Top 5 Effects that School Exclusion has on a Student

School exclusion makes the student not attend school further and the name of that student is removed from the school. When the student is having behaviour issues, not being attentive in classes, and the behaviour issue with their friends getting low scores the school administration had to make a decision about the school exclusion. The student will be excluded for not attending school or sitting in a classroom which may be for a fixed period or it can be permanent as there is no fixed rule on the period of exclusion of a student. But this may result in a great effect on the student’s life.

Quick Takeaways

1. Mental health problem
2. Social isolation
3. Increasing negative behaviour
4. Lack of respect for authority
5. Give a student a reality check

Further, we have discussed these effects in detail to help you better understand how school exclusion will affect the child.

Top 5 Effects that School Exclusion has on a Student

Effects that School Exclusion Has on a Student

The student after having been excluded will not be able to meet with other persons or may be socially isolated. It is even harder in the college and thus many students have started hating the college. If you get a school exclusion it will decrease the exam results as you are not able to attend school and will also go on your records. You will not have any respect in front of other students and teachers.

The following are some effects a student will suffer from school exclusion-

1. Mental Health problem

When a student is excluded from school then it significantly affects the student’s mental health of all ages, mostly the students who are in Secondary Schools. The health issue will not be seen in this starting stage but it causes a deep effect afterward.

Even if the student is excluded for the short term they will still cause large mental health issues. The student mainly suffers from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and behavioral difficulties. Being excluded from school will make the student lose their confidence and they will be socially isolated.

Top 5 Effects that School Exclusion has on a Student

2. Social isolation

A school is a place where many students come from different places and get to interact with each other. When you are excluded from school then you would not be able to develop the social skills which you will learn during school. As you would also not be able to meet your friends which will cause a Breaking of the friendship Bond. Also, if your parents find that a student is being excluded from school then they may not allow you to talk to them due to which you may feel a lack of self-confidence and remain alone.

Top 5 Effects that School Exclusion has on a Student

3. Increase in negative behavior

A student behaving negatively may have many issues such as bullying educational needs or maybe having home problems. And when a student is facing such problems they are being excluded from the school, then the issues and the situation get more words which will increase the negative behavior of the student.

Mostly the student who has negative Behaviour or mental health problems or some student who does have educational needs will have to face more problems of getting excluded from schools. And when they return back from the exclusion period, they may behave worse than before.

4. Lack of respect for authority

All the students in a school do have role models like a head teacher, and a class teacher and they do respect them a lot. And if a student is being excluded from school then the student will feel like the authority and the teachers are giving up and it will affect their relationship. They will feel like they have failed and may think that the teachers will not pay attention to them in the future.

Your professors may also talk about your exclusion resulting in having a negative image. This again may result in a negative impact.

Top 5 Effects that School Exclusion has on a Student

5. Give a student a reality check

When a student gets excluded from this school it may have a negative effect on them but they do also have some positive effects. You will get the reality check and realize where your behaviour was wrong. It will help you to improve it which will make you work harder and get more good grades. And when you are being excluded then you would need support from the school and the teacher to achieve good grades and which will make your future also bright. However, it may affect you during college time and thus due to it you may also get ready to drop out of college.


When a student is being excluded from school based on their negative behaviour or education it will affect the student positively or negatively which totally depends upon the student how to take the exclusion. And the students should not lose hope and think negatively always.


Does exclusion go on the records? 

Yes, in the school record the exclusion is being reported.

Why is exclusion from a school a problem for society? 

When a society finds that when a student is being excluded from school then they will know that the student is suffering from some mental health issues.

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