Course Hero Tutor Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

We provide a full tutor review of Course Hero. Course Hero is a website which is an American education website that was founded in 2006. Course Hero provides an online learning platform to over 20 million students. The students are able to ask questions regarding the specific study resources and they also provide revision guides.

Quick Takeaways

  • Course Hero is a very popular platform for online teaching. 
  • On this platform, the application process of selecting candidates is quite easy. 
  • If we talk about previous tutors, many tutors complain about getting their accounts closed without getting paid.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of the Course Hero platform.

Course Hero Tutor Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

Tutor review of course hero

The average rating given to the course Hero website is 4.2 out of 5 in it 86%  of the reviews are done by their recommended friends. This platform is similar to Coursera. The positive reviews about the course hero offer the teacher flexible hours for classes, and there is no time limit for answering the question. The application process for course hero is simple and it has an easy user interface that can be accessible by every candidate easily. The tutor section of course hero makes it similar to edukita, Classo, or myTutor.

Is the tutor of course hero Worth it?

Course hero is worth it as it appears like it is for those candidates who lack experience or qualifications. But it is not the case, the candidates who want this scheduling flexibility and those who want less intense face-to-face teaching time can apply in course hero. 

What are the pros and cons of course Hero? 

The following are some pros and cons of course Hero:


  • Course Hero has a simple and quick application process which is useful for the candidate who is applying for the job. 
  • The candidate does not need any teaching experience or certificates for getting the job in course Hero. 
  • Course Hero provides the teacher with flexible work as they are not required to have a fixed schedule of work. 
  • The teachers do not have to give face-to-face tutoring. 
Course Hero Tutor Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?


  • There are server reports that say that there are many tutors having their accounts closed without getting paid by the course Hero. 
  • Sometimes there may be situations where you are online but don’t have any questions to answer making no money to earn. 
  • For earning a large amount of money you need to answer a large volume of questions.
  •  There will be some questions that require significant time and the explanation of that questions should be done in detail so that the student is able to understand.

What is the common subject tutor who needs in the course Hero? 

The following are some common subject that is covered by the tutor in the course Hero:

  1. Arts humanity and language:

 In this, there are topics such as writing, journalism, history, religion philosophy, communication, English, French, Spanish, and music.

  1. Engineering and Technology:

 This subject includes topics such as Electrical Engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, bioengineering, computer science, C++ programming, information security, Java programming, MySQL, networking, object-oriented programming, and Python programming. 

  1. Business:

This subject suggests accounting, finance, Business, Economics management, and marketing. 

  1. Math: 

This subject includes topics like Static and probability, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, linear algebra, differential equation, and Applied Mathematics.

  1. Science: 

This subject includes topics that suggest Biology, Chemistry, Physics, nursing, health science, and Earth science.

  1. Social science: 

This subject includes a topic that suggests law, philosophy, psychology, political science, and anthropology.

What is the salary or pay earned by tutors in Course Hero? 

The tutors on an average of $3 per question and if the question is more complicated out of the question that will provide the region the higher rate. The teachers have been given the pay an average early pay of $12 to $20 per hour.

Course Hero Tutor Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What are the working hours of tutors in the course Hero? 

Course hero is easily available to the students and the tutor 24/7. the teacher does not have any scheduled time for giving the answer to the question or there is no minimum hour requirement of work asked by course Hero. Sometimes there may be a situation that reaches online but there are no questions that need to be answered. In this case, another reason is being able to answer the question first then the teacher will get more chances to earn more money. 

What are the general requirements in the course Hero? 

The candidate is not asked for any qualification certificate or any kind of experience in tutoring. the following are documents that must be provided during the application:

  • Candidates who have educational backgrounds such as a degree or diploma should have a copy of the educational certificate.
  •  The candidates should have a government-issued or school ID. 
  • The student should have a selfie photo in which they are holding that ID.


The tutors in the course Hero are given pay of $12 to $20 per hour. Teachers are required to have a language as an English speakers. The return needs to have a bachelor’s degree or above it. The teachers are not required to have a teaching certificate or a teaching experience certificate. 

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