Everything You Need to Know About Professors: A Comprehensive Guide

A professor or a teacher is a professional who teaches students in various educational institutions. They teach both theoretical and vocational courses. Whenever we get promoted to a higher class, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘ how the professor would be?’ Many of us do believe that the only responsibility of professors is to teach the students, which is of course not true. There are many other responsibilities that your professor has to perform. Here we will discuss each and every aspect of being a professor.

Quick Takeaways

  • To become a professor you may or may not need a PhD degree. 
  • Your professor can also become a professional reference if needed.
  • If you have missed your assignment or got a wrong grade you may need to email your professor about it.
  • Though it is less likely the professor may change your grades after semesters, there may be some reasons why they may change it. 

However, you must read till the end so that you can get all the crucial facts related to the professor.

Who is a professor?

Professor is the one who teaches the students at the college and university levels. As a professor, you will not only be teaching but will also have to maintain different records. You may also need to attend the guests coming to the college or the university. A professor can also become your professional reference if you need it. They are responsible for checking your exams and assignments. 

You must remember that the assignment that you submitted has followed all the guidelines as they may check the word count or the number of pages. Thus you must use page calculators for checking the number of pages while submitting the assignment. Your professor is also able to see your GPA if they are associated with the same administration and have all the necessary details.

Thus if you think that the grade you get is wrong or are not able to get a pass on the exam you can always ask help for them. Though it is possible that your professor can change the grade even after the semester but most of the professors will not do it. Many professors may change your final grade only if there was a strong reason behind not scoring well. 

How is a professor different from a teacher?

This is one of the common questions that occur in our minds. A professor is the one who teaches higher students whereas the teachers are in charge of teaching the younger kids. When you are in a school the faculty teaching you is generally considered as teachers and when you move to colleges or universities, the faculty become professors.

Unlike your professors, your teachers may accept your late work based on the reason. However again most of the teachers will only accept if there was an unavoidable situation. Also, school is a place of getting the basic education required for going to higher classes. Thus most of the schools will not allow you to bring mobile phones. And thus they may take your phone. However, they only take it for you and in most cases will return it once the class is over. But this is not the case for the universities as they allow to bring mobile phones into class.

How to become a professor?

If you are thinking of becoming a professor, the following are the steps to become one of them-

  • You will first need to get a bachelor’s degree for which you will have to spend four years.
  • After completing your bachelor’s degree you can go for a master’s degree. It will take you 1.5 years – 2 years for completing.
  • After completing your master’s, you must go for a PhD. Though you must remember that some institutions may not need PhD for hiring you as a professor. Thus you must look for the requirements for becoming a professor in a particular college or university. 

If you are a student you may want an appointment with a professor. The best way to reach out to your professor is through emails. Thus further we have explained the ways for writing an email to your professor. 

How to write an email?

There are many reasons like getting a wrong grade for which you may want to write an email to your professor. Before sending them the email you must remember that you will need to capitalize the professor title. Following are the ways by which you can write emails to your professors-

1. Introduction

When you are writing an email, you must start with your introduction. As there are a lot of students to which your professor is teaching it becomes important to give your introduction. You must provide information like roll number, class, subject, etc.

2. Reason for writing

As discussed earlier, there could be several reasons for writing an email to the professor. One of them is missing the exam. If it is the case, then you must be able to mention the reason for missing it. 

3. Keeping it short

Remember that your teachers have a lot of other work than only teaching. Thus you must not involve extra information in it and must try to keep it short. Make sure that you are only including important information as it will take less time for the professor.

4. Apologizing

It should be only done if you did something wrong. Suppose you were not able to submit your assignment on time due to unnecessary reasons, then you must apologise to them. There are several excuses that you may give for missing assignments or for a late submission. Also, you must guarantee that you will not do it again. However, this does not mean that your professors or a teacher will accept your late work.

Therefore you must take care of the deadlines for submitting the assignments. Completing the assignment on the time will also help you to increase your time management skills. It will also help you not to miss any of your assignments.

5. Thanking note

As mentioned above, there are a lot of duties that your professor has to do. It means that your professors have taken out the time for reading your email and thus you must thank them for it at the end.

As your professors have a lot of other things to do, it is possible that they may not respond to your instant. Thus you must at least wait for 2 days for their response. However, if the problem is big you can always go to them and ask for help. 

How do professors dress up?

A professor is a professional who needs to look decent and formal in the classroom. Thus in most cases, professors mainly dress in a formal manner. Though this is not true for every college and university. If you are a male professor then you must make sure that you are not wearing too casual clothes. On the other hand, if you are a female professor, you must not wear too revealing clothes. 

Why complain about the professors?

There are several reasons why you may want to complain about the professors. However, you must only complain about them after thinking about all the other factors. The following are some of such reasons why you may complain about the professor-

  • There are many professors who are biased towards students who are not his/her favourite. It is wrong behaviour and thus you must complain about them.
  • They may not be able to teach you properly. However, in such a scenario, you must wait for a few days as there may be some family issues with the professors.
  • If they are talking bad about you with the other teachers. Every professor talks about their students with the other professors. There are chances that you may not be in the good books of a few professors and thus they are talking badly about you.
  • The next reason is that the professor gets late every time to the classroom. Though if the professor gets late only for 2 to 3 classes then there is no point in complaining about him/her.


Professors are the professionals that teach in the university or college. To become a professor, in most cases, you will need a PhD. However, it will depend upon the college or the university in which you will have to teach. If you are a student you need to get an appointment with the teacher for different reasons and the best way to get the appointment in email. There are many reasons like getting the wrong reasons or missing exams.

If you do not get an instant response to the email, be patient and wait for at least 2 days. Also if you think that the professor is not teaching properly or has a wrong attitude towards you, you can always complain about them. However, think of all the other alternatives before taking this step.

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