Full Grammarly In-depth Review 2024: Complete Guide

As a writer, it is vital to ensure there are no grammatical mistakes. I always proofread my blogs twice before updating them. But as a Human, it is possible to still have mistakes in the writing. To bridge this gap, I prefer using online platforms. With the advancement in technology, writing has become easier and more effective. I can check for errors in my content with just one click. Although there are many software, I prefer using Grammarly.

I know you are confused if you should use it or not. Don’t worry. Here, I will remove all your confusion related to Grammarly.

Quick Takeaways

  • Grammarly is a platform that helps you identify any mistakes that you made in your writing. 
  • It will help you in finding out spelling errors, grammar errors, etc. 
  • Grammarly will also help you to improve your readability score and also help in checking plagiarism. 
Full Grammarly In-depth Review: Complete Guide

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online platform that helps to ease you with your writing. There are two versions of Grammarly – Free and Paid. You will get to know about your spelling and grammar errors while using the free version of Grammarly. But with the paid version you get a lot more services. You will get recommendations for advanced grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, you get plagiarism-detection services with the paid version of Grammarly. It helps you to write error-free content for your Facebook, Instagram, essays, thesis, etc.

What does Grammarly do?

There are various functions that Grammarly performs. Some of them are written below-

1. Grammar and Punctuation Errors

All kinds of grammar and punctuation mistakes are identified by it. Additionally, it offers tips and directions on how to fix these errors. It will help you to correct misplaced apostrophes, grammar, and other typical punctuation errors.

2. Spellings Errors

Another function that Grammarly performs is to check spelling errors. You would get suggestions for the words whose spellings are wrong. Also, you can add words to its customized dictionary. It can also be treated as a homework website.

Full Grammarly In-depth Review: Complete Guide

3. Readability Score

When you are done with the writing, it will give you an overall readability score which is based on the way you have written your content and the number of critical errors that you have made while writing. 

4. Writing Style

You can set the style of your writing according to your needs. Grammarly will provide suggestions that are related to the writing style that you set. 

5. Plagiarism Checker

With its paid version, you also get the plagiarism detection service. Grammarly will check your piece of paper against other billion papers. It will show the links where it has similarities with the content. 

What does the premium plan of Grammarly offer?

All the services that are available in its free version are feasible in the premium version as well. Though there are many more services that are included in the premium plan which help in more clarity of your writing. All the mistakes found in the content will get underlined with different colors representing different types of errors. Plagiarism detection is one of the tools that you get in its premium plan. The next service that you get is to set up your writing/delivering tone.

When you have the subscription you can set your delivery right. It also helps you to write fluently. You can also format your writing with the help of Grammarly. You can also set up a business tone if you have taken the business plan. If your content is less engaging, then you would see green lines under your content. Grammarly will also suggest word choices for places where needed. The price of Grammarly premium per month is $30, quarterly $60, and $144.

Full Grammarly In-depth Review: Complete Guide

Is Grammarly cheating? 

Cheating means copying the answer and simply submitting it by your name. When you are using Grammarly you are simply checking the errors in your writing and not copying it from somewhere. You can not use it to generate your answer. Grammarly will not give you the answer to your problem. You will be writing the answers of your own.
Also, Grammarly only makes changes when you allow doing so. Using Grammarly will help you to know the places where you are making errors. Many teachers encourage their students to use it. However, your school may have prohibited the use of Grammarly, which may be considered cheating. You should be aware of the regulations of your school and follow them. 

Who can use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free tool that helps you with your writing. It is for everyone. As a student, you may need to write a lot of assignments, and Grammarly can help you to get error-free content. If you are a blogger, then you will need to upload a lot of content on your social media.
Also, you would want to give clear and error-free content to your viewers. Scholars have to write down long dissertations for their final project submission. Grammarly could prove to be an asset to them as well. They can set up their tone and work according to their needs. Also when you write content, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that there is no plagiarism. Don’t worry, Grammarly can also help you to check for plagiarism. 

Full Grammarly In-depth Review: Complete Guide

Is Grammarly worth it? – Grammarly review

Useful tools that would assist you in writing your essay or homework are available in a free edition. When compared to a typical free grammar checker, it will catch significant spelling and punctuation errors. Try Grammarly if you have a small budget. Furthermore, much just like the majority of other tools, if you buy a subscription to Grammarly, then you get superior features to the free version. The premium version finds more spelling and grammar errors in your writing.

Additionally, you’ll receive advice on how to enhance your writing style. You can also set your tone and will get a readability score based on your writing. Also, it provides reliable plagiarism detection services. Therefore, you must try it.


An online tool called Grammarly can help you with your writing. It is a platform that helps you identify any mistakes that you made in your writing. The tools are both free and paid. You can identify the crucial spelling errors in the content using the free version. While many tools are available with a paid subscription. The premium version detects more grammatical and spelling mistakes in your writing. You’ll also get tips on how to upgrade your writing style. Additionally, Grammarly’s subscription offers services for identifying reliable plagiarism.

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