Verbling Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

With the change in teaching mattern most of the students prefer getting online tutors on various platforms. Not only different subjects but different languages are also taught online through various platforms. Some of the most common platforms in which you can learn different languages are Italki, Lingoda, and Verbaling.

Quick Takeaways

  • Verbling is a US-based teaching Marketplace. 
  • It has a low Commission rate of around 15% as there is an unlimited number of applicants on the platform as they are trying to grow. 
  • The tutors are paid around $14 to $31 per hour on this platform. 
  • It is important to understand every aspect of the platform if you really want to know if the platform is worthy or not. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to the verbling platform.

Full Verbling review - Is Verbling worth it? 

Verbling Review

Verbaling is an online tutoring platform that consists of a Marketplace of teachers offering over 80 languages to adult learners. If we talk about the average rating of the company it’s around 3.8 out of 5 with 54% customer retention done through recommendations between friends and family. the following are some positive and negative reviews about Verbling:

Positive review:

The positive aspects of the company that are reviewed by teachers working on the platform’s an easy application form freedom and flexibility in setting one’s own schedule. You will also find the price at a low Commission rate as compared to other platforms like Classover, tutorABC, or 31abc.

Negative review: 

It also has negative reviews from the teacher and the students facing the problem on the platform like Glitch’s lack of support censorship and lack of management. there is a lack of breaks between back-to-back classes and even the company responds to criticism and privacy concerns.

What are Verbling’s Pros and Cons?

Following are the pros and cons of the platform-


  • This platform has a lower Commission rate than other similar marketplaces.
  • No interview with the tutor before enrolling as a teacher on this platform.
  • It has a short application process.
  • This platform has a wide range of languages that are taught on this platform.
Full Verbling review - Is Verbling worth it? 


  • It’s very difficult to attract students to this platform.
  • It has an Age limit for the learner.
  • There is no study material available on this platform. The teacher needs to prepare their own study material.
  • A  teacher can only teach one language even if he or she is multilingual.

How does Verbling Pay?

It is an online Marketplace so the salary is set by you. It also depends on the language that has been taught to you. Each language has different rates per hour. The English language classes have a rate of $19 per hour. Spanish language classes cost $18 per hour. French language classes cost $24 per hour. German language classes cost $31 per hour. Japanese language classes cost $20 per hour. These are the rates of some languages that are taught on the platform like this, There are around 80 languages present on this platform.

What are the Verbling Requirements?

The following are some requirements for Verbling:

  • To enroll as a teacher on this platform you need to meet some requirements which are as follows.
  • One should have good communication skills and a great command of the language that he or she would like to teach.
  • One should have teaching experience and proof of teaching on such a platform.
  • One should have a device like a laptop or desktop with a good camera microphone, Google Chrome browser, and a high-band internet connection just like fluentbe or brilliant grades.
  • If you have a teaching certificate it will act as an experience certificate that can be verified.
Full Verbling review - Is Verbling worth it? 

What are Verbling Payment Methods?

the payment methods that are used on this platform to withdraw the salary of the tutor are:-

  1. PayPal
  2.  Payoneer 
  3. Wise 

There is a minimum balance that needs to be available in the account before withdrawing the amount as $10 is needed to cash out through PayPal or wise, whereas $20 is required for Payoneer. A Tutor can only withdraw the earnings once a week; it could be on Monday or Sunday as it depending on the time zone.

What is the Verbling Cancellation Policy?

The policies consist of various clauses in which if Twitter cancels the lesson then the session which has been paid for by the student will be free of cost and a 100% refund will be issued to the student’s account. The teacher will not be paid for that session.

If a student cancels a class and informs 12 hours in advance of their lessons the student will still get a 100% refund from the platform if the notice is of less than 12 hours only 50% of the refund will be issued to the student. If a student is not present during the class or missed the session without informing them then the teacher will keep their earnings from that lesson and no refund will be issued to the student.

Full Verbling review - Is Verbling worth it? 

If a Teacher misses many classes, canceled, or rescheduled the classes then the teacher can be removed from the platform. A teacher can only reschedule their classes in extreme circumstances only.


The lower commission makes Verbling different and attractive from other online platforms. The teacher can easily search for the job by creating an account in Verbling and the teacher has to select the language the tutor wants to teach the class to the student.


Is Verbling secure?

Yes, Verbling provides a secure environment by making the payment safe. Also, the Verbling employee is not able to see the credit card number of paying person

Where is Verbling located?

The Verbling is located in San Francisco.

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