Duolingo XP Complete Guide In 2024

Who doesn’t love getting rewards? Speaking about Duolingo, it is a perfect platform for learners who love getting rewards. Everything, you do on this platform, gives you a specific reward known as Duolingo XP. They are not just the rewards but your ticket to win the weekly challenges. You need to get a high amount of XP to beat them. I know it is an interesting feature, and you also want to get more about it. Let’s dive in, and explore what they are and how to get them.

Duolingo XP: Complete Guide

What is Duolingo XP?

XP is the short form of experience points, you get on completing a single activity on Duolingo. In short, according to Duolingo:

The more XP you earn, the closer you are to learning the targeted language.

However, according to me, this is not practically true. As I mentioned, everything you do in the course will earn you XP points. This XP score will help you to stay motivated to learn the language. Further, we have discussed some ways to earn Duolingo XP on the platform. When you get a specific amount of XP, you also unlock a new achievement.

How to earn Duolingo XP?

There are a lot of different ways by which you can earn a lot of different XP on Duolingo

Although, the above are some common ways to earn Duolingo XP, the most common way of earning them is completing the lessons. As to learning a language you will have to complete different lessons, when you complete simple lessons you will be getting 10 XP.

When you complete the task you only get 10XP, you may also get combo bonuses. This combo bonus depends upon the number of right lessons you get in a row without making a row. The maximum number of XP you can get for a combo bonus is 5. When you complete the last lessons of the skill, you get 20XP instead of 10XP.

Why do you need Duolingo XP?

Initially, Duolingo XP was the benchmark to know your progress in the course even before Duolingo brought the crown system. However, currently, XP has become all about winning the leagues. I have never looked at XP as a measure of progress. In fact, I never take stress to earn them. The only thing I care is to complete the lessons of the course. To go through the new lesson, you have to set your daily XP goal. You can keep it between 10-50 XP. When you break up your daily XP goal, you will also keep your streak alive.

How to earn more Duolingo XP faster?

Every user has its own XP score but there are some users to hold the maximum number of them. Although, it is hard to beat them but not impossible. With the use of some of the tricks, you can get your Duolingo XP score faster. Therefore, now I will discuss some of the ways by which you can earn more Duolingo XP easily-

1. XP Boost

As the name suggests XP boost is the feature with the help of which your XP score will be doubled. So suppose you have earned 10XP for completing the lesson, your total XP score will be 20XP. Remember that your boost lasts for 15 minutes. You must also remember that if you are thinking of completing the lessons offline, you cannot use the boost.

Duolingo XP: Complete Guide

There are several was to use it to earn huge XP in seconds. Some of the featrues with which you can use it are-

  • Duolingo happy hour
  • XP Ramp up challenge
  • Rapid review
  • Completing the lessons

2. Taking up beginner lessons

When you take beginner lessons, they are easy and thus you can easily earn more XP. I have done this many times when I want to win a league. In each lesson, there are fewer questions and thus they take less time to complete. You can only get 10 XP once a day for the revision of lessons that you already have completed. After that time it will be shifted down to 0-5 XP. As there are multiple levels you must try to complete the lessons on different levels in Duolingo.

3. XP ramp up

XP ramp-up challenge is one of the timed challenges you get on the platform. In this type of challenge, you will get a specific time duration to complete it. Once you complete the challenge, you will be getting 40 XP for it. However, this challenge is usually available from Monday to Friday.

4. Legendary level

Duolingo Legendary levels are the other way of earning extra Duolingo XP. When you complete your legendary level they offer you a 40 XP score which is a huge amount. It hardly takes 5-10 minutes to complete these lessons. Further, if you can get 10 questions in the level you can get a 20 Duolingo XP score.

Duolingo XP: Complete Guide

5. Completing the stories

Stories are a special feature with specific courses like French, Spanish, etc. You will be earning 14-28XP for each story. These stories are usually short and generally have a small conversation between different Duolingo characters. However, it does not mean that you will only have courses having stories. If your course does not have them, try the other ways I have discussed here.

6. Duolingo happy hour

Duolingo happy hour is an hour where you can earn an extra 5 XP for the lessons you complete in this course. It is usually active on Saturday or Thursday. The timings for this hour is usually between 7-8 PM in the evening. Further, try to use the XP boost in the happy hour. It will help you to double the amount of XP. I remember I was using XP Boost during the happy hour.

Luckily, I was able to get the combo bonus. Where I would get 15XP for completing the lesson with the combo bonus, I was able to get 40 XP. There were 10 for completing the lessons, 5 for the combo bonus, 5 for the happy hour, and double for using the XP boost.

7. Duingo events

Duolingo events are the ones that happen on the Skype video call where different users will connect with you. You can practice your communication skills with them and it is a great way of getting familiar with the language you have taken. Further, with the help of this Duolingo event, you can earn 250 XP which is one of the fastest ways of earning the XP score at a particular time. 

Update: They are no longer free and you also do not earn XP from them.

8. Rapid review (Lates Feature)

Rapid review is the latest feature that I really enjoyed. It works like match madness. I have received 40XP on completing this challenge. You will get 1:45 minutes to finish it up. Once you do it before time, you will get these XP from it. However, to take them you need to have 100 gems. Although I do not enjoy using my gems on other features, I used them for rapid review just because I wanted to use them. You can also give it a try, but only if you have a lot more gems.

How much Duolingo XP do you need to become fluent in the language?

Although previously Duolingo XP, was the perfect measure to know if you are close enough to your targeted language. Currently, they have only become a measure to determine where you stand in the league. I, generally believe, there is no specific relationship between the XP score and fluency. However, the best factor to know your proficiency in the language on Duolingo is measured by the number of crowns you have. So when you have more crowns, you will get the advanced language on them.

Update: Presently, there is no Crown system on the platform.

Is Duolingo XP worthy?

Duolingo XP is a way of staying at the top of the ongoing league. Thus if you think they are solely for learning lessons, you are wrong. I have never found any practical use for them except for winning up the leagues. I remember being in a Duolingo classroom where one user had 3000 XP. I was shocked to see that number. I tried to talk to him as I was only having 1200 XP. To my surprise, he struggled get most of the words I said. At that time I understood, that it was not about earning more XP but to complete the lessons in a better understanding.


Duolingo XP is the experience points that you get on the platform for completing any task. I am not a big fan of this feature as it does not add much to learning a new language. They have become only a way to win the leagues. However, I have tried different ways to earn XPs to win the league. You can earn these XP with the help of various activities like completing the lessons, stories, etc. Nevertheless, the fastest way to earn them is by taking up Duolingo events or taking lessons during Duolingo Happy Hour.


How to get 1,000 XP on Duolingo?

There are several ways by which you can earn XP like XP boost, completing the lessons, legendary levels, and completing the lessons in the Happy hour.

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