Outschool Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

The current pattern of learning has given birth to many online teaching platforms. You can get private tutors on these platforms for various subjects. A similar platform that is available online is known as Outschool. Outschool is similar to ESL teaching platforms; the only difference is that this platform includes both academic as well as non-academic subjects which are useful for the development of the kids. If you have listened to this platform for the first time, don’t worry.

Quick Takeaways

  • You will have to set up your own pay rate. 
  • On this platform, you will have to keep money aside for tax payments. 
  • If you are a new tutor on this platform you will be getting students lately.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of the Outschool platform.

Full Outschool In-depth Review 2023: Is Outschool Good For You?

What is Outschool?

There are other platforms like wyzant, Nil English, All Right English, etc, Outschool is similar to them. It is an online teaching platform like Tutorgigs, skimatalk, etc where students from ages 3-18 learn academics as well as non-academic classes. You can find subjects like dancing, craft, cooking, math, science, etc. This platform allows everyone from students to professionals to teach online. So if you are ardent about teaching, you can become a tutor on this platform. You can find more than 100,000 live online classes on this platform. There are almost more than 900,000 students on this platform from 174 countries. 

Outschool review – Is Outschool worth it?

Yes, using Outschool is worth it. You do not need to get worried about the degree or certification. All you need is to have excellence in the chosen subject. Also, this platform allows you to set up your pay rate. This simply means that you get the amount according to yourself. However, the company deducts 30% of your earnings. But even after the deduction, you get a good amount to earn. You can also work in any time zone. If you want a side hustle, this platform can work for you very well. There is no restriction in choosing the subjects. Having students from different time zones is fun. 

Is Outschool a legit platform?

Yes, Outschool is a legit platform to use. It provides its customers with the protection that works under the Federal Educational Rights Privacy(FERPA). They do not give your private data to a third party until it is needed for some legal purpose. Also, the number of students registered shows its reliability. You will get a lot of private information on their website. This will assist you to know that it is a safe platform to use. 

Full Outschool In-depth Review 2023: Is Outschool Good For You?

Benefits of teaching at Outschool

Following are the advantages of teaching at Outschool –

  • You can teach any academic or even non-academic subjects just like myTutor. All you need is to be ardent about that subject. 
  • As the students are from all over the world, you can get students according to your needed time. 
  • You can take up to 2 or more subjects. It varies with how much time you can give and what are your interests.
  • You will get students from different regions. Therefore you can also get to know something new from them as well. 
  • You get good pay as you can set the pay rate for yourself. Also, the platform does not pay you per session but according to the number of students you teach. 

Drawbacks of teaching at Outschool

Following are the disadvantages of teaching at Outschool –

  • It will take some time to get students especially if you are a new tutor on the platform. There will be times when you will only get 1 or 2 students within 1 or 2 months. 
  • You will also keep money aside for your taxes. Although it will depend on the tax laws in your country. 
  • The enrollment of the students will also depend upon if the schools are open or closed. Your enrollment will determine your income during the month. It can fluctuate depending on the engagement level.

How to become a tutor on Outschool?

To become a tutor at Outschool you will require the following things-

  • You need to complete the form of becoming a tutor. Fill out the required information. It will include name, email address, phone number, address, etc. 
  • The next step is to identify your identity. You may need to give id proof to prove your identity.
  • Once done you will need to give a demo session. The team will also check for your camera and mic quality. Therefore try to deepen your voice.
  • When you get selected you will have to go for the training program. The training program will give you details about the different functions. 
  • When everything is done, set up your class and be ready to take up the first class. 
Full Outschool In-depth Review 2023: Is Outschool Good For You?

Requirement of becoming a tutor at Outschool

If you want to become a tutor, you need to have the following requirements

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • A resident of native English-speaking countries which include the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England
  • Must have at least one subject which you are passionate about.
  • You should have good verbal and written English. 
  • Verifying your identity and also passing out the criminal background.
  • Must have fast-running internet speed along with Zoom installed on it.

How much does Outschool pay?

The pay rate on Outschool is determined by the tutors themselves. You can keep the pay rate yourself. Usually, the company recommends you keep the pay rate between $10-$15. Though there are chances that the pay rate may go up to $50 if multiple students take up a single class. Although you must know that the company deducts 30% of the income that you earn via the Outschool platform. 


Outschool is a platform where students can learn different subjects just like club z. There are various subjects like dancing, art, science, math, etc to take up. Although as a teacher you can set up your pay rate. Although the platform will deduct 30% from your salary, with it also you can earn a decent amount of it. 

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