Does Chegg Plagiarism Scan Detect Online Answers?

Chegg is an online educational platform founded in 2005. You can find various types of services on this platform. From rental textbooks to plagiarism checkers, everything is available on Chegg. You can also get a lot of help with different subjects that you are studying. Although Chegg is a great source of education, many subscribers, especially students, use it differently. Many students use it to cheat by copying the content. But it is important to know if a plagiarism scan detects online answers and if can you detect plagiarism using the Chegg plagiarism tool.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you are writing the content, you will have to take care of plagiarism. 
  • Thus when you are writing your assignments or any other thing, you need to check if there is any plagiarism. Chegg is a platform that also offers you a plagiarism tool to check the copied content. 

However, you must read till the end to know if Chegg Plagriasm scans Detect online answers.

Does Chegg Plagiarism Scan Detect Online Answers?

What is Chegg Plagiarism Tool?

When you write professional content, there must be no plagiarism in your content. In simple terms, plagiarism means taking content from another source and publishing it under your name. Plagiarism found in your content can result in great penalties. To protect you from it, Chegg also has a plagiarism detector tool.

Chegg offers different subscription plans, depending on what a student needs. Chegg plagiarism tool comes under the subscription of Chegg Writing. Chegg plagiarism tool, like any other plagiarism checker, scans your paper against billions of papers. If it detects plagiarism in your paper, you could either remove it or change your sentences. 

Can plagiarism scanners detect Chegg Answers? – Does plagiarism scan detect online answers? – Chegg plagiarism

The first thing that will come to your mind while copying from Chegg is “whether any plagiarism tool detects the answers copied by Chegg or not”? Any online plagiarism tool can detect plagiarism in your content copied from Chegg. The only reason is that it is already available online. Plagiarism detector platforms are built up in such a manner that they can find similar content published on the internet. Copying from Chegg means you are including unethical plagiarism. Many teachers in the university use plagiarism tools to check their originality. 

Can Grammarly Detect Answers from Chegg?

Like other plagiarism scanners tools like Plagscan or, Grammarly could easily find out if the content is taken from Chegg or not. Grammarly is one of the most common tools that is used by most writers. It is a tool that not only helps its users in correcting their grammar errors but also provides them with plagiarism checker services. This service comes with premium subscriptions. The premium plan starts from $12.00.

Does Chegg Plagiarism Scan Detect Online Answers?

Can Turnitin Detect Answers from Chegg?

Turnitin is another commonly used plagiarism tool. It is only available for university teachers or institutions. So if you have used content from Chegg, your teachers could easily catch you. To use Turnitin you also need to pay a subscription for registration. When you submit your assignments/homework to the teachers, they would then run it on Turnitin. Turnitin scans billions of papers available online to detect plagiarism. A subscription to Turnitin is $3 per student annually.

Can Quetext Detect Answers from Chegg?

Quetext is an online platform that also comes with its free version. It can easily determine the plagiarism you have taken your content from Chegg. However, in the free version, you can only check for plagiarism for up to 500 words per day. The only drawback of using it is that you can only check plagiarism for up to 1000 words, even if you have taken a subscription. It is one of the best apps especially when it comes to academic sources. The starting subscription for quetext is $9.95.

Can SafeAssign Detect Answers from Chegg?

SafeAssign is another platform where you can easily detect plagiarism if you have copied the content from Chegg. It is one of the platforms that can easily detect plagiarism for your homework or research paper. There is a different algorithm installed on this platform. The algorithm in it will help you to find out exact and inexact matches.

It also helps students to take out content from the sources without paraphrasing it. If your university is using the Blackboard Management System, then you can use it freely. It has a database of 4.5 million documents and more than 3000 publications from which it can check plagiarism.

Does Chegg Plagiarism Scan Detect Online Answers?

Can Scribbr Detect Answers From Chegg?

Scribbr is a platform that provides proofreading services along with a plagiarism detector for research papers or homework. If you have copied Chegg, you can easily get caught. It also offers services like an expert editor, which will edit your academic work so that there is not even a single mistake. The subscription ranges from $20-$40. It depends upon the length of the product. Scribbr has a database of 91 billion web pages and 69 billion publications.

How can you use Chegg in your Research Paper?

There are various techniques that you can use while taking data from Chegg-

1. Copy Points

Try to copy the points by eliminating a few words. This may result in neglecting the plagiarism in the content.

2. Copy Book

You can add information in the books available to support your answer. It is advised to take the content from the book and write it in your own language.

Does Chegg Plagiarism Scan Detect Online Answers?

3. Cite References

When you are using facts or any information from such a platform, try to add references for the same. If you don’t do it, it may result in a penalty for you. 

4. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing means writing the content with the same meaning but using different words. It can save you from plagiarism. By paraphrasing, you can deliver the same meaning contained in a different way of writing it.  


Plagiarism means taking the content of someone else and delivering the content under your name. Though this is an unethical practice, there are tools that can detect it. The plagiarism scanner tool like safeassign can also discover plagiarism if you copy your answer from Chegg. This is because the content on Chegg is available online. To prevent it you must try to write in your own words. 

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