Konnekt Kid Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

The Konnekt Kid is a company that teaches Russian students. The company recruits US, Canadian,n and UK teachers to teach the students. It was founded in 2018. A konnekt kid is responsible for teaching students of the age group of 4-12 years. This platform will help you to teach students online English just like hallo English. But is worth it?

Quick Takeaways

  • The pay that you get is quite good. 
  • You will only be hired from the location US, Canada, and the UK. 
  • However, you need to get a bachelor’s degree to become a tutor on this platform. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the Konnekt Kid platform.

Full Konnekt Kid review - Is Konnekt Kid worth it?

Konnekt Kid review

Konnekt kid has a konnekt kid glassdoor page where it contains positive and negative reviews about the company. As it is a startup company not many teachers are involved with them. It is a small company that hires the teacher only when they need it and if not the applications the teacher will take months to respond to it. This platform works like other ESL platforms like Eigox.

Is Konnekt Kid worth it? 

It’s a small online tutoring platform in which the pay given to the teacher is $12-15 which is high just like bansho, UUABC, or neuABC. The teacher is accepted as a native and non-native speaker who is from the USA, Canada, UK. The tutor is required to have a degree or diploma certificate who is teaching the private classes. The tutoring is given to the child student and not available to adult students specifications mention minimum or maximum hours of working.

What are the pros and cons of a Konnekt Kid?

Following are the benefits and drawbacks of Konnekt Kid-


  • The company also tries to fix all the existing schedules of the teacher before they are going to recruit a new teacher. 
  • The student who wants to get the class with only the preferred teacher is connected with the student.
  • There is no pressure on the teacher to finish the lesson and if it is necessary they can repeat the lesson also.
Full Konnekt Kid review - Is Konnekt Kid worth it?


  • It is a small company.
  • The teachers are hired only from the location US, Canada, and the UK.
  • If a Teacher wants to teach a private class then they need to have a bachelor’s degree in either education or psychology.
  • If a Teacher applies for a Konnect Kid then it may take a month to respond back as they are only hired when it is needed, mostly the candidates are kept on the waiting list.

What is the salary for the Teachers working in Konnekt Kid? 

If a Teacher is a Canadian then their salary depends on two factors whether they are teaching a private class that is one on one or a group teacher that is the student up to 4. If you are a group teacher then you may receive a salary of up to $7.15 per class or $15 per hour. And if you are a private teacher then you may earn $19 per class or $18 per hour. The teacher has to complete and submit an invoice in Google Sheets for receiving payment. Teachers who are not Canadian will be paid directly through PayPal and teachers who are Canadian will receive the payment in a domestic bank account.

What is working for a Konnekt Kid? 

The working hour to be considered between 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the working hour where there is the peak of students is late afternoon and evening between 3 to 10:00 p.m. the conduction of private classes is held for 25 minutes and the conduction of group classes are conducted for 30 minutes long.

3 minutes are given to the student to join the classroom and after the class is over there is a short feedback form that is to be filled out by the student on Google docs. There is an Admin ko host for providing the support to manage the classroom in group classes and also they contact the parents if there is a student who is being descriptive. 

Full Konnekt Kid review - Is Konnekt Kid worth it?

What are the requirements for a Konnekt Kid? 

The following are the requirement for applying to Konnekt Kid:

  • The native English speakers should have a good accent and should be from the USA, Canada, or the UK.
  • They should also have experience in teaching just like needed at fluentify.
  • The teacher who is teaching a group needs to have a TEFL certificate
  • The teacher who is teaching as a private teacher only requires a bachelor’s degree in either education or psychology. 

What Is the application process for a Konnekt Kid? 

The teacher who is applying for teaching in this application needs to submit the form which contains the following details just like NiceKid.

  • Full name. 
  • Email address. 
  • Phone number. 
  • Teaching experience 
Full Konnekt Kid review - Is Konnekt Kid worth it?
  • Do you have experience working with groups online?
  • Contain a bachelor of education degree?
  • What is the time you are available to teach? 
  • A link is provided for your demo video of yours. 
  • Upload your resume.

What are the questions asked in an interview? 

The interview is conducted by the company owner and take around 15 to 12 minutes the following are some common question asked in the interview:

  • What is your work experience? 
  • Where have you worked before? 
  • Have you ever worked with a student group or do you have an individual student? 


The company does not offer the teacher the highest pay but it is also not the worst as the person who has no degree in education or psychology will automatically have a low rate of pay. The company does not over-hire the teacher which indirectly gives support to the teacher because by doing it there is less competition within a class. The company sizes are small and it also gives the reason not to recruit extra teachers in the company and they respond to the application after months.

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