High Valyrian Language on Duolingo 2024: Tips To Master It

Are you a lover of Game of Thrones? If yes, then I have some good news for you. You can now learn its official language i.e. High Valyrian language, on Duolingo. Want to know how? Don’t worry, I will help you to understand how the course is developed to help you.

What is High Valyrian?

Duolingo is one of the platforms that is not only known to teach you real but also fictional languages. The foundation of this language was in ASolaF. High Valyrian is a fictional language used in the popular show Games of Thrones. It is based on a book written by George R.R. Martin named A Song of Ice and Fire. The last episode of this show was released on 19th May 2019. But the craze of it is not yet over. Thus, David J. Peterson, the person behind High Valyrian, with the collaboration of Duolingo has created the High Valyrian course for the users. Another fictional language that is available on this platform is Klingon.

Where is High Valyrian spoken?

As we have already discussed, High Valyrian is the fictional language used in Game of Thrones. If we talk about Game of Thrones, this language was of Valyrian Freehold, at the continent of Essos. This language was usually used by three main characters including Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and  Lady Melisandre communicating in this language.

How will you learn the High Valyrian language on Duolingo?

The courses on Duolingo follow a particular learning path which was earlier known as Duolingo Tree. The first thing in this course is that it is divided into different sections. Each of the section is further divided into several units. These units are again divided into lessons. Each lesson is short and is hardly 10-15 minutes long. Every lesson has different exercises that keep you engaged with the content.

These lessons are based on different activities that keep you engaged with the content. You will have to complete each of the lessons one by one which will help you to go through the course properly. It will also help you to understand the meaning of the words used in the dialogues of the show. Following are some of the things that I got to know about the language-

  • There are 4 genders- Lunar, Aquatic, Solar and Terrestrial
  • You will get 8 cases – nominative, locative, instrumental, accusative, genitive, dative, comitative, and evocative
  • One can differentiate between animate and inanimate objects with the help of “~bony” and “~kony” respectively

What are the exercises that you get on this platform?

Duolingo is a platform that has a set of exercises that will help you learn the language. Below are the exercises that you will be getting in this course and are also common among the others-

  • Picture flashcard
  • Translation
  • Choose the right meaning
  • Tap the pairs
  • Choosing the missing word
  • Tap what you hear
  • Complete the sentence 
  • Choose what you have heard
  • Do the right translation

Can you learn the High Valyrian language on Duolingo?

The first thing I noticed about this course is that it will only help you to understand some of the words in the language. It is just created for the lovers of Game of Thrones. So, you can learn the language from it. However, there are only 34 units for this language. Thus, if you’re expecting a lot of content, you may lack it somewhere. However, there is no other way to learn it. It means, that if you want to learn it, there are only two ways to do it – by Duolingo or by the series itself.

What are the tips for learning the High Valyrian Language on Duolingo?

While using Duolingo to learn High Valyrian, you must know how to get the most out of it. Thus, the following are the tips that I used to master High Valyrian on Duolingo-

  • As the content is entirely different, you must take all the lessons seriously. Always remember that no one could help you to learn this language and thus be very serious while studying the content. Make sure to complete the lessons to learn the language and not to get XP scores or gems.
  • Do not ignore the Duolingo owl. This is what I always prefer. I never ignore the owl. You will see the owl multiple times when you are away from the lesson for a long time. The owl basically reminds you to complete the lesson before it is too late. Thus, you must take it seriously. It will not only help you to complete the lessons but will also help you maintain your streak score
  • As there are a lot of different fun activities and funny statements to take up, you must try to enjoy them while completing them. Also, some activities require repeating a sentence or a word appearing on the screen.

Is it worth learning the High Valyrian language on Duolingo?

First, you must know why you want to learn High Valyrian languages. If you think it will give you a job or admission to the university, you are wrong. But if you are just learning to understand the show, it will give advantage to you. Of course, if you want to get a job on the set of the show, it may add an advantage to it. Further, it will not help you to become fluent in the language as there are only 34 units in total.


Duolingo is one such platform where you can learn different languages easily. Surprisingly, there are fictional languages as well. One such language that you may see on the platform is high Valyrian. It is the fictional language that is taken from Game of Thrones and is becoming very popular. This course will help you understand the dialogues in the series. An important thing to remember is that you only have Duolingo, where you can learn this language. Therefore, ensure that you are taking the lessons on the course seriously.


Can you become fluent in High Valyrian?

Like all the other courses on Duolingo, you can only achieve the A2 level in the fluency level for the High Valyrian language on the platform.

Why does Duolingo have a course for High Valyrian but not for Tolkien’s Elvish languages?

When the High Valyrian course was launched on the platform, the new seasons were about to come. It did a great PR to them. However, there was no upcoming LoTR film series. If they had launched the course for the Elvish language, there would be no such PR for them.

How accurate can the High Valyrian course on Duolingo be?

Well, the course was created by a single person – David J. Peterson, who is the creator of this language. Thus, it means that there will be no mistakes in the course.

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