Duolingo Streak Society 2024: What it is and What You Need To Know?

There is always a message when you click on the streak icon of Duolingo – “Reach a seven-day streak to join the streak society and earn exclusive rewards”. But have you ever wondered what it is? Until you complete the 7-day streak score, you won’t understand what it is. But what if I tell you, I have already done homework for you? I know you want to know about it without wasting more time. So, let me show you what it is and the features you get with Duolingo Streak Society.

Duolingo Streak Society: What it is and What You Need To Know?

What is a streak on Duolingo?

Before knowing what Streak Society is, let us know what Duolingo’s Streak is all about. Streak represents the number of days you spend on Duolingo to complete a single lesson. It will generally start from zero and increase by 1 each day you complete the lesson. So, if you miss a lesson, you will lose your streak score.

What is the Duolingo streak society?

Duolingo Streak Society is a feature that is an important part of Duolingo. Earlier it was only available for you if you had a 365-day streak. However, with the time to unlock the Duolingo streak society, you may have to go through the tier system. There are three tier systems available on the platform-

TiersStreak score
First Tier50-60 days streak
Second Tier150-200 days streak
Final Tier365-days streak

Update: Now, you will get the streak society once you reach the 7-day streak score.

Duolingo Streak Society: What it is and What You Need To Know?

Where can you view the Duolingo Streak Society?

If you want to know if you have unlocked the Duolingo streak society, you will have to go to the profile page and scroll down at the streak counter. If you have unlocked the streak society, you will find it golden in color. You can also tap on it and check if you are a Streak Society member or not. Also, once you reach 365 days, you get a label of VIP members.

What are the features that you get with Duolingo Streak Society?

Once you reach the third tier, you will get to unlock all the benefits of Duolingo streak society. Initially, when I started using the platform, there were not so many benefits to it. It was only the VIP status that I receive. However, with time they have added rewards on the platform itself. To know what benefits you get with the Duolingo Streak Society, follow the steps given below-

Tap on the streak flame at the top of your screen.

Now look for the streak society.

Duolingo Streak Society: What it is and What You Need To Know?

Tap on the ‘enter now’ option. You will get a list of all the rewards depending on the length of your streak score.

Below is the list that helps to know what benefits you will get with the Streak Society-

1. New app icon

When you buy the subscription plan for Duolingo, you become a Duolingo Plus member. For it, you will get a different icon. Similarly, when you unlock the Duolingo streak society you will get a new icon to choose that is a fiery duo.

Duolingo Streak Society: What it is and What You Need To Know?

2. 3 streak freeze

When you come far in the journey and have a lot of streak scores, you would not want to lose them especially when it is around 365 streak scores. So once you reach it, you will get 3 additional streak freezes which will help you to save your streaks. You can also buy it from the shop by using Duolingo gems. However, I would suggest you never buy them from the shop. Instead, save it for other important things.

3. Vip status

As discussed above when you unlock Duolingo Streak Society, you will get VIP Status. When you get this status, every participant in your league will get to know that you have a streak score of more than 365. I have enjoyed this status a lot. When I see having a VIP on my profile, I get excited. It puts a little streak counter under my name on the leaderboard. This counter increases every year. When I used Duolingo for 5 years, I received a 5+ years tag under my name.

Why do you not see the Duolingo Streak Society?

As I have already discussed, you will unlock the Duolingo streak society once you reach a 365-day streak score. But sometimes, you may not see the Duolingo streak score. Therefore, I have mentioned the popular reasons why you may not see it-

  • Your streak score is not too long to unlock it.
  • Duolingo Streak Society is generally not for users using it on a desktop
  • The app may not be updated.
  • There may be some glitch in the app or on your device.
Duolingo Streak Society: What it is and What You Need To Know?

Is Duolingo Streak Society worthy?

Duolingo Streak Society is only used for maintaining the streak. According to me, there is nothing important about this feature. When I started using Duolingo, the only aim I looked for was to learn the language. So, it never made me happy much. On the other hand, if your ultimate goal is to maintain your streak score, you may find it worth it. Further, I have discussed the advantages and drawbacks of Duolingo Streak Society for better understanding. 

What are the benefits of being in the Duolingo Streak Society?

If you have entered the streak society, you may want to know what you get from it. Following are the pros of being in the Duolingo Streak Society-

1. Create the habit

When you want to unlock the streak society, you will think of using Duolingo daily. Thus, it will help you to maintain the habit of using Duolingo. Making it a habit will help you easily learn the new language on the platform. 

2. Shows commitment

As it takes a lot of time to make a habit, it shows the ability of commitment. It reveals how committed you are to your goals.

3. Various benefits

Duolingo Streak Society: What it is and What You Need To Know?

We have listed all the other benefits you unlock with Duolingo Streak Society. However, I still have mentioned all of them below-

  • New app icon
  • 3 streak freeze
  • Vip status

What are the drawbacks of being in the Duolingo streak society?

Well, there is a universal truth that everything you get gives you benefits and drawbacks. Although, I have discussed the benefits above now is the time to discuss some of the drawbacks of Being in a Duolingo streak society. Following are the cont of being in the Duolingo streak society-

1. Not important

Your ultimate goal is to learn a language and not to get into the streak society. Thus it is not important to maintain your streak score. Trust me, I have never given it so much importance in my entire Duolingo journey. 

2. Unnecessary perks

All the perks you get with unlocking the Duolingo streak society, are not at all worth it. They just help you to maintain your streak score or make your profile look different. Other than that, there is nothing related to your ultimate goal.

3. May not show up for you

Many users are not getting the option for Streak Society. It is because, currently, Duolingo is doing A/B testing for the new update. However, due to this, many users even with a 1000-day streak score do not have a Duolingo streak society.

Update: Duolingo is out of A/B testing and if still you are not getting it, there is some problem with it. Try contacting their support team for it.


Duolingo is a platform that not only helps you learn the language but also to join different clubs. One such club that is extremely popular is the Duolingo Streak Society. To enter the streak society, you must get a 7-day streak score, which is too easy. When I started using it, I needed to maintain a 365-day score to enter the streak society. Once, you get the streak society, you will get different perks like a new status icon, VIP Status, and 3 streak freezes. However, remember they do not add much to your ultimate goal. So, even if you are not a member, don’t worry about it.


Who has the longest streak on Duolingo 2024?

The longest streak score on Duolingo is around 4096, held by the user Christi3.

Do you lose your Streak Society rewards if you break your streak?

Well, the first thing that will happen is that your streak score will be reset to 0. Now if we talk about streak society rewards, you will lose all of them.

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