Skooli Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Skooli is an online learning platform that was founded in 2015. Just like Gostudent and Preply it also offers classes for various subjects to the tutors. If a student struggles with learning the course it affects the student emotionally also by breaking their confidence.

Quick Takeaways

  • Skooli application helps the students by providing them support by Assigning a private tutor to them. 
  • You can find one on one tutoring services along with the 24-hour review assignment review option. 

To help you know more about it, below we have discussed the full review of the Skooli.

Skooli Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Full Skooli review

The average rating given on the Skooli page is 2.7 out of 5 of which 46% consist of recommendations by their friends. The following are some positive and negative reviews about Skooli:


  • The teachers here are free to schedule their classes. 
  • It provides teachers with reliable pay just like Classover or 31abc.
  • The Skooli application provides the student with a good virtual classroom. 
  • There are no maximum hours limitations given for working. 


  • The teacher’s workload is unpredictable. 
  • The teacher receives the payment in CAD.
  • Skooli deals with the poor coordination between management staff and technical staff. 
  • There is a possibility of having rude students in the class. 

Is Skooli worth it?

Skooli is an online tutoring platform that provides the student with proper audio and visuals so the student pays attention in class only. It consists of a savable whiteboard for the teacher to explain the concept by writing work or drawing as by doing this the student learns better. Skooli applications have a chat function so that students can chat with the student if they are having any issues regarding the topic. The session is being recorded in Skooli so that if the student wants to review it again they can see the recorded session. 

Skooli Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What is the requirement for a tutor in Skooli?

The following are requirements needed by the tutor to work in Skooli:

  • The tutor needs to have a bachelor’s degree. 
  • The tutor should have proper writing and speaking skills in English. 
  • The teacher should not have had any national-level criminal background in the past. 
  • The tutor needs to have a Paypal account for receiving payments. 
  • If the tutor has an advanced certificate such as a postgraduate degree, teaching license, and teaching experience it will be advantageous to the teachers. 

What are the technical Skooli requirements? 

The teacher and student need to have a desktop or laptop computer which should have a camera, speakers, and microphone which they can check during the Skooli demo classroom. 

The student and the student need to have a strong internet connection of at least 2 Mbps speed. 

Skooli Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What is the application process for Skooli?

The tutor needs to have an account on google, Facebook, or LinkedIn for registering for the first time they don’t have any sign-up option just like Konnekt Kid. The following are the details to be submitted for the Skooli tutor application:

1. Basic information:

  • Profile picture needed to be uploaded.
  • First and last name. 
  • Select the subject on which you can provide tutoring. 
  • Select the grade levels. 
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Phone number

2. Educational background:

  • Certified as a teacher. 
  • Professional background. 

3. Get a verified-ID document:

  • The Skooli academic officer will check your profile photo, education qualifications, teaching certificate, and criminal record before verifying the person for confirmation as a tutor in the Skooli application. 

4. Review and submit:

After the application completion, it will be reviewed and submitted.

What is the process of teaching Skooli?

Firstly the student needs to send a session request by searching for the subject and grade level they want to tutor as the tutor cannot take initiative for communicating with the student. If the tutor is booked already for the session they have to prepare material for the student in advance only.

The length of the session is determined by the student which has no range for maximum time but the minimum class session should be of 15 minutes.

Skooli Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

The student is provided with a 5-minute grace period in which both parties are allowed to determine if they are good for teaching the student and if the tutor is good for teaching the student. When the grace period is passed by the student then payment messages come for further continuing the class.

How does the online teaching platform work for Skooli?

The online tutoring with Skooli is done with the company’s provided platform which has the following features:

  • It includes the feature of video conferencing
  • The application provides an option for online chat for the student with the tutor. 
  • It includes the feature of screen sharing. 
  • The online teaching application provides the students to make the lesson for better understanding with interactive whiteboards. 
  • The student can get a demo class to select whether they can continue with the application and also enables the students to choose by which tutor they want to continue. 
  • The student who is using the Skooli on the tablet will not have access to all the functionality of the whiteboards.


As the student is provided the understanding under an expert teacher which is verified before hiring them with minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree with experience in the teaching field. The student can pay the tutor in two ways such as one by paying according to the time spent with the tutor for learning the lesson and the second way is by buying the pre-purchased plan for learning with the tutor at Skooli.


Does Skooli provide the curriculum?

The online platform for Skooli does provide curriculum and instruction help whenever the student needs it.

How much can the tutor earn in Skooli?

Skooli tutors can earn up to $25 per hour. It also depends on the time they spend in a classroom teaching the student.

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