Learnship Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

There are different online platforms on which you can learn new subjects and languages heytutor, savvy reading, abc360, etc. If you love to learn new languages, learnship is one such platform where you can learn different languages. You can choose to learn from 12 languages. If you are an expert and a certified tutor in a foreign language you can apply to become a tutor in it.

Quick Takeaways

  • To become a tutor on this platform you must have experience in teaching students. 
  • It only hires 5% of total applications on the platform. 
  • If you want to teach on this platform you need to have a training program that is paid.
  • The pay rate that you get is comparatively higher than the other online teaching platforms. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the Learnship platform.

Full Learnship review - Is Learnship worth it?

What is a Learnership platform?

The learning platform is all about learning different languages. If you love learning new languages, it is a perfect platform for you. The only aim of this platform is to teach the students different languages in a fun manner. They will help you to get practical knowledge based on real-life requirements. Most of the teachers found on this platform have more than 15 years of experience. This means you get to learn your chosen language from the best teachers available. You can choose out of 12 languages to learn. The platform currently has more than 1000 trainers and 250,000 students taking classes every year.

Full Learnship review – Is Learnership worth it?

Learnship is a platform that will help you to learn a different language. If you want to learn a new language, definitely it is worth it. You can choose out of 12 languages to learn. Although if you are a teacher, it is quite beneficial to you as well. You will be getting better pay rates than other ESL tutoring companies. Also, to become a tutor on this platform, you do not need to be a resident of a native English-speaking country. According to some tutors, this platform was the best platform to work at before the covid pandemic. To know more benefits of being a tutor on it, move on to the next section.

Benefit of Learnership

Below are the benefits of being a tutor at learns-

  • You get the best pay rate better than other ESL platforms like TeachCast, Eigox, etc.
  • There will be a paid training program that will help you to become a better tutor.
  • You can work at any time according to your suitability.
  • There is no commitment to working hours.
Full Learnship review - Is Learnship worth it?

Drawbacks of Learnership

Below are the benefits of being a tutor at learns-

  • You must have experience in teaching different languages, as you may have to teach adults at a business level.
  • It only hires 5% of the total application
  • Students on this platform cancel their classes more frequently. The problem is you do not get anything if they have canceled the class before the 6 hours of the scheduled class.
  • Though the pay rate and flexibility are a big advantage, most of the previous teachers do not recommend it. 
Full Learnship review - Is Learnship worth it?

Languages offered by this platform to learn

There are 12 languages that you can choose from-

  • English
  • French 
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian Arabian

How much do you make at Learnship?

The pay rate that you will get will depend upon your experience and what language you are teaching. You will commonly find the pay rate between US $17 – US $30 per class. This is lower than what was offered before the pandemic. The cancellation policy of the classroom by the student also gives you 33% of the class rate, if the student cancels that class less than 6 hours before the class time. However, before covid, they give 100% instead of 33%. 

What are the working hours for the Learnership classes?

There are no specific working hours to work on this platform. However, it works based on a first come first serve basis. This means that if there is an update for a tutor in your field, you will only get that class if you apply for it before other teachers. However, the duration of a particular class is taken based on three timings 45, 60, and 90 minutes.

Full Learnship review - Is Learnship worth it?

Requirements for becoming a tutor on this platform

You must keep the following things in mind before applying to Learnship-

  • Must have native level English speaking level.
  • You should be certified in the language you have chosen.
  • There should be teaching experience in the chosen foreign language.
  • There should be a stable internet connection and a high-quality web camera and microphone.
  • Can give some time on weekends just like online kids academy.

How can you apply to become a tutor at a Learnership?

  • The process of becoming a tutor on Learnership may be hard. It is because they only accept 5% of the applications. 
  • To apply for the tutor position you will first need to go on the view job option which will give you details about the job role the platform has. 
  • You will show the option ‘apply for this job. Click on it and an application form will open on your screen. Fill out all the necessary details in it.
  • When you submit the application form, you will get invited for an interview. It will go around 45 to 60 minutes. Out of it, 10 minutes will be given for your demo session and others will be for your interview and your internet speed connection test and you will get more information about the platform. You can also ask your queries.
  • Once you get accepted after the interview, you will have to go through a paid training session.


Learnship is a platform in which you can learn a different language. This platform allows you to learn business-level language. If you are a certified tutor in teaching the listed language, you can be a tutor on this platform. Even though the platform has reduced its pay rates after the pandemic, it still offers higher pay rates than other ESL platforms like Native Camp

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