Classo Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Classo was started in the year 2013 under the name of Stories. The company changed its name to Classo in the year 2017. It is basically a language learning platform and its head office is present in Seoul, South Korea. The company has claimed that they are the highest-paying Global online teaching platform like starkid.

Quick Takeaways

  • As a teacher, it is a great platform that gives you a high pay rate. 
  • You also do not need to have experience or any degree to become a tutor on this platform. 
  • It hires both native and non-native speakers as its coaches.
  • The only problem with this platform is that it does not offer a lot of information regarding the interview process. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to Classo.

Full classo review - Is classo Worth it?

Full classo review – Is classo Worth it?

The Classo is an online tutoring platform that basically accepts both native and non-native speakers as their coaches. You can teach multiple subjects on this platform just like kyna for kids, elevate k-12, Apprentus, etc. In order to enroll in a class, you do not need any kind of diploma or degree. Only require teaching experience is required while registering. The company provides language learning to both adults and children. The class size is one student at a time in a classroom.

What are the  Pros and Cons of Classo?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of Classo-


  • The company has a high salary rate as compared to other online language learning platforms like eHallio.
  • The company does not require a degree or diploma from the candidate.
  • The company only hires experienced and proficient non-native speakers.
  • The company also provides various options for teaching other languages, not just English.


  • The candidate must have teaching experience.
  • There is a lack of transparency about the interview process.
  • There are some fake accounts of actual teachers present.
Full classo review - Is classo Worth it?

What is the Classo Salary / Pay Rate?

Classo claims that they are the highest-paying company in the market. The salary slabs are between $18 to $21 per hour. The teachers are paid for teaching classes of 25 minutes at the rate of $9 to $10.50 per lesson. Your pay rate will depend on your teaching skills and your command of the language you teach. The company does not provide any kind of bonus or incentive to their coaches. The payments are made every 10th month through direct deposit to the teacher’s account.

What is the general requirement of classo?

The following are some general requirements of Classo:

  1. Having Language teaching experience.
  2. Not compulsory but I have teaching experience and can add it.
  3. Should have Native language proficiency.

As the Classo company does not require any degree or diploma for application but if the candidate has they will get a plus point to the requirements. the candidate should have teaching experience. The Classo mostly hires native speakers in the case of non-native speakers. They want high proficiency in language and should have teaching experience. Classo is a platform where students learn languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. So teaching students this language as a professional the company also needs a tutor who can teach them the language fluently.

What are the Classo Technical Requirements?

The company does not want any kind of special equipment, they just want the candidate to have a laptop or a computer with good camera quality and a high-quality microphone and have a high-speed internet facility via LAN cable, not Wi-Fi.

Full classo review - Is classo Worth it?

What is the teaching schedule of classo?

Classo does not have any minimum set of hours of teaching the students. mostly the peak of the teaching in Classo is considered to be after school hours i.e from 6 am-7 pm and 7 pm-11 pm.

What is the interview process for classo?

When a candidate is interested in becoming a tutor in Classo first they need to send an email to the website of Classo by attaching their resume while sending an email to the website. the emailed resume should have highlighted points such as:

  • What language is the candidate interested in teaching?
  • The language the candidate has proficiency in.
  • The experiences working in the teaching field.
  • The additional qualification.

After sending an email to the Classo the candidate should practice for an online interview in which the teacher will have questions based on their qualification, experience, proficiency, and teaching method. The candidate is also asked to give a demo class or mock test.

Full classo review - Is classo Worth it?

What is the teaching platform of classo? 

The reaching of the class is being done so video chat virtually by the company’s in-house development team. As the company platform is browser-based so the student or the tutor does not need to install an additional program for using it. But still for backup Skype can be installed on the computer if there is any technical issue you can use Skype in that case. As the tutor has to create their own teaching material, they can decide whether to teach beginner, advanced, business or conversational classes to students of all ages in Classo. 


The teachers need to create a profile and update it with all the methods, preferences, and interests of the teaching so that the student gets attracted to their profile and matches it to you for education. The company gives the teacher average pay of 18 to $20 per Hour. as the teacher does not need any degree or diploma for the application but they should also have teaching experience.

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