificate. They are more important than a GCSE certificate in order to obtain a job. They may show that the person has all the skills which are required for the job. Further, you must remember that you can also accept more than a single offer at a particular time which will help you to learn a lot more information related to A-levels. These certificates are the one which is also used for getting into the university.


The university does check the GCSE and A-level certificate only if they have doubts about the student and if they have mentioned the correct grade on the application or not. The student should not take the risk of mentioning the wrong grade in order to get admission to the university thinking that they will not check the certificate of GCSE and a level.


Does UCAS check GCSEs? 

Yes, they check it in the application of the students where they have to include the GCSEs and A-level results. Therefore you must not lie about it on the UCAS application.

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