Eigox Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

ESL platforms have become more popular day by day. Most of the students are looking to learn the English language and no platform is better than the ESL platform. There are several ESL platforms like VIPKid, Clasing ELT, and many more. One such ESL platform that will help you in learning English is Eigox platform.

Quick Takeaways

  • Eigo Is an online English School in which Japanese students and their Teachers are hired from all over the world. 
  • If you are willing to teach English to the students, then you can think of teaching on this platform. 

However, you must read till the end to get a full review of the Eigox platform.

Eigox Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Eigox review

The name *eigo” is a Japanese word that means English in the Japanese language. It is a word in the Japanese language word which means English or English language. They have described given to the company as 4 out of 5 in which 82% are their recommended friend. Mostly the negative review about the company is that they have low booking rate.

As the Eigox is higher the native and non-native speakers both. As the company has low and low booking rates, many of the teachers do this job as a part-time job. Also, the pay provided to the teachers is low and the teachers also complain about the penalties issue.

Is Eigox worth it?

The candidates who are looking for a part-time job two supplementary another job and the candidate is also interested in teaching Japanese student if the candidate doesn’t have good qualifications and experience they will not able to get a job in the better-paying company so Eigox is a worth company and the candidate has a better option for them to join in as a part-time job as there is no qualification required. 

Eigox Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What are the pros and cons of Eigox?

Following are the benefits and drawbacks of Eigox-


  • The company accepts both native and non-native speakers to apply for the application process. 
  • They are not required for any qualification certificate.
  • They teach both students adults and children just like verbling
  • The application process and interview process are quite simple and mostly the candidates get qualified. 
  • The company uses Skype which is easy to use for all of the candidates. 


  • The pay given to the teachers is low. 
  • The booking rate of the company is low due to which the teacher prefers to do part-time jobs here just like first leap.
  • They also deduct pay in case of penalty issues.

What is the salary earned by the teacher working in Eigox? 

The salary of the teacher depends upon two factors: first the nationality of the teacher and second the type of payment plan the student has chosen and signed for. If the teacher is a Filipino and a non-native speaker they are paid around $1.50 for teaching a lesson for 25 minutes.

But when we talk about the native English speaker and the tutor who are bilingual in Japanese they are paid around $2.75-11 per lesson. The tutors are paid around $5.5 for the trial lesson and if a teacher is teaching a class that is being canceled by another teacher then they earn pay of $1.50.

Eigox Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What are the requirements for Eigox? 

The following are some requirements for Eigox:

  • The candidate who is applying for the company needs to be an excellent speaker of the English language with a good accent pronunciation. 
  • You need to have good communication. 
  • The teacher should be patient, and friendly and should encourage the student in their studies.
  • The teacher should be responsible for the duty and should be punctual also like online kids academy.
  • You should have a computer or laptop with a high-speed internet connection and a built-in webcam and headset. 
  • The need to have Skype software installed on the computer. 
  • They need to teach at least 10 hours per week for that they must be available. 
  • They need to have a PayPal account so that their salary can be credited to their account.

How to apply for Eigox company? 

The candidates who want to do a job as a tutor need to fill out a tutor application form in which the following information is asked:

  • Tutor types depend upon the following options that are being asked to click showing which type you belong to. 

Type 1: The teacher should be a  native English speaker from USA UK Canada Australia. 

Type 2: Filipino or other non-native speakers. 

Type 3: Japanese. 

  • First and last name. 
  • The Skype ID.
  • Password.
  • Email address. 
  • Telephone number. 
  • Current location. 
  • Nationality.

What are the common interview questions being asked by Eigox company? 

The interview round exists for 10 minutes and is being conducted on Skype. the following are some common questions asked in the interview. 

  • How old are you? 
  • What is your current location?
  • In which area are you interested in teaching?
  • Do you have any certificates?
  • What are your teaching experience and work experience?
  • Can you speak Japanese?
  • Why do you want to teach Japanese students English?

What is the process of online teaching in Eigox? 

The online teaching is being conducted for 25 minutes per lesson on Skype software. The following methods are used by the teacher to teach the student the lessons:

  1. Free talk: The student wishes to do a conversation in the class in English in which the topics can be self-introduction, hobbies, culture, travel life, sports work, school science, etc. 
  2. Textbook-based topics: Here they didn’t want to learn English in a systematic way by going through reading one after another topic in the textbook. This is one of the ways in which you can make reading a fun activity. You can also enroll your kids on platforms like hoot reading for better reading skills.
  3. Buying material: Buy online material where the students are interested to learn from online resources.


The teachers are paid around $3 to 22 and the company accepts both native and non-native speakers for teaching English. The teacher doesn’t need to have a degree or diploma certificate. There are both kinds of students, adult and child students. The minimum hour of work required to do it is 10 hours. 


Where is Eigox located? 

The Eigox online teaching platform company is located in Japan. 

How much salary is earned by a native speaker in Eigox? 

Compared to non-native speakers their pay rate is low; it’s around $12 per hour. 

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