Duolingo Legendary Level Challenges (Easy Ways to Earn Purple Crown)

When I started using Duolingo to learn Spanish, it made it too easy for me. I thought I had learned everything so far until I reached the Legendary levels. Duolingo’s legendary level challenges helped me to know my level of understanding. Once, I was able to complete it, I also got rewards for it. Finding it interesting? Wait, there is much more than that. Let us be together and unfold some exciting facts about them. 

Duolingo Legendary Level Challenges (Easy Ways to Earn Purple Crown)

What are the Duolingo Legendary level challenges?

Legendary-level challenges are a way of checking your progress so far in the course. I love it because every time I take part in it, I get to understand where I stand. Depending on where you are using Duolingo, the legendary levels are different. Further, I have mentioned how they look on different devices-


If you are using Duolingo on the Desktop version, these levels are different from the mobile version. The main difference I noticed was how they are referred to. These levels are known as legendary trophies on desktop. On desktop, legendary trophies do not focus on levels but on the units. So to unlock this trophy you will need to complete the whole unit. After completing the whole unit you will have to take 8 legendary challenges. Legendary trophies on the desktop are still in the traditional purple color and the non-legendary levels are in gold color. Once you complete them, you will get to see the Gold Duolingo owl.


When you complete a particular standard level on mobile, you get the option of taking a one-off challenge. These challenges are 100 gems if you are a free member. On the other hand, if you are a Super Duolingo member you will not have to use your gems for it. Earlier these levels were in purple and were the last level for any language. At that time you also receive a purple crown for this level. But after that, when you reach the legendary level, it will simply turn gold.

Update: Now, when you use Duolingo on mobile, you will see the legendary trophies, in the path. It works similarly to the desktop version and ioS devices. You will have to complete all the other lessons in the unit to unlock the legendary trophies. Suppose you are in unit 5th, you will get a unit 5 review above the trophy.

Duolingo Legendary Level Challenges (Easy Ways to Earn Purple Crown)

How to earn legendary levels or purple crowns on Duolingo?

To earn the legendary level, you will first need to earn 5 crowns in a particular skill. When I get my crowns, my skill turns golden color. After that, I get an option to complete four more lessons. When I complete them, I will get a 40XP score for each lesson. To earn it, you will have to give 10 correct answers with only 3 mistakes.

Following are the ways by which I was easily able to earn the legendary levels on Duolingo –

  • Staying consistent on the app helped me complete my lessons. This developed a habit of completing the lesson and I became eligible for the legendary level. 
  • Complete all the lessons with full focus and determination. It will help you to learn all the rules of grammar along with some new vocabulary.
  • Since the legendary levels are too difficult, you may become exhausted much earlier. Thus, you must try to stay calm and motivated so that you can complete the levels easily. You will receive achievements and chests when you complete the levels.

How does the legendary level work?

Legendary levels are the one that works similarly for desktop and mobile. Such challenges are divided into two different sections. There is also a middle check post between it and when you reach there you receive a minimum of 20XP awards. While taking these levels you will not get any time limit and you can take them as many times as you want. No hints make it an even more difficult task.

When you complete the challenge on mobile, it will turn out to be gold. Whereas if you complete them on desktop you will see purple color for it. You can make up to 3 mistakes when you are on the legendary level. Once you complete 4 legendary levels you will receive a Purple crown. You will also need to pay 100 gems to unlock a legendary level.

Update: With the recent update your legendary levels are focused on the unit you are in. It means that once you complete all the lessons on the platform, you will get to unlock a new legendary level. There is no more legendary for a single skill.

Duolingo Legendary Level Challenges (Easy Ways to Earn Purple Crown)

How many legendary levels are there on Duolingo?

As each course on Duolingo has a different number of units and levels, the legendary levels will also vary. As I was studying Spanish, there were various levels and units in it. It means that there were more legendary levels also in it. On the other hand, if I was learning Welsh, I may get less number of legendary levels. This is because the content in Welsh courses is much less than in Spanish. Thus, we can say that the number of legendary levels will depend upon the course you have selected.

When should you go for Duolingo legendary-level challenges?

There is no fixed time for going for the legendary levels. Once you complete the unit, you can take the Duolingo legendary level. Presently, the legendary levels are more like a test for each unit. You must take them once you complete the unit. Do not jump on the new unit without taking it. This will help you to understand if you have really understood the content of the unit or not.

How did the legendary level on Duolingo work earlier?

Before, introducing the learning path, Duolingo kept on providing different updates. They were not sure about which model to use for the legendary levels. Two formats were followed earlier. These two formats were

  • No-mistake format: In the no-mistake format, you were not allowed to make any mistakes.
  • Time format: As the name suggests, in this format, you have to complete the level within a specific time duration.
Duolingo Legendary Level Challenges (Easy Ways to Earn Purple Crown)

All the other things like XP, checkpoints, etc were the same. If we consider the current legendary level, if you can get 10 correct questions with three mistakes, you will be promoted to the next lesson. But if we consider earlier, you were not promoted to the next level if you made more than 2 mistakes in the lesson.

What if you made a mistake in the legendary level?

As we mentioned, you can make up to 3 mistakes at the legendary level. It means that if you are able to hit 10 questions with a maximum of three mistakes you are promoted to the next lesson. So if you make mistakes then you will have to restart the lesson from starting. However, you must remember that once you shift to the next lesson, you will not be going to the previous lesson.

Update: There are no limits to making mistakes. It all depends on the health system.

Are legendary levels really worth it?

This totally depends upon your own thinking and goals. In my opinion, generally, there is nothing new in them. They basically help in testing the knowledge. So if you are a free member it makes no sense to use your 100 gems on it. I also try to save them for life refill or unlocking new lessons. Whereas if you are a premium member you must go for it as you already have unlimited health. You can understand what you have gained so far as it is the best way of testing it out.


Duolingo Legendary level challenges are the levels where you can test your knowledge. When I was learning Spanish, I took the legendary levels. At that time, when you master a skill, you get a legendary level. Earlier there was no legendary for the whole unit but just for a skill. However, at present, the legendary level is for the whole unit. It generally costs you 100 gems. If you are a free user, you must not waste your 100 gems. However, if you are a super member, you can consider it.


How many XP points do you get with the Duolingo Legendary levels?

You get around 40 XP points when you complete the single legendary level. To earn the purple crown you will need to complete the 4 lessons, which means that you can earn a 160XP score about it.

How do you get purple crowns on Duolingo?

When you complete all four lessons for the legendary level you will be earning the purple crown on Duolingo.

What happens when you reach a legendary level in Duolingo?

When you complete the legendary level in Duolingo, it will turn to be golden on mobile and purple on desktop.

What does a legendary trophy do?

It really doesn’t do much to your language learning. It will simply turn your course in purple or golden depending upon where you are using it.

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