Earning XP quickly with the Duolingo XP Ramp Up Challenge 2024

Earning XP on Duolingo is important for winning the leagues. I have tried all the ways by which I can earn them easily. If you have used Duolingo, you must know about the time challenges. There are three such challenges and XP ramp-up is one of them. Earlier, I believed earning XP quickly with the Duolingo XP Ramp Up Challenge was very tough. But eventually, I got to know the ways to earn them quickly.

Just like me, you may have also thought the same. Don’t worry! Get ready to explore how to earn XP much faster with the Duolingo XP ramp-up challenge.

Earning XP quickly with the Duolingo XP Ramp Up Challenge

What is XP Ramp Up?

XP ramp-up is the oldest Duolingo timed challenge in which you will follow the tier system. There are three different steps that you have to take. Each step has different goals. When you complete the goals of each step, you will get up to 40 XP. To complete this challenge, you will get all the answers correct without making mistakes.

What are the ways of Earning XP quickly with the Duolingo XP Ramp Up Challenge?

XP score is the key to winning the Duolingo league. Thus, you need to earn them more and more. To earn XP from the ramp-up challenge you need to complete them faster. Thus, here are some of the ways to complete XP ramp-up challenge faster, to earn more XP quickly-

1. Pause answering the question

However, the Duolingo XP ramp-up will encourage you to go to the next question once you have completed the previous one. But don’t do that. Try to stop there and take your time to prepare for the next question. You must be wondering why I am saying that. It is because it will help you to relax and prepare for the next question. To get 40 XP points you have to complete the set of all the questions in a given period. Therefore, it is important to relax.

2. Take up the next question if you are not sure

While using the XP ramp-up challenge, there were questions I didn’t know. So I skip them. This is similar to when you are going to the exam hall. What do you do? You first do the questions that you are sure about. After that, you take the questions you were doubtful about.

Earning XP quickly with the Duolingo XP Ramp Up Challenge

Similarly, you must take up questions that you are sure about. It is because you should get the answers right in a specific period. So if you are stuck on a question, you must skip it. This will save you a lot of time. Once you complete all the questions, go back to the question you have left.

In addition to it, you must divide the time duration for answering the questions based on the tier you are on. Also if you have given a wrong answer, Duolingo will provide you with the right translation. There is a gap between the prompting of the next question, you should use the time to remember its translation. It may help you in the next questions and you will have a better chance of getting more XP.

3. Try to give wrong answers to easy questions

It might look stupid but trust me, it works in the XP ramp-up situation. When you complete the Duolingo lessons you get some of the hard exercises in which you will translate the whole sentence. Lessons in the course also have funny statements that will help you to stay engaged. It helps you to complete the lessons faster. Due to that, you will get hard exercise as a part of XP Ramp Up. Thus, if you answer some easy questions wrongly, there is a higher chance of getting easy questions.

It will give you more time to answer more questions on time. However, if your goal is to check your knowledge, then you must not do that.

4. Turn off the listening and speaking exercise 

When you take listening or speaking exercises it may take more time. As you will wait for the speaker to complete the sentence it will take more than the usual time. In that time, you can completely read the sentence. You must also remember that not taking up listening exercises will only make a huge difference for long sentences. So if the sentences are shorter it will hardly help you to save time.

Earning XP quickly with the Duolingo XP Ramp Up Challenge

Whereas, if the sentences are long, reading them will help you to save at least 5 seconds at a single time. Therefore the time you see the sentence you must start writing your answer. It will definitely help you to save a lot of time in completing the XP Ramp-Up challenges. 

5. Try to avoid time boosters

Duolingo time boosters are the ones that will help you get one minute extra for completing Duolingo timed challenges. To use them, you will need to buy them. To buy them, you will need gems. The timed lessons are the ones that will only help you to earn the gems in less time. Therefore there is no reason to waste your gems on it. Try to complete it in a given time only. You can earn a lot of XP points with the help of other exercises and thus you should save your gems. This is not a tip to earn more gems but is more like a suggestion that I will give to you.

Where can you get the XP ramp-up challenges?

To get XP ramp-up challenges, you will go to the league tab on Duolingo. You will see the icon of timed challenges. Just click on it. You will see the purple lightning symbol on it to get your XP ramp-up Challenges. However, you must make sure you have completed at least 7 lessons before taking up the XP ramp-up challenges.

Why are you not able to see XP ramp-up Challenges?

The biggest reason for not getting the XP ramp-up challenges is that you have not completed the required number of lessons before taking it. Also, you may be looking for it on the weekdays. As these challenges are only available on the weekends you must check them on Saturday and Sunday. Further, if you have completed the lesson and still the challenge is gone, don’t worry Duolingo will update a new challenge for you.

Note: Many users need to take the subscription plan to use this challenge.


XP ramp-up is the oldest Duolingo timed challenge in which you will follow the tier system. With the help of this timed challenge, you can earn 40XP points in a particular period. However, it is a difficult task to complete. If you also want to get XP from this challenge, you must know some of the ways by which you can complete it faster.

Try to skip the questions you find hard. I always prefer this technique and guess what, it always gives me time to complete the challenge. Another way, that may look funny but actually works is to give wrong answers to easy questions. When you answer them wrongly, you will get more easier questions. It helps in saving time and completing the challenge on time.


Who has the most XP in Duolingo 2023?

The maximum number of XP holders in Duolingo is Pat159978 with 7,918,158 XP. 

What is the fastest way to gain XP in Duolingo?

One of the fastest ways to gain XP in Duolingo is by taking up XP Ramp-Up challenges. Further performing any activity or completing the lessons will give you a lot of XP points.

Is the XP ramp-up challenge even beatable without extra time?

Many people believe that with the latest update, the XP ramp-up challenge has become harder. They think it can’t be completed without taking extra time. However, there’s nothing to worry about. You’re using Duolingo to learn the language, not to win challenges.

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