Has Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost Gone? (Will It Come Back?)

Have you ever noticed that you get some extra XP when you complete a lesson without making a mistake on Duolingo? It is the combo bonus that you get. But have you heard about a booster that works similarly to it? Yes, I am talking about the Duolingo Perfect Lesson Booster. The booster helped you earn some extra XP on completing a lesson without mistakes.
However, there are chances that you may not get it now. But why? Has it gone now? I know you are having so many doubts, but don’t worry, I will clear all of them in this guide.

Quick Takeaways

  • Duolingo’s perfect lesson boost is the one that will help you to get 10 or sometimes 20 extra XPs when completing the lesson.
  • It will only be activated for 15 minutes and you get them only if you may zero mistakes while completing the lessons.
  • Although it was a good feature on the platform, currently Duolingo has removed it. There is no official statement made on bringing it back on the platform.
Has Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost Gone? (Will It Come Back?)

What is the Duolingo perfect lesson boost?

The Duolingo perfect lesson boost is just like an XP boost that helps you to earn some extra XP. They are one of the alternatives for timed challenges. Similar to an XP booster, it lasts for 15 minutes. When you complete the lessons in it, you earn 10 extra XP points. The only requirement is to complete the lesson without making any errors.

You can use them along with the combo bonuses and other multipliers. Although it is very little XP, if you use it with an XP boost, you will get 20 XP. However, whether it is gone, is still to be answered.

Has the Duolingo perfect lesson boost gone?

The Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost was a great boost to gain some extra XPs. However, with time they were removed from the course just like the Duolingo incubator. There was only one boost left that is the XP boost. Further, there is also no official statement made on removing this feature. According to various users, they were using Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost to earn extra XP to stay at the top of leagues. As most users were using both boosts together, it could be the probable reason for removing it from the platform.

Will Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost come back?

Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost was removed without any confirmation. It started slowly disappearing from the platform and now you do not get it. However, the doubt of whether it will be back stays in the minds of many. As we discussed above, there is no such statement made by Duolingo. It means that it is uncertain if Duolingo will bring back it or not. However, as far as we are concerned, most of the users were using both the boosts together which was wrong. Thus, there is a high chance that Duolingo may not bring it back on the platform. 

Has Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost Gone? (Will It Come Back?)

How to get the Duolingo perfect lesson boost?

The only way of getting it is similar to getting streak freeze, i.e. through the Duolingo shop. When you go to the shop page, you will see a power-up section. There, you can see the option of Duolingo Perfect lesson boost. You will have to pay 100 gems to get it. 

Update: It is completely removed from the platform.

How is the Duolingo Perfect lesson boost different from the Duolingo XP boost?

The following table shows how Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost is different from Duolingo XP Boost-

Duolingo Perfect Lesson BoostDuolingo XP Boost
You must use 100 gems to buy Duolingo’s perfect lesson boostYou will earn it by completing challenges and lessons in the course.
It will only work if you do not make mistakes in the lesson.It will work even if you make a mistake while completing the lessons.
The amount of XP you get with the help of it is fixed to 10XP.There is no fixed amount for it. It will help you to double the amount of XP you earn and thus it can go up to an extra 50XP.

Is the Duolingo perfect lesson boost worth it?

Now that you know what exactly Duolingo’s perfect lesson boost is, you must know if it is worth it. It will depend on how you are looking at using Duolingo. Now if you are using Duolingo for learning a language like Spanish and are more focused on learning it, you must save your gems. It is because using 100 gems for something that will not help you in your ultimate goal is a waste.

You will only get it activated for 15 minutes. However on the other hand if you are a person who focuses on getting a good rank in the league then you may find it worth it. Thus, whether it is worth it or not, depends upon the reason why you are using Duolingo. 

What are the tips to get maximum from the Duolingo perfect lesson boost?

Following are the ways by which you can get maximum from Duolingo perfect lesson boost-

1. Save the gems

Duolingo gems should be saved for refilling the hearts and not for such boosts. However, if you are doing really well in the course and are hardly making a mistake, then you may use them on Duolingo perfect lesson. 

2. Buy it when you are doing the lessons right

Has Duolingo Perfect Lesson Boost Gone? (Will It Come Back?)

Always remember that you will only benefit from it if you give all the right answers in the lesson you are doing. Thus, even if you make a small mistake in the lesson, you lose the extra XP that you have earned. As we discussed above gems are very important as they will help you to refill the hearts. So using many gems is a huge waste.

3. Use it with the right skill

When you are taking a language whether it be Dutch, French, Italian, etc you will be getting a lot of different skills in it. Thus, you must make sure you use it with the skill you are most confident about. Obviously, it will result in fewer chances of making any mistakes which helps to get more XP. Try to use it with the early skills.

It is because you will only have 15 minutes and the early lessons are easy and shorter. So when you take easier skills it will help you to complete the lessons without making any errors. Thus try taking the boost with the starting units in the Duolingo tree.

In opposite to it, if you take the Duolingo perfect lesson boost with lessons at higher skills, it may go to waste. This is because the lessons in higher skills are long and hard and take more than 15 minutes to complete.

4. Use XP boost with it

XP boost is the one that will help you to earn double XP. So suppose you earned 10 XP by completing the lesson, and 10 (or sometimes 20)XP with the help of Duolingo’s perfect lesson boost, it will become 40 or 50 XP with the XP boost. Further, when you complete a lesson without making a mistake, you also earn a combo bonus of 5 XP. Thus you can see when you are taking up both the boosts, they can help you get a lot of XP at a single time.

In addition to it, you can try to complete the lesson and use both the boosts in the Duolingo happy hour. In it, you will get 5 extra XP for each lesson you complete. 

5. Do not waste your 15 minutes

Whenever you think of taking up Duolingo Perfect lesson boost, remember you have spent a huge amount of gems. Thus, you must not miss even a single second of those 15 minutes. Try to take it with small lessons and complete at least 2 lessons. Obviously using so many gems should pay you well. 


The Duolingo perfect lesson boost is the one that will help you to get 10 extra XPs when completing the lesson. It is for 15 minutes and you will only get XP if you complete the lesson without making errors. They work similarly to normal XP boosts. The main difference between them is XP boost will help you double your XP score, whereas, a perfect lesson boost will only help you to get a fixed amount of XP.

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