Does Turnitin Keep Papers? (If Yes! For How Much Time?)

When a student is writing an essay or an article, there may be copied content, which is known as plagiarism. There are many plagiarism checkers and one of them is Turnitin. Turnitin is used by universities or colleges that are used to check whether the student is doing the assignment, notes, or paper on their own or if the student has copied the content which the use of Turnitin software can easily detect.

Quick Takeaways

  • Turnitin is a platform which keeps the papers that are submitted by the student to check the plagiarism.
  • If the student wants to see their submitted paper they are available for 60 days only.
  • If you have written the whole paper, you can add the request for removing it.
  • You can also cheat Turnitin by paraphrasing the content or adding citations for the article.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to Turnitin and if it keeps the papers submitted by the students.

Does Turnitin Keep Papers? (If Yes! For How Much Time?)

Does Turnitin keep papers that are submitted by students?

Yes, Turnitin keeps the paper that is submitted by the student to check the plagiarism. but the way of storing the paper is different. It converts the file into image format and that image is not able to convert back into the text file. If the student wants to see their submitted paper they are available for 60 days only.

After 60 days Turnitin will not show the paper to the student. It converts all the submitted files into image format after 60 days. Turnitin is used to store the file so that if a student used to copy the content from old records or files of the student-submitted note it can detect plagiarism.

How to request the removal of paper from Turnitin?

The student who has done the paper or assignment by working on it gets all the information and researches it. You can send a request for the removal of the paper from Turnitin. But the work must be completely done by you. So, the person who is the author whose work it depends on can only request for the removal of the paper from Turnitin. To remove the paper from Turnitin follow the step mentioned below: 

Does Turnitin Keep Papers? (If Yes! For How Much Time?)
  • Select the paper that you have to remove from the Turnitin
  • After selecting the paper from the top menu bar select and click request for paper removal.
  • Now click on the request paper removal button that appears on the display screen of the computer.
  •  If you want to send an additional message explaining the details of the assignment you can write on the text box that presents your name and contact number, and then select and click submit.

Turnitin submitted paper is owned by?

The paper submitted by the students is owned by the university. The university professor can use the submitted assignment or the papers for further references for the student. After the submission of the paper, the report is generated and that report is owned by Turnitin. As a result the report that is generated you can’t even distribute without taking written consent from Turnitin. the report can only be downloaded and saved as a copy.

Is Turnitin legal to store the papers?

The data stored in Turnitin are data that are submitted by the university, colleges, and schools. The submitted paper is not an anonymous paper Turnitin will store the data for at least 18 months. But if the paper is anonymous then Turnitin is used to store it for a long period or for an indefinite time but if the intuition or the school or university logs out of the account all data stored will be deleted.
As the submitted paper is stored in the form of the database which Turnitin used to compare the newly submitted work to the submitted database. And if plagiarism is generated that means that the student has used the old data for completing the assignment or the paper. Further, you must remember that you may have to go through proctoring software like Respondus.

Does Turnitin Keep Papers? (If Yes! For How Much Time?)

Is it possible to cheat Turnitin?

As Turnitin can compare the submitted papers with all the old submitted papers and can easily detect plagiarism if the student has copied the content from the old paper or the internet. As sometimes the students get irritated with these features it is possible that  you can still cheat Turnitin or other plagiarism tools like safeassign, by copying the old papers which include some guidelines to do such as:

  • Paraphrasing of the content should be done in a good way to the old paper by changing the synonymous meaning of the words and writing the paper in your way. 
  • The content should be quoted in a proper way such that all the sentences that you are taking from other references must include in-text citations.
  • The paper that is used to be written by the student and which you have to take the reference to must be properly rewritten.


Turnitin keeps the papers stored for indefinite periods. to check the plagiarism during the submission of the paper by the students. It is just that the student cannot have access to the submitted paper after 60 days. After the completion of 60 days, Turnitin will not allow seeing the paper and the paper will be converted to the image that is used to compare the paper of the students by all the old records.

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